Catching Up With F1 Cult Hero Kamui Kobayashi! | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast

As we herald in a new era of racing with the addition of AlphaTauri's young gun Yuki Tsunoda, hear from one of Japan's biggest cult heroes in the F1 and wider racing world, Kamui Kobayashi, as he joins Tom Clarkson this week on Beyond The Grid.
Topics in this episode:
0:00 - Welcome to Beyond The Grid with Kamui Kobayashi
4:34 - Kamui’s memories of his Suzuka podium
9:33 - Gifts from Japan’s passionate F1 fans
12:50 - What Kamui taught Sauber teammate Sergio Perez
17:22 - Kamui's tyre-whispering secrets
18:42 - Why Kamui’s former teammate Perez will have a tough job at Red Bull
20:18 - A bittersweet moment on the Suzuka podium
22:39 - Kamui’s rise from go-karts in Japan to Formula 1 around the world
24:54 - Kamui’s big break: joining Toyota
27:19 - Racing Vettel, Hulkenberg and Grosjean in junior categories
28:59 - Fighting championship-chasers on his F1 debut
31:13 - ‘Wow! This is quite easy!’
32:09 - Kamui on Toyota’s exit
38:25 - Kamui’s lessons for 2021 rookie Yuki Tsunoda
41:22 - Why Kamui chose Caterham over Ferrari
43:50 - Chasing victory at Le Mans: ‘We just need luck!’
48:53 - Overtaking Alonso and upsetting Ferrari
51:55 - Your questions and stories from last week, answered!
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  1. FORMULA 1


    12 napja

    If you’ve ever met Kamui we’d love to hear from you. Maybe he signed an autograph for you at Suzuka? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter using @TomClarksonF1 and #F1BeyondTheGrid - we might read your story out on our next episode.

    • Howard Heard

      Howard Heard

      4 napja


    • A-W-E KKK

      A-W-E KKK

      12 napja

      @greatkali just asked dude. No need to throw a fit

    • greatkali


      12 napja

      ​@A-W-E KKK man.. try out google first, before you ask silly questions

    • Cybere


      12 napja

      I met Kamui in the paddock of the Daytona 24 this year. I was lucky to be one of the few that got a VIP pass to the live pits during the race, and I got to meet him as soon as he got out of the car at the end of the race. It was an amazing experience.

    • Jraybay


      12 napja

      I wish I met Kamui 😆

  2. Andre Zagal

    Andre Zagal

    2 napja

    Next podcast: Yuyi ide

  3. Jusmin #28

    Jusmin #28

    3 napja

    I Want To See Kamui Back To F1 Especially On The Podium. Because When He Take Podium, F1 Not Broadcasting On Indonesia

  4. Steven van de Staak

    Steven van de Staak

    5 napja

    Kamui is one of my all time favorite drivers. Truly excited to see him in Beyond the Grid. Now, let's take a listen. :)

  5. What seek ye

    What seek ye

    7 napja

    One of my favourite midfield drivers! 👌🏾

  6. Everybody GoesDown

    Everybody GoesDown

    9 napja

    Seriously, I have been watching F1 for almost 40 years and I feel that this guy is easily on the Top-10 ever of racing and fighting mentality. Sadly, criminally underrated.

  7. E36 Driver

    E36 Driver

    10 napja

    Kamui one of the best drivers in the last 10 years! I miss him so much in F1 :(

  8. El BonitiilloO

    El BonitiilloO

    10 napja

    TAKI INOUE next!!!!!

  9. 趣味が多い人


    10 napja

    I feel nothing is so happy that Japanese get noticed in F1🤩🇯🇵

  10. Adam Petten

    Adam Petten

    10 napja

    Greatest Japanese driver, though #2 Sato has most interesting story with his David vs. Goliath Bicycle race wins in High School.

  11. 日本大学の犬


    11 napja

    If he was in top teams he would get race sometime... Unfortunately he was lost by pay driver...

  12. Rupanjan


    11 napja

    0:42 unexpected but ok

  13. toyota celica

    toyota celica

    11 napja

    Great épisode, thank you !! I'm a Toyota guy Can you make pascal vasselon comme toi the show?! Have a great day 😀

  14. Zulu Romeo

    Zulu Romeo

    11 napja

    One of my favourite F1 drivers. Always exciting to watch.

  15. Ironicalballs


    12 napja

    Alternative History, Kamui went with Honda racing school instead

  16. Key 20

    Key 20

    12 napja

    Kamui deserved at the very lest an F1 win to me

  17. Ironicalballs


    12 napja

    Kamui did it to Button in Brawn F1 in his maiden race too.

