Daniel Ricciardo Talks Title Ambitions And His Decade In F1

The Aussie reflects on his career to date, his passions outside the sport and his ambitions for the future.
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  1. Aurimas Sakalauskas

    Aurimas Sakalauskas



  2. alberto robinson

    alberto robinson

    2 napja

    I wish see him enjoying with the NASCAR

  3. mcl48YT


    3 napja

    I LOVE the backing music, sooo cool. Forgot about the interview, so hyped by the music.

  4. Ákos András Görög

    Ákos András Görög

    5 napja

    why isn't cam A in focus I'm wondering

  5. Phil Michael

    Phil Michael

    5 napja

    Black man does interview, must add hip background music...

  6. AutomotiveFusion


    5 napja

    LOL This interview didn't even happen. Both parts are filmed independently of each other, then stitched together. Used music to probably mask the reporter using a handheld and Danny being picked up through the boom mic. I expect better from this channel really... 👎

  7. Critter Arm

    Critter Arm

    6 napja

    Back ground music to boost our tinnitus? So annoying.

  8. Joey Pizzitola

    