2021 F1 Drivers - My Earliest F1 Memories

We asked some of the 2021 F1 grid for their earliest F1 memories - hear from Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and more...
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  1. Kevin Castillo

    Kevin Castillo

    8 órája


  2. Nuno Muacho

    Nuno Muacho

    10 órája

    Nelson Piquet winning his 1st title, Gilles Villeneuve flying above the track on his chair, cried like a baby that day

  3. aby 0386

    aby 0386


    Jd suka F1 dari thn 2005 krn ntn KR7 muda dulu masih di McLaren, skrg udah agak kisut krn udah jd bapak”

  4. Gašper Plevel

    Gašper Plevel

    2 napja

    My earliest memory is hearing debate. One person claiming Schumi is the best, another one saying Hill is the best and will beat him, and the 3rd one said Senna was the best and they both wouldn't have stand a chance against him if he was alive.

  5. Ella Micah

    Ella Micah

    2 napja

    As a racing fan, I love all the teams and cars bc that what makes the sport

  6. Stavros Stavrou

    Stavros Stavrou

    2 napja

    My earliest formula memory is when rosberg won his 1 championsip

  7. Adler Adler

    Adler Adler

    2 napja

    My first Memory: I go into the living room, sat next to my father on the couch and watched on TV how Mika Häkkinen won the Race and the World Championship.

  8. Tom Bodington

    Tom Bodington

    2 napja

    A lot of these drivers make me feel so old.

  9. Carvalho Espacial

    Carvalho Espacial

    2 napja

    My earliest F1 memory: "Is that Glock?" i look to my dad and He is crying, i didn't understood why, but i cry too, i just will understood why we cry in 2010. I'm Brazilian

  10. Pasz czet

    Pasz czet

    2 napja

    I don't even care that much about how well is Seb performing anymore. Just looking at him and his passion to this sport is so great and inspiring. He became modest and extremely likeable and I hope he will enjoy racing even if he won't be competing for the championship anymore.

  11. chuala428


    2 napja

    mine is horrible Senna's crash

  12. carl595


    3 napja

    I can't believe there are drivers on the grid with their earliest F1 memory being 2009?? LOL!

  13. Riccardo Zagheno

    Riccardo Zagheno

    3 napja

    Alonso: i remember fangio vs farina vs ascari

  14. Renard Goupil

    Renard Goupil

    4 napja

    Never saw so much passions in these guy's eyes

  15. Julian Griffiths

    Julian Griffiths

    4 napja

    lowkey, lance has matured over the past years kinds like the guy now

  16. RinnoAcs


    4 napja

    Why am I crying?

  17. Andrea Rojas

    Andrea Rojas

    4 napja

    0:52 Pedro de la Rosa, teammate of Jos Verstappen in the Arrows.

  18. Andrea Rojas

    Andrea Rojas

    4 napja

    Mine: 1986 some cool driver with Yellow Helmet in a Black car. I had no idea who he was and if he would win a race but I decided to support him. The rest is history.

  19. Nero


    4 napja

    Who's cutting onions?

  20. László Gyimesi

    László Gyimesi

    4 napja

    My earliest memories is Seb in 2009.

  21. pksportmedia


    4 napja

    back when i was young i wanted to become a f1 driver one day. Seeing now that the earliest memory of f1 from the current drivers sometimes is from 10+ years after i started watching is a really strange feeling...

  22. Dedu Tedy

    Dedu Tedy

    5 napja

    Everyone of them confirms that F1 used to be fun and spectacular... Unlike now 😔

  23. ComicIn!


    5 napja

    Mazepin has no memories xD

  24. Forma 1 Kibeszélő

    Forma 1 Kibeszélő

    5 napja

    Tsunoda: Rosberg won the champsionship

  25. Franck Nattario

    Franck Nattario

    5 napja

    My Earliest F1 Memories: Niki Lauda VS James Hunt = RUSH Alain Prost VS Ayrton Senna = CRASH

  26. Greatmate


    5 napja

    I think Ocon was one of 503 people who was bothered or was still awake to watch the 2004 season....

  27. Charles R

    Charles R

    5 napja

    What about Leclerc and Tsunoda?

  28. D_Dylan-_-


    5 napja

    Tho f1 v8 v10 and v12 are gone I wish fia and f1 put some effort into making the cars have a more exiting sound

  29. Freddy Chale

    Freddy Chale

    5 napja

    HAM: "Prost" ALO: "Senna" RAI: "Roberg" *EvERyOne else: "These guys... ⬆ "*

  30. RedCyanPhotos


    5 napja

    I cried too Esteban & I was there, Z1 stand! 😢

  31. Marty McFLY 1985

    Marty McFLY 1985

    5 napja


  32. Lukas Lukas

    Lukas Lukas

    5 napja

    In 20. years they only know V6 Hybrid (Dyson) motors.. 😥

  33. Jasper Gerrits

    Jasper Gerrits

    5 napja

    My first memory was 94 Hockenheim boy was that a way to meet F1. That burning Benetton from Verstappen I will never forget

