2021 F1 Drivers - My First & Last | Part 1

What was your first car? What app do you open first in the morning? Last time you Googled yourself? Hear from Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel, Lando Norris and more.....
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  1. Car-mazing


    4 perccel

    I think we know why they didn't ask Lance Stroll to say what his first car was.

  2. GamingFactory


    3 órája

    Who else instantly googled George

  3. Jesus Del Villar

    Jesus Del Villar

    3 órája

    Best answer ever 8:48

  4. Jhyro Messiah Pe

    Jhyro Messiah Pe

    5 órája

    Me when I hear that Kimi's first car was a Lada: *Soviet Anthem Intensifies*

  5. Theo Thesda

    Theo Thesda

    5 órája

    5:13 Hey vsauce, michael here!

  6. John Patrick Lim

    John Patrick Lim

    6 órája

    Seb with 3 kids.....when did this happen....?

  7. danyelgunner


    7 órája

    06:20 best part 😂😂😂

  8. Jayson McCullough

    Jayson McCullough

    8 órája

    I love how apathetic Kimi is. Unless he's racing he just can't be bothered.

  9. Marciano Van drunen

    Marciano Van drunen

    8 órája

    Evryone talk about: raikkonen tsunoda fernando alonso or Vettel or lando or george me: verstappens first car is a toro Rosso 2015 f1 car Honda!! Huh wait what the...

  10. Spencer Cook

    Spencer Cook

    9 órája

    I love how when asked about their first podium, they all light up and look so happy when talking about childhood karting.

  11. markuks


    10 órája

    Carlos Sainz got a tesla when he was 2.5 years old. F1 drive in the making

  12. Slime


    10 órája

    Max with the discord call. Love it

  13. markuks


    10 órája

    Kimi has the best answers

  14. Slime


    10 órája

    George looks like James Allison

  15. JoshuaW_2


    12 órája

    verstappen with de discord doe

  16. Geo


    13 órája

    How did anyone want mazepin’s autograph 😂

  17. Elliott Fontaine

    Elliott Fontaine

    14 órája

    4:55 I'm surprised he's ever completed more than one lap. Jk lol

  18. Davi Gerhardt

    Davi Gerhardt

    14 órája

    kimi first car was a lada... so he is a comrade

  19. Windows Tech Support

    Windows Tech Support

    16 órája

    "Discord" - Proffesional Esport Athlete Max Verstappen

  20. Sunburst YT

    Sunburst YT

    16 órája

    First Car: Yuki Tsunoda: Honda S2000 Me: wOuLd YoU lOoK aT tHaT

  21. Arvind Wee

    Arvind Wee

    16 órája

    Where is part 2? It's been almost a week.

  22. Steve Russ

    Steve Russ

    18 órája

    "Lada" ...

  23. CleverAxe


    21 órája

    Man I went to St Hilaire karting a couple of times. Didn’t know Lance used to race there

  24. Rami


    23 órája

    so, nobody's gonna talk about Tsunoda's epic first car? he got an S2000 as his first car FFS XD

  25. Giulia Volti

    Giulia Volti

    23 órája

    Yuki had a S2000 Honda one of my favorite car in the world 😳

  26. Kristers Andersons

    Kristers Andersons


    What car you got first? Kimi: Bwoah

  27. Rameen Ayub

    Rameen Ayub


    A monopoly of facebook owned apps.

  28. manolisdentgames



    Yuki be like: V-TEC 4 LIFE!

  29. Stuka Blyat

    Stuka Blyat



  30. Tom Beattie

    Tom Beattie


    George's dramatic forgetting a bag moment 😂

  31. Tom Beattie

    Tom Beattie


    Of course Kimi had a Lada

  32. Marcus Nesbitt

    Marcus Nesbitt


    Discord, Max is such a gamer

  33. John Williams

    John Williams


    Yuki is the man bro

  34. Jarub



    BMW M3 classic first car.......

  35. Benjamin Lanner

    Benjamin Lanner


    Last time you forgot something important? Fernando: 14th of february The office zoom and a pained smile xD absolutely perfect

  36. 1_wol



    Why would Mazepin open WhatsApp first, no-one would have his number saved




    Antonio was probably inspeted by Fiat's advertisement.

  38. Yousuf Aboeldahab

    Yousuf Aboeldahab


    weird how someone asked mazepin for an autograph

  39. SaLaTaToe



    Ngl Mazepin doesn't sound russian at all.

  40. SaLaTaToe



    Mick's first car was an 8 - class merc. Says a lot /j.

  41. Bryan Ho

    Bryan Ho


    s2000 as your first car? wt?!

  42. Tim van Haaften

    Tim van Haaften


    Last time i forgot something? Kimi: gloves and steering wheel

  43. Amin chemarkhi

    Amin chemarkhi


    Porridge man has a thing for the weather i guess ... Alright

  44. Pag



    First Podium: Everyone: knows it Hulkenberg: :*)

  45. Prathamesh Nakhare

    Prathamesh Nakhare


    Who's here to comment on Kimi?

  46. Jamie Lord

    Jamie Lord

    2 napja

    So George’s first car was faster than his Williams now😂

  47. Panzerkampfwagen Ausf VI Tiger 1

    Panzerkampfwagen Ausf VI Tiger 1

    2 napja

    What is Max's discord server?

  48. realHKV


    2 napja

    Lada FTW

  49. R T

    R T

    2 napja

    I thought the FIA had finally got the message about Mazepin and had started to not include him on their social media. Then suddenly he appears at 4:55

  50. Exhonor


    2 napja

    Can we just give a shoutout to the editor for the music they put over George's story?