  18. son


    12 napja

    It's a shame that Kamui couldn't continue in F1. The costs in motorsports and seemingly everything have gotten out of control. We're at a point where there aren't enough seats for true talent and we have to justify the seats of many pay drivers in F1 and down the ladder...

  19. mmafan2223


    12 napja

    Loved watching Kamui

  20. Haruto Yamamoto

    Haruto Yamamoto

    12 napja

    I know Red Bull can easily demote or drop their drivers, but they are financially stable and never pick their drivers based on their sponsors. It's very important for Yuki not to lose his seat. He can just stay focused on his performance to be a better driver.

    • Pepe


      12 napja

      Perez has a 50/50 chance to be dropped after this year though.

  21. Ryan Ryan

    Ryan Ryan

    12 napja

    One of a few drivers I’d openly say was underrated. Never given long enough to prove himself in the right car

  22. HKF1


    12 napja

    One of my favourite drivers, he was great at Sauber.

  23. Full camp Oezdemir

    Full camp Oezdemir

    12 napja

    Kamui Kobayashi, Takuma Sato and now, we have Yuki Tsunoda.

  24. Nicholas


    12 napja

    Stellar interview.

  25. LordSeth1000


    12 napja

    loved kobayashi when he was on the grid, the man always felt like a real racer

  26. Romero Assunção

    Romero Assunção

    12 napja

    I like to watch F1, having a beer too😁🍺. Great Guy! Still have a long career ahead!

  27. halofreak1990


    12 napja

    Kamui and Wehrlein both deserved so much more seasons in F1. A shame the budget cap took so long to materialize.

  28. Damian


    12 napja

    This guy is no longer in the F1 because he didn't have money from sponsors to buy his seat.... Modern F1 - where money counts more than skills.

  29. Ciaron Smith

    Ciaron Smith

    12 napja

    What he said about the car suiting Max is so true.

  30. DaveMcIroy


    12 napja

    Does he still have the Le Mans record?

  31. Abraham Arthemius

    Abraham Arthemius

    12 napja

    Ahh.. So Kamui did teach Tsunoda for a bit, interesting.

  32. Aka Deadpool

    Aka Deadpool

    12 napja

    Better then most drivers on the grid today

    • son


      12 napja

      Mazepin, Schumacher, Tsunoda, Giovinazzi, Stroll, maybe even Vettel I'd say and Gasly

  33. Ciaron Smith

    Ciaron Smith

    12 napja

    Japanese drivers need to calm down. They are way too aggressive.

    • DL


      11 napja

      Yes I have seen that..

  34. K Ben24

    K Ben24

    12 napja

    Imagine what Kobayashi could do for a team like Alfa Romeo or Williams... Give this man a seat!! He deserves another chance, and he always delivers the goods!!

  35. こーへいへーい。


    12 napja


  36. Christopher Robin Garrish

    Christopher Robin Garrish

    12 napja

    Hoping Kamui brings his wonderful Karma and sense of humour to the F1 races in support of Tsunoda. The kid is really fast but could use a Gerhard Berger/AlainProst/NikiLauda sort of calming Guidance in Japanese, by a guy who has been there and done that. HONDA? Hire Kamui.

  37. Matt Alford

    Matt Alford

    12 napja

    Exciting driver, but not consistent enough, unfortunately.

  38. Samuel Santos

    Samuel Santos

    12 napja

    As per his instagram, Kamui’s father recently passed away. Condolences to him 🙏🏼

  39. Marscars


    12 napja

    My favourite mid field driver form the 2010’s really wanted him to stay at n the sport longer I have a soft sport for him

  40. Prashant Parekh

    Prashant Parekh

    12 napja

    Super star

  41. Manuel Molina

    Manuel Molina

    12 napja

    Kamui es un cohete, merecía estar muchas más temporadas en f1, obtuvo un podio con un Sauber 🔥🔥

  42. Jamaul Drew

    Jamaul Drew

    12 napja

    Why does everyone keep mentioning how tall he is? WHO CARES?!

  43. LeJimster


    12 napja

    I miss Kamui, he was the driver I followed the most when he broke through in 2009. He would have done a great job had Toyota stayed in F1. I followed him into WEC and he did pretty well there, but I wish he had stayed in F1. He holds the track record at Le Mans by over 2 seconds. The shock on other teams/drivers face that day was quite funny :).