  34. Jasper Gerrits

    Jasper Gerrits

    5 napja

    Crashing cars into barrier Ocon knows everything about it himself xDDD

  35. Vojtee Footgames

    Vojtee Footgames

    5 napja

    My first F1 memory is same as George's 😂

  36. Ferdi Kellerman

    Ferdi Kellerman

    5 napja

    my first memory is 2006 when ferrari wasnt fast and I asked my dad why they weren't fast and I was crying and my dad told me the reason is they were still driving 2005 cars and their new faster car isn't ready to stop me from crying I waited race after race till the end and this new car never ever came

  37. Flameburst GT

    Flameburst GT

    5 napja

    Lando:first memory:Lewis VS Fernando also Lando: races aganist both of them

  38. Nick


    5 napja

    Seb smiling gave me Goosebumps

  39. SaLaTaToe


    5 napja

    I've known what f1 is my whole life but the first race I ever saw was Spielberg 2019 (I was at the race). I'm 19 now btw.

  40. BS///BMW


    5 napja

    One of my first memories was Sennas Crash in Imola. :(

  41. rajesh kadupukotla

    rajesh kadupukotla

    6 napja

    How many guessed latifi by his voice...

  42. Dan Tran

    Dan Tran

    6 napja

    My earliest memory is..well, McLaren Tooned. That was a blast. Or that one iPad game where you drive the 2009 BMW Williams car.

  43. Atharva Zodpe

    Atharva Zodpe

    6 napja

    The music is great

  44. Riho Grauberg

    Riho Grauberg

    6 napja

    no mazepin?

  45. Jigamanx2


    6 napja

    The fact that some of these drivers not only get to race but compete with their heroes is amazing

  46. Aron Kim

    Aron Kim

    6 napja

    Kimo: well I saw Guiseppe Farina for the first time...

  47. Diogo Braga

    Diogo Braga

    6 napja

    Willians with Sonic ! Awesome !

  48. Jack Mellor

    Jack Mellor

    6 napja

    All european fans: Uh we have to get up at 6:00 to watch the australian grand prix aussie and kiwi fans: finally normal times!

  49. jamiemb17


    6 napja

    Mick's is the same as mine, haha. Lap 36.

  50. Ruhrpott_DU


    6 napja

    Im born March 1996, my first Memories of F1 started in 1998 with Hakkinen vs Schumi. West vs Marlboro. This guys are my Age or a bit lower [the Rookies] and their Memories start at 2006-2009? lol 😅

  51. João Luiz de Paula Medeiros

    João Luiz de Paula Medeiros

    6 napja

    Mazepinto nem piloto é, por isso nao apareceu na '--''

  52. Ivan Jovanović

    Ivan Jovanović

    6 napja

    Lance is a little slow, isn't he?

  53. Robbie Plant

    Robbie Plant

    6 napja

    My earliest memory of F1 was i think at the 2007 Japan GP when i remember Sakon Yamamoto having a huge spin during the wet race

  54. David Koe

    David Koe

    6 napja

    No one gonna talk about Stroll's haircut?

  55. Daisy Cakes

    Daisy Cakes

    6 napja

    My first memory was Hamilton vs Rosberg and it truly helped in building the love I have for f1 now 👍🏼

  56. BlackPurpleRed


    6 napja

    Kimi+Fernando: "Yeah my first memory was the wheel being invented, I guess."

  57. Matthias Cerebri

    Matthias Cerebri

    6 napja

    Where are Giovinazzi and Mazepin?

  58. Tamaica Camille Govender

    Tamaica Camille Govender

    6 napja

    The first memory is always the best and most beautiful memory🔥...and it's something you never forget it stays with you for a lifetime.🔥💯

  59. Madzer123


    6 napja

    Mine is just rewatching races with my uncle who was into motorraport and I always had an interest in cars and trains and then I watched about half or 2018 season and then I got hooked on it and never looked back

  60. Jiggmin1234


    6 napja

    It's quite charming seeing the drivers smile when talking about their earliest F1 memory.

  61. mamala khs

    mamala khs

    6 napja

    my first memory was kimi having the drink oh wait that never happened

  62. Anton Kirilenko

    Anton Kirilenko

    6 napja

    Funny how some of drivers' earliest memories of F1 are about their current competitors on the grid.

  63. Natani Wolf

    Natani Wolf

    6 napja

    Sometimes Im forgetting Latifi is in F1 ._ .

  64. Prabhdeep


    6 napja

    Did someone notice that most of them remember the bad moments or/and crashes as their oldest memories? Especially Lewis, who only mentioned crashes.

  65. Emilia Grace

    Emilia Grace

    6 napja

    Everyone- watching races on TV Max- running round the paddock as a four year old 😂😂

  66. Craig Lemon

    Craig Lemon

    6 napja

    Schumi Jr need to stop being so pure, my heart cant take it

  67. RS Redbaron

    RS Redbaron

    6 napja

    Is there any new about Michael schumacher?

  68. Kashikoku Kyo

    Kashikoku Kyo

    6 napja

    i guessed latifi´s voice right, i am so proud of myself

  69. Hugo Carvalheiro

    Hugo Carvalheiro

    6 napja

    Sebastian is becoming a really classy guy. Am I alone in this one?