  51. Howl


    2 napja

    Max could be flexing to his friends at school.

  52. Eskander X

    Eskander X

    2 napja

    Kimi will be Kimi...

  53. Rabbidaxel


    2 napja

    gaSLy tO AlpInE ConFirMed

  54. Varis Salmiņš

    Varis Salmiņš

    2 napja

    Where is subtitle? 🤔

  55. syikin r

    syikin r

    2 napja

    Dan’s neck is as big as corey taylor’s lol. And alonso kinda looks like dave grohl

  56. Real_Niclashell


    2 napja


  57. sAm1 CS:GO

    sAm1 CS:GO

    2 napja

    8:49 of course. ahahahh

  58. RockBoy


    2 napja

    I like how Max is becoming more and more of a gamer

  59. vignesh.B [145]

    vignesh.B [145]

    2 napja

    👏👏 Meme review

  60. Akshay


    2 napja

    Max and George see the world very differently

  61. Francisco Melo

    Francisco Melo

    2 napja

    Really would have loved to know which app Sebastian first opens in the morning!

  62. Akshay


    2 napja

    Tsunoda living every JDM kid's life

  63. Aaron Gnaga

    Aaron Gnaga

    2 napja

    S2000... How can you not like the guy?

  64. Ioannis Filippos Moschogiannis

    Ioannis Filippos Moschogiannis

    2 napja

    I heard s2000 and m3?

  65. keloha3


    2 napja

    lando sounding like ricky baker😂 skux life

  66. Igors Grakovics

    Igors Grakovics

    2 napja

    Aaahhh LADA...

  67. Supercar Spotters

    Supercar Spotters

    2 napja

    I like that I only saw Mazepin twice

  68. Huzayfa Dadabhay

    Huzayfa Dadabhay

    2 napja

    Kimis first car is a lada 😂😂

  69. Nukdawn


    2 napja

    7:05 George Russel : I left my bag Producer : *dramatic intensified*

  70. Song Loh

    Song Loh

    2 napja

    Who else searched up George Russel on Google

  71. Marios Karagiannis

    Marios Karagiannis

    2 napja

    Ποτε ΘΑ ΓΗΝΕΙ ο δευτεροσ αγωνασ τησ formula 1;

  72. Christiansen Satriadi

    Christiansen Satriadi

    2 napja

    Yuki - HONDA S2000 💪🏼

  73. Isidora Jakovljević

    Isidora Jakovljević

    2 napja

    Russell's eyelashes 😲

  74. filmon mesele

    filmon mesele

    2 napja

    LADA🔥😬how can’t i love kimi.!

  75. Roman Bellic

    Roman Bellic

    2 napja

    Mazepin's accent is strange, he almost sounds English.

  76. Muhammad Yusuf

    Muhammad Yusuf

    2 napja

    wow such a lucky guy yuki was his first car was a honda s2000

  77. TFGI


    2 napja

    my father painted that lada with kimi when they were young, still have that photo at my dad's place on the table of the living room.

  78. butterbrod


    2 napja

    Lando's car is roadmen approved

  79. SynTaco


    2 napja

    Jesus, I thought it was their last race

  80. Quirfz


    2 napja

    Nikita mazepin does not deserve a podium or any fans

  81. Rune Møller-Melholt

    Rune Møller-Melholt

    2 napja

    Strolls hair is my morning hair!

  82. Ja Soliman

    Ja Soliman

    2 napja

    M3 and AP1 for first cars? Daym these kids. 😅

  83. David Rieger

    David Rieger

    2 napja

    Whats your first car? Carlos: a Golf

  84. Por que Não?

    Por que Não?

    2 napja

    First car: corsa rebaixado👍

  85. Yuliy Jaeger

    Yuliy Jaeger

    3 napja

    the guy with the s2k as a first car tho

  86. Wirc0


    3 napja

    When max said he's using sometimes discord.. I felt that. 😂

  87. The PokéPals

    The PokéPals

    3 napja

    First Podium: Vettel: First Race Stroll: Race in Montreal Mazepin: Wait, you guys got podiums?

  88. Marc Ali マーク • アリ

    Marc Ali マーク • アリ

    3 napja

    I love how they added intense music to the time George forgot his bag😂

  89. Lin Dee

    Lin Dee

    3 napja

    that dramatic music on George😆😂

  90. FlockerLP


    3 napja

    For some reason there are drivers I just can’t stand... like Ocon, Stroll and Perez

  91. Saurabh Nambiar

    Saurabh Nambiar

    3 napja

    Kimi used a LADA, the real og

  92. Bukhari Jabar

    Bukhari Jabar

    3 napja

    Max’s first kart race: *win* Max’s first race with Red Bull: *win* 🤔

  93. Bukhari Jabar

    Bukhari Jabar

    3 napja

    Tsunoda has great taste..... VTEC kicked in yo......

  94. Dominik Babić

    Dominik Babić

    3 napja

    My first car was Opel Ascona 1986 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  95. Beejay Greentree

    Beejay Greentree

    3 napja

    POV: You stopped the video to see George’s wiki photo

  96. sahil khanna

    sahil khanna

    3 napja

    01:56 Esteban reminds me of Jim from the office 😂

  97. Rafi Haifan

    Rafi Haifan

    3 napja

    max being a true gamer

  98. Fahim


    3 napja

    honda s2000, man of culture

  99. CV_ Productions

    CV_ Productions

    3 napja

    1:21 yuki is now my favorite driver

  100. #sv5


    3 napja

    Max never speaks on discord but he opens it every morning