  44. Mike Suarez

    Mike Suarez

    12 napja

    IMO Kamui was criminally underrated

  45. Samuel Andrews

    Samuel Andrews

    12 napja

    He was a better driver than Inoue haha 😂 in the 1990s

  46. SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago

    SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago

    12 napja

    Kobuyashi may not have a long F1 career as he should’ve, his gentle tire technique is passed down by Perez, making him one of the best driver in F1

  47. Ryosyama


    12 napja


  48. Aaliyah x3

    Aaliyah x3

    12 napja

    Yuki: hippity Hoppity I'm your Property Oh hold on

  49. El BonitiilloO

    El BonitiilloO

    12 napja

    4:40 what about putting video images intead of just sound?

  50. stelios Kappa

    stelios Kappa

    12 napja

    1000th like

  51. Connor Smith

    Connor Smith

    12 napja

    Keep in mind this guy got let go for Gutierrez....

  52. LowBidEverybodyDown


    12 napja

    cult hero? try harder

  53. IDontKnow FC

    IDontKnow FC

    12 napja

    Bro when kamui was racing when tsunoda was 11

  54. ぐらんつーりすも


    12 napja

    日本人ドライバーを取り上げてくれるのすごく嬉しいんだけど、なんだか不思議な気分になるんだよな。 日本のF1ファンとドライバーって世界でも何か特別に大切に扱ってもらってる気がするんだよね。

  55. Krt Campbell

    Krt Campbell

    12 napja

    Time travel as well is he. Was he not in the star trek film when Kirk hacked his space ship.

  56. Marco Venosta

    Marco Venosta

    12 napja

    This guy is still one of the best drivers in the world. I heard that he may have a seat lined up in Indycar, I really hope to see it happen

  57. PLZFrosty


    12 napja

    Gosh i miss this guy!

  58. 鎧塚みぞれ支持中華民國統一中國


    12 napja

    Such a humble man. I want Kobayashi-sensei to come back. I want him to race alongside Yuki Tsunoda

  59. Kurisan


    12 napja

    Sauber in F1 2012 season was fantastic. He is get the podium at the Japanese Grand Prix.

  60. Knee Grip Rider

    Knee Grip Rider

    12 napja

    Come back F1 Kamui🙏

  61. Maks Ptak

    Maks Ptak

    12 napja


    • KMS Boss 2010

      KMS Boss 2010

      11 napja

      Sim Dane 👌😂

  62. Ozan Kulcu

    Ozan Kulcu

    12 napja

    Kamui deserved a competitive car, he had the championship potential.

    • Ironicalballs


      12 napja

      He doesn't even get competitive car in LMP Toyota. He's on the B team, but Kamui took Le Man lap record. Toyota doesn't like it that he qualifies ahead of A team.

  63. iiColeCuster


    12 napja

    One of the best, if not THE BEST Endurance racer of this decade

  64. NewfieOn2Wheels


    12 napja

    I miss Kamui so much

  65. Cherios


    12 napja

    @35:16 Kamui just killed everyone's hopes and dreams like that, "100% no, cause im a toyota driver"

    • Abraham Arthemius

      Abraham Arthemius

      12 napja

      True, Toyota has been pretty busy with Endurance & Rallying. Those two motorsports are more closely related to Toyota after all compared to F1.

  66. Fayzul rafi

    Fayzul rafi

    12 napja

    Hopefully tsunoda has more successful career, More podiums and more pts.

  67. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha Wolf

    12 napja

    So it took Tsunoda to drive masterfully to remind you to do a podcast with Kobayashi?

    • Footwork


      12 napja

      This was recorded before that.

  68. Tall Man

    Tall Man

    12 napja

    My absolute hero when I started watching F1

  69. Puspharaj Selvaraj

    Puspharaj Selvaraj

    12 napja

    Toyota wasted entire character of Kamui, where at last he showed real pace of toyota car at he end of the season. Poor fate!

  70. mr morimi

    mr morimi

    12 napja

    Kamui Kobayashi is definitely underrated driver, but We knew how he fast and amazing.

  71. Maky 6969

    Maky 6969

    12 napja

    Kobayashi is racing at IMSA right?

    • iiColeCuster


      12 napja

      WEC, he drives for TOYOTA GAZOO Racing in the #7 GR 010

    • ViPDriver GT

      ViPDriver GT

      12 napja


  72. matrix 17

    matrix 17

    12 napja

    可夢偉 角田はワシが育てた(教えた)

  73. Donny Blacks

    Donny Blacks

    12 napja

    2012 p3 Suzuka was one of my happiest times to watch him

  74. Yaiba Kurogane

    Yaiba Kurogane

    12 napja

    Great driver without a great Formula 1 car

  75. JokeyZockey


    12 napja

    Kamui stands in a line with names like Frentzen, Alesi and Kubica as absolutely amazing drivers who sadly never achieved the maximum of what they could have achieved in F1 because of truck loads of misfortune, bad choices, etc...