  70. Àngela ML

    Àngela ML

    6 napja

    We all know that Carlos Sainz would probably mention Fernando Alonso.

  71. Elliott Gould

    Elliott Gould

    6 napja

    Chrome and the orange, take notes McLaren

  72. Borrminator 785

    Borrminator 785

    6 napja

    less mazespin more George and Lando everyone liked that

  73. Geek Shique

    Geek Shique

    6 napja

    The discription for this video should have been: "Gentlemen, a short view back to the past..."

  74. Caio Pimentel

    Caio Pimentel

    6 napja

    I'd like to see Yuki's ones :D

  75. BasLifestyle


    6 napja

    Why am I smiling throughout this like a wet wipe 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

  76. loris


    6 napja

    My earliest memory is: vettel leving red bull

  77. Willian Augusto

    Willian Augusto

    6 napja

    no Mazepin = like

  78. hwd71


    6 napja

    Being an Australian my first full race memory was Adelaide when Mansell's tyre burst on the strait whilst leading, and Murray's reaction was priceless.

  79. abitoutofsorts


    6 napja

    It was genuinely exciting watching michael

  80. Connor Spinks

    Connor Spinks

    6 napja

    One day people will be saying there first memory was Verstappen chasing down Hamilton in bahrain 2021

  81. Adam Sandström

    Adam Sandström

    6 napja

    My first memory of watching F1 is from Sakhir 2020 where Perez went from last in lap 1 to winning and the win being stolen from Russell two times, by merc f-up with the tiers and then a slow puncture. Btw I'm 28 y.o

  82. is3939


    6 napja

    Suzuka 2006 still hurts.

  83. gyorki3


    6 napja

    Riccardo always hit different😭🥺

  84. Tomasz Plasota

    Tomasz Plasota

    6 napja

    My earliest memory is some glimpse from Monaco and Mclaren's distinctive white and red livery. And next my memory is Schumacher racing in 1993 season and battling in 1994 with Damon and that latter was the season when I was hooked up.

  85. Misa


    7 napja

    Cao 🙋‍♂️

  86. TheBastl TV

    TheBastl TV

    7 napja

    My first Memory was Vettel dominating in F1 2011-2013 and fighting webber and alonso, don't remember anything more of that time

  87. Jahanzeb Sarfraz

    Jahanzeb Sarfraz

    7 napja

    F1 drivers in 2031: "Yeah my first memory is of Gunter Steiner on this show called Drive to Survive"

  88. Frank Castle

    Frank Castle

    7 napja

    Why the sad music? I don't know what to feel. Am I supposed to smile or cry?

  89. Happier Life

    Happier Life

    7 napja

    02:15 Seb Vettel as a Commentary 😄😄😄

  90. Amaury Feryn

    Amaury Feryn

    7 napja

    I love to see Vettel smilling

  91. Michael Jamieson

    Michael Jamieson

    7 napja

    I hope Seb ends up on the commentary team one day, he has the soul of a poet.

  92. kanavat-seuranta


    7 napja

    We need more guys like Keke Rosberg to F1

  93. Röss Åke

    Röss Åke

    7 napja

    My first memory was the 86 GP in Jerez, with Mansell almost beating Senna (closest ever finish, I believe). Then I don't remember anything until I saw the Prost/Senna Suzuka highlights in 89, when Senna drove on but got DQ'd. Yeah, I've been around the block a couple of times

  94. Joonas Rytkönen

    Joonas Rytkönen

    7 napja

    My earliest memory is those two red and white McLaren's racing hard one another on track. And that bright yellow helmet in one of them, cos of the color, it became my favorite. Later i started to recognize the driver itself, and became a fan of him. Just as i started to like him very much and begin to be a huge fan... 1994 imola comes and ruins my day... i stopped watching the sport. For a while i missed the races and next memory i have from that last race, Schumacher hanging around behind that fence after hitting Hill and leaning in to the fence and realizing he has become World Champion of 1994. Then i stopped completely... i was so outraged. What happen at imola, my favo driver was taken away from me, and then Schumi runs into Hill in purpose to ruin the whole year for WIlliams... Then i started again few years later, 1997, in jerez, when Villeneuve won his championship and my countryman Mika Häkkinen WON HIS FIRST RACE! That really kickstarted my intress again with F1 and couple of next years, 98 and 99 where nothing but celebrations :D Being a fan ever since and still are.

  95. I Love My Beard

    I Love My Beard

    7 napja

    Kimi can talk, barely?

  96. MADMAX


    7 napja

    One of my first memories I can remember is watching a clip of Sena fighting some french guy (I know his name :) ). But long before that, I had a 1965: Lotus 33 toy car, which I loved.

  97. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden

    7 napja

    Russells first memory is a little bit late ^^

  98. northern lights

    northern lights

    7 napja

    2007 season will always be a strong memory...rookie vs a champion

  99. Isaac maniratnam

    Isaac maniratnam

    7 napja

    My first memory is Vettel vs Webber

  100. Manuel Nicolas Rodriguez Leon

    Manuel Nicolas Rodriguez Leon

    7 napja

    Seb was winning with a Toro Rosso