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  1. Audii-kun


    10 órája

    3:09 10/10 scream

  2. Sergeant


    10 órája

    Pwoah, not a chance! Some words are unforgettable!

  3. megaraitei


    10 órája

    Stop with the excessive video recommendations at the top right of the screen It's a pain in the behind. Stop it.

  4. Jhon Angulo

    Jhon Angulo

    10 órája

    F12004: Engine, and Talent! Montoya the best!!!!



    10 órája

    2:09 Max Got destroyed 😂



    10 órája


  7. chikiguites


    10 órája

    The next time we have wuold start from the Kalifato!

  8. Laura Barrera

    Laura Barrera

    10 órája

    man... montoya was awesome

  9. Henry Shaw

    Henry Shaw

    10 órája

    Poor checo

  10. Cristiano Eletrefor

    Cristiano Eletrefor

    10 órája

    Top amigo

  11. Purjati Purjati

    Purjati Purjati

    10 órája

    Remember anthonio racing star😞 19

  12. Lexero


    10 órája

    The real rivalty.... Kings !

  13. stefzac 9

    stefzac 9

    10 órája

    whats the piece from 2:10 up to 3:32? please help I cant find ittt

  14. JKat Kat

    JKat Kat

    10 órája

    yeah..yeah...caught Shumacher "unaware"

  15. Tiago Matos

    Tiago Matos

    10 órája

    shumacher sujo e cara de pau como sempre

  16. tweakradje


    10 órája

    Did the Honda lost its "Angry" Downshift this year? Pitty. But it has plenty of powerrr..

  17. Giacomo2189


    10 órája

    Bottas looks like the dude that stares at you while playing the piano

  18. Liam Holloway

    Liam Holloway

    10 órája

    This isn’t a drivers briefing this is literally a throw under the bus competition

  19. JRP 117

    JRP 117

    10 órája

    Little Caesars: Pizza Pizza Checo: Box Box

  20. Sky-view


    10 órája

    It’s really weird seeing a HAAS car driving around with it’s four wheels with body parts. The shape of HAAS we know is with smashed broken body work & broken suspensions & wheels leaning on barriers. I couldn’t name a race where a HAAS drove over a finish line.

  21. Fede L

    Fede L

    10 órája

    Montoya a unique pilot, inside the circuit and in the press round

  22. gsipp00


    10 órája

    I am Italian but this track will forever be my least favorite..I have bad memories that can never be erased..never will drink Kronenburg beer...for many younger fans you can watch with anticipation...

  23. Alex Haworth

    Alex Haworth

    10 órája

    Cmon guys, it's a ridiculous section of track, there's no point having a chicane that is taken as 1 corner. Now there is an opportunity for an overtake - something that wouldn't have been possible previously.

  24. Michael Roberts

    Michael Roberts

    11 órája

    Grosjean's memorable moments for most people won't be his near race victories. He'll l really even need to say it? My memories are more Maldonado-ish

  25. Darren Chee

    Darren Chee

    11 órája

    Someone send this to Schumacher Jr.

  26. Raphaël Zaragoza

    Raphaël Zaragoza

    11 órája

    He also comments the Grand Prix weekends with Julien Fébreau on the french channel canal+. That's an absolute treat to listen to them <3

  27. GT 4AG

    GT 4AG

    11 órája

    クラッシュしたマシンに予選の途中のアイルトン セナ選手が、極めて危険なのに救出に駆け付けてた。何もかも素晴らしいセナ選手に称賛送りたい( ´_ゝ`)ゞ

  28. JoshuaW_2


    11 órája

    verstappen with de discord doe

  29. Rhaegal 117

    Rhaegal 117

    11 órája

    Sooo...why did example no.1 get that black flag??is running to the spare so bad?

  30. pbfamous07


    11 órája

    michael one of the most unsporting drivers of all time. filth.

  31. Hoguri


    11 órája

    what do you guys think about the rumor that Grosjean was making a F1 car seat for a team this season??

  32. Christian Schollaert

    Christian Schollaert

    11 órája

    Montoya 🤣🤣🤣🤣 stupit man

  33. Tsepo Kotelo

    Tsepo Kotelo

    11 órája

    0:46 😯😯😯

  34. Alex510


    11 órája

    F1 drivers are the worst egos on the planet

  35. Oscar Hale

    Oscar Hale

    11 órája

    Where my frome gang at?

  36. Christos Lianos

    Christos Lianos

    11 órája

    Taking after Kimi I see

  37. DCFC 23

    DCFC 23

    11 órája

    Schumacher being Schumacher

  38. Dominik Jóźwiak

    Dominik Jóźwiak

    11 órája

    Days when Michael Schumacher was a Masterclass in Ferrari and Michael Schumachers Glory Days.

  39. Carlos Pinochet Muñoz

    Carlos Pinochet Muñoz

    11 órája

    on williams mansell had help of the active suspention system on his car. i bet that he would not win that race without it.

  40. MrTrippy11


    11 órája

    JB class at the end 😅

  41. Henrik


    11 órája

    Feels so weird seeing F1 tyres with "grooves" in them instead of being slick.

  42. Arsh Kamboj

    Arsh Kamboj

    11 órája

    Is that Romain Grosjean or Kevin Magnussen blocking Lando Norris Mclaren in the final corner in Q1?

  43. BNJ74D


    11 órája


  44. Ronan Fahy

    Ronan Fahy

    11 órája

    Halo, worth it, without any doubt

  45. Gus D

    Gus D

    11 órája

    Q. Jenson can I get you involved in this argument? A. Er, no thanks mate. I wonder what Kimi's response would have been? Meh....

  46. Fraser McArthur

    Fraser McArthur

    11 órája

    Max wins Hamilton complains seems only fair

  47. Wicker Man

    Wicker Man

    11 órája

    My tire is gone!!!! Hahahahaha. Epic!

  48. ugagradrn


    11 órája

    Ricciardo knowing the track just by listening to the sound was super flyyyy.

  49. Nestlekitkat


    11 órája

    I miss the v10 era 😔

  50. Eric Winkler

    Eric Winkler

    11 órája

    Michael should have received a black flag and a one-race-ban for that move. Unbelievably dangerous!

  51. Leonardo Paesano

    Leonardo Paesano

    11 órája

    Montoya Was and Still is An Amazing Driver.... Not many Driver has Won what Montoya has.... Go on Montoya Indy 500 this year with Mclaren Arrows... Can't wait.

  52. Niko


    11 órája

    It's friday theeeeeen

  53. Raymond Donovan

    Raymond Donovan

    12 órája

    What's with the rainbow on the halo?

  54. OG PUMPZ


    12 órája

    Where's Verstappen and Hamilton's battle at Monaco 2019?

  55. Ozamataz Buckshank

    Ozamataz Buckshank

    12 órája

    He can just win clean and become legend smh. Instead even with 7 wdc ppl still discredit him bcos of things like this

  56. goproismything


    12 órája

    Miss him so much. He is the true legend of F1. No doubt.

  57. Ashen One

    Ashen One

    12 órája

    its amazing to me how the brake pads can possibly work after even one long straight. crazy.

  58. Frederick Tshikororo

    Frederick Tshikororo

    12 órája

    Can you make a video about T cars?

  59. Analu Bs

    Analu Bs

    12 órája

    Max fantastic

  60. Geo


    12 órája

    How did anyone want mazepin’s autograph 😂

  61. Dev Akyuz

    Dev Akyuz

    12 órája

    Jenson like "don't ask"