    • Ciaron Smith

      Ciaron Smith

      12 napja

      No. Frentzen fought for a title in 1999.

  76. Charles Westfield

    Charles Westfield

    12 napja

    He became my favorite driver when I started watching 10 years ago. Him and Perez in the Sauber always got the most out of the car. Kobayashi with loads of overtakes and Perez making his tyres last forever thus always saving a pitstop - they were so easy to root for.

    • Tim Tyber

      Tim Tyber

      6 napja

      Yeah, it's crazy to think of that sauber vs this one. The 2012 season was just great for us Sauber fans.

    • Vince Ouellet

      Vince Ouellet

      12 napja

      Like Alpha Tauri this year, easy to root for them!

  77. LPKelly380


    12 napja

    Kobayashi is a LEGEND!! One of the purest talents in racing history.

    • Aaliyah x3

      Aaliyah x3

      12 napja

      Yuki: hold my 2000s gang

  78. jxshxh


    12 napja

    I swear kamui might have got a ferrari seat at some point

  79. Aypex


    12 napja

    Criminally underrated driver

  80. 藤林ゆり


    12 napja


  81. Elit3Blaze


    12 napja

    The better Nation Podcast.

  82. Jon Chui

    Jon Chui

    12 napja

    I miss Kamui in F1 - was always rooting for him to get a podium in the Sauber and was so happy when he got P3 in Japan!

  83. andy Vettel

    andy Vettel

    12 napja

    Kamui man if you read this we love you, we have loved all the racing you have done and off course that podium in Suzuka is one of the most memorable moments in F1

  84. theo theo

    theo theo

    12 napja

    Kobayashi had confidence in his hard braking, as Tsunoda has to be.

  85. ちゃん


    12 napja

    31:13 ここすき

  86. brueriderMax


    12 napja

    1つ要望ですけど、シーズンに行われるダイジェスト映像も含めまして、日本のF1ファンのためにも日本語字幕を用意してくれないでしょうか? One request, would you please prepare Japanese subtitles for Japanese F1 fans, including the digest video that will be held during the season?

  87. Bastiolo48


    12 napja

    I'm still a Sergio Perez-fan because of the Sauber team in 2012. Loved Kamui and Perez in that season and every season since. I'll never forget that podium Kamui got in Suzuka and the crowd chanted his name! Thankfully, Perez is still racing in F1!

  88. sentao de pana

    sentao de pana

    12 napja

    KA MU I

  89. ???


    12 napja

    To the Japanese, Kobayashi is the pride of Japan. Of course, Tsunoda too.

  90. Pro Tharan

    Pro Tharan

    12 napja


  91. Formula 1 Fan

    Formula 1 Fan

    12 napja

    Instead of Kamui we got the egghead

  92. Rich Baker

    Rich Baker

    12 napja

    That's FIA WORLD ENDURANCE CHAMPION Kamui Kobayashi. Put some respect on the name.

  93. K1234


    12 napja

    Kamui is definitely in the top 5 for drivers that have been badly wasted..

  94. Kris A

    Kris A

    12 napja

    Kamui's hair-pin overtakes at Suzuka in 2012 were great to watch.

    • Kris A

      Kris A

      12 napja

      @pine2pine3 Ok, I stand corrected.

    • pine2pine3


      12 napja

      It was 2010 man

  95. Soham Belge

    Soham Belge

    12 napja

    He is still 34 he can come back

    • DL


      11 napja

      Yes like Damon hill started F1, at 33 and became a champion as well for this I admire him.

  96. Trap News

    Trap News

    12 napja

    Tsunoda is coming

  97. Jwork


    12 napja

    I hope there will be a podcast with Rio Haryanto, i want to see how's he going rn after being the first and the last Indonesian Formula 1 driver

  98. Just A Random Guy

    Just A Random Guy

    12 napja

    That moment when you remember Kamui That moment when you realise he was a young boy in 2012 That moment when you realise his podium was in 2012 That moment when you realise his last drive was in 2014 with Caterham *That moment when you realise his podium happened almost 10 years ago*

  99. FairRodTheCapacitor


    12 napja

    Are you okay Sauber?

  100. Takumi Fujiwara

    Takumi Fujiwara

    12 napja

    Last podium of Sauber Japan 2012