Alonso, Sainz And Vettel's Sakhir Scrap | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

A wonderful sight to see as three supremely talented drivers crossed swords around multiple corners during the opening race of the season.
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    2 napja

    I think Vettel raced harder then the other 2. His tyres were like gone

  2. elliott PEREZ

    elliott PEREZ

    4 napja

    Veteran's reunion in the pack

  3. Siley Smith

    Siley Smith

    4 napja

    Vettel still has a spark, despite his age. A great way to kick off the season even though in the end he didn’t get great placement

  4. G brain

    G brain

    6 napja

    0:02 King,Chiko and McQueen

  5. Sr Mr

    Sr Mr

    6 napja

    All ferrari😁

  6. Pradipta Jati Widipratama

    Pradipta Jati Widipratama

    7 napja

    rgb battle

  7. jude dilanjan

    jude dilanjan

    7 napja

    2021 Alpine F1 car is a huge disappointment.

  8. Kurisan


    7 napja

    2010 and 2012 season bring back memories.

  9. Alex Lin

    Alex Lin

    8 napja

    This remains me of Lighting McQueen Chick and The King

  10. Pamans Aru

    Pamans Aru

    8 napja

    Ferrari Dudes

  11. Surya


    8 napja

    Current former Ferrari driver???🙄

  12. PCS Racing Network

    PCS Racing Network

    8 napja

    Cars flashbacks intensifies

  13. Diverse was not taken

    Diverse was not taken

    8 napja

    The car liveries looks like McQueen, Chick-Hicks and The King from Cars (2006) lol

  14. LewStep


    8 napja

    Ah yes, a "scrap" which lasted for like 20 seconds and is over instantly due to the advantage DRS gives you. We want battles which last laps like in the BTCC or GT3!!!

  15. Farhan Maleq

    Farhan Maleq

    9 napja

    I'm not a big fan of Ferrari but Carlos Sainz Jr's overtake on his #1 idol Fernando Alonso is just too adorable! Awww... 😭

  16. Guillaume Bevillard

    Guillaume Bevillard

    9 napja

    Just miss the orange one and it will make the perfect 4 cars battle color wise

  17. Jorge Saiz

    Jorge Saiz

    10 napja

    K potencial tiene carlos

  18. Joe mamma

    Joe mamma

    11 napja

    First time Carlos has ever been seen on a screen

  19. Tzeff's Main Channel

    Tzeff's Main Channel

    11 napja

    That was FUN!! :D

  20. Unknown


    11 napja

    Its more perfect if kimi can join the party

  21. Gde Bimananda Mahardika Wisna

    Gde Bimananda Mahardika Wisna

    11 napja

    This is just awesome!

  22. Julen Alonso

    Julen Alonso

    11 napja

    Magic Alonso

  23. Charlie Stevens

    Charlie Stevens

    11 napja

    Two absolute legends. And Carlos Sainz.

  24. Miganon


    12 napja

    If Rakkonen was fighting with Alonso and Vettel it would be quite the sight as well. "Are we watching F1 from the 2000s or the 2021 grand prix?

    • StrikeNFS2004


      11 napja

      Literally 2012

  25. IP O

    IP O

    12 napja

    Bahrain amazing track. Max vs hamilton, haas terrible new seats debut, this and checo comeback. So eventful

  26. Izzat Ilmin

    Izzat Ilmin

    12 napja

    The guy who replace the guy who replace the ferarri driver.

  27. Wabb1e


    12 napja

    Phenomenal driving

  28. Cesco


    12 napja

    Lol. Chill with the the hype. This scrap was over as soon as DRS couldn't come on anymore. xD

  29. Crusard Modding

    Crusard Modding

    12 napja

    That was the best part of the Grand Prix.

  30. EC_Reviews


    12 napja

    lightning mcqueen vs chick hicks vs the king

  31. flocks


    12 napja

    Two champions racing each other as well as racing the guy who is in the exact same seat they both used to be in.

  32. Jed Nathaniel Lising

    Jed Nathaniel Lising

    12 napja

    This is like cars 1

  33. COTE Official

    COTE Official

    12 napja

    Who is the worst pilot? Mazspin or hasbeenVettel?

  34. Safir Shrestha

    Safir Shrestha

    12 napja

    For a minute, i thought Seb was in the red car.....habits.

  35. Lightening McQueen

    Lightening McQueen

    13 napja

    I loved how Sebastian could fight back against Fernando, on older tyres.

  36. longshot634


    13 napja

    No commentary edition aprease?

  37. Pequeño Saltamontes

    Pequeño Saltamontes

    13 napja

    Que bien lo hizo Carlos 👏👌

  38. AJCrowley0153


    13 napja

    I felt the commentators should've given Vettel more credit for doing this on much older tyres than the other two

  39. John McMahon

    John McMahon

    13 napja

    Where are the two HAAS racers? Hmmm ....

  40. Flying Spagetti

    Flying Spagetti

    13 napja

    Smoooth operatooorrrr......

  41. Funk BR 10 Inscreva-se

    Funk BR 10 Inscreva-se

    13 napja


  42. Mr. G4tero

    Mr. G4tero

    13 napja

    LA UNION HACE LA FUERZA!!! THE UNION IN SPAIN IS POWER!!!! Que se vayan enterando la parrilla q ha llegado la calidad q se merece la categoría reina del motor Spain is calité Salu2 ^^

  43. CarSeenToronto


    13 napja

    That renault seems to have issues putting the power down

  44. IIIlllIIll IIIlllIIll

    IIIlllIIll IIIlllIIll

    13 napja

    each car in the racing colors of their respective countries

  45. Potato


    13 napja

    This video is a Ferrari paradox hahahaha

  46. Victor Cabello

    Victor Cabello

    13 napja

    The Legend, The Chaser and The Rookie. 3 Cars one champ.



    13 napja

    Justtt GREAT GREAT !!!

  48. Michael Witmann

    Michael Witmann

    13 napja

    The camera is hard to keep up mate, last time it's always the mid field battle, but now when top one like Lewis vs max, so it's like hard to spot which battle to focus, if Bottas pitstop didn't get F we would see 3 way battle, bottas max and Lewis in front

  49. Raphaël


    13 napja

    Seems like Vettel is another animal whenever Alonso is near him on the track lol. Hope to see them push one another throughout the season.

  50. Ayub shaik

    Ayub shaik

    13 napja

    checo joined them at the end of this video and crossed them

  51. DaniMacYo


    13 napja

    Bahrain at night since the V6 Turbo Hybrid Era has always provided great racing. Love it. Even the V8 Era had some great races during the day. We should have two races a year here.

  52. Danse


    13 napja

    Thumbmail is like the end scene in cars

  53. Mr. DickButt

    Mr. DickButt

    13 napja

    Imagine battles like this at the front

  54. Praji Doom

    Praji Doom

    13 napja

    Not only did Vettel race really well but also helped Stroll to pull away.

  55. Kimmo Suokas

    Kimmo Suokas

    13 napja

    0:32 "One former Ferrari driver ahead of the other former Ferrari driver ahead of the current former Ferrari driver"

  56. B


    13 napja

    How much do you want to milk this? F1: yes

  57. destroyer28


    13 napja

    Great battle between those three great drivers. This happened after the first pit stops? So fernando was having deployment issues yet as Alpine said after the race?

    • Digi Media Labs

      Digi Media Labs

      12 napja

      Yes after first pit stop,ers problem...

  58. Murat Koçyiğit

    Murat Koçyiğit

    13 napja

    Since Alpine is slow, Vet and Sai passed Alonso

  59. Dota ALTAMASH


    14 napja

    A former Ferrari driver who made dumb Ferrari cars look great, another former driver who can't fight at all and has excuses like, "He break tested me. :(". The current Ferrari driver who will leave Ferrari with agony like Alonso. haha

  60. Glyne Martin

    Glyne Martin

    14 napja

    now THIS is what it's all about!

  61. hadi.


    14 napja

    Battle of mid tier teams

  62. Shiny


    14 napja

    Wow, this battle was epic!

  63. GH BAYAT


    14 napja

    gp2 engine

  64. Adrian Cher

    Adrian Cher

    14 napja

    Amazing battle

  65. Kalyan PM

    Kalyan PM

    14 napja

    Vettel outracing Alonso on 15 lap older tyres in a damaged car, gives me hope.

    • Rutar 2008

      Rutar 2008

      11 napja

      Vettel didnt have damage on his car at that moment and Alonso had PU issues since his first stop, still great effort defending with old tyres. Shame about his silly mistake with Ocon.

  66. Logan Powers

    Logan Powers

    14 napja

    Does this look like Lightning VS The King VS Chick?

  67. Δημήτρης Κόντος

    Δημήτρης Κόντος

    14 napja

    how can i watch english f1 live?

  68. Βαγγελης Μπατζιομητρος

    Βαγγελης Μπατζιομητρος

    14 napja

    Imagine this battle becomes for 1 st place xddd

  69. Rundii


    14 napja

    Can we see Perez’s drive through the field?

  70. Knut Pohl

    Knut Pohl

    14 napja

    "Current former Ferrari driver" sounds so foreshadowing....

  71. francesco bonetalli

    francesco bonetalli

    14 napja

    what a batte!!! Let's go Carlos

  72. Pubtomfoolery


    14 napja


  73. LE 11

    LE 11

    14 napja

    Renault needs to power up.Clearly Aston is faster

  74. szewei1985


    14 napja

    Haha back in memory lane 4 these 3

  75. Fer User

    Fer User

    14 napja

    And then 1 lap later comes Pérez and overtake everybody

  76. Martin Penwald

    Martin Penwald

    14 napja

    Yeah that's what we wanna see

  77. Giant Leap

    Giant Leap

    14 napja

    Add Kimi to the mix!

  78. RoadhogTime13


    14 napja

    Reminds me of 2017 Australia when we had Alonso, Hulk and someone else i forget all side by side into turn 1. this was far more exciting though because Bahrain's layout allows for this kind of racing. Lets begin in Bahrain every year please. Keep Australia towards the end.

  79. Adventuring Boat

    Adventuring Boat

    14 napja

    Love Alonso's no brakes approach

  80. Urban Wrench

    Urban Wrench

    14 napja

    This is vintage vettel. Look at him go in the next few races

  81. Mr Lime

    Mr Lime

    14 napja

    The former ferrari driver who stole the current ferrari driver's faviroute number ahead of the other former ferrari driver ahead of the soon to be former ferrari driver ahead of the ferrari legend's son

  82. ggy


    14 napja

    Lightning McQueen

  83. Miggy Byte

    Miggy Byte

    14 napja

    I’m starting to think the Aston Martin has too much drag. While the Alpine isn’t stable in the corners.

  84. Arshad khan

    Arshad khan

    14 napja

    Alpine work on rear of the car n give the best to alanso

  85. Gerry


    14 napja

    3 Ferrari Driver Battling Each Other

  86. iqbal Fajri

    iqbal Fajri

    14 napja

    I like the fact that I got F1 ads when watching F1 video

  87. TohirT


    14 napja

    Imagine being Sainz? You’re in the Ferrari, passing Alonso and Vettel...dreams do come true...

  88. DecentShot Gaming

    DecentShot Gaming

    14 napja

    I hope Aston Martin recovers pace, their qualifying results aren't the same as last year. Only the first race & testing, so we'll see

    • Izanagi's Burden

      Izanagi's Burden

      11 napja

      @Sahil panjwani I don't think any track will require less backend stability than baharin.... Maybe Monza.... Definately not spa(so no "Here comes Sebastian Vettel") this year

    • Sahil panjwani

      Sahil panjwani

      13 napja

      also maybe this track didn't suit them just as it didn't for mercedes so hope is not lost

    • Sahil panjwani

      Sahil panjwani

      13 napja

      they will as soon as merccedes brings aero upgrades

    • Rahul77_ YT

      Rahul77_ YT

      14 napja

      It's actually painful to watch

  89. MLG Games

    MLG Games

    14 napja

    All these years and alonso still can't beat vettel

    • For Others

      For Others

      13 napja

      salty alonso fans will come for you

  90. SirNerrad


    14 napja


  91. Captured By Smartphones

    Captured By Smartphones

    14 napja

    Now that's a fight!

  92. Emery Abisatya

    Emery Abisatya

    14 napja

    like cars in disney

  93. Ömer Bilgin

    Ömer Bilgin

    14 napja

    I hope, this season gonna be exciting.

  94. Rasal Hague

    Rasal Hague

    14 napja

    When these battles are longer than Mazepin's entire race.

  95. Kelvin Ng

    Kelvin Ng

    14 napja

    First i take your seat, then I take your position..

  96. Sandra


    14 napja

    So many battles up and down the grid. This one was especially fun to watch....😎

  97. M'sɪa•Ghocs


    14 napja

    '' Everytime u must leave a space! ''

  98. Sebastian Vettel

    Sebastian Vettel

    14 napja

    Lightning McQueen vs The King Dinoco vs the green one that I forgot his name

    • Rahul77_ YT

      Rahul77_ YT

      14 napja


  99. Yellow TCheetah

    Yellow TCheetah

    14 napja

    but still they are not scrapping for 1st position.. the only improvement is Max Verstappen.. i hope the team improves and get closer to the Mercedes.. it is still the similar culture, Ham & Max will lead by 30 seconds from the first midfield car

  100. Choong Manfred

    Choong Manfred

    14 napja

    Vettel makes Stroll looks not so slow cause he's slower than stroll!

    • Guenther Steiner

      Guenther Steiner

      14 napja

      Vettel passed more cars than Stroll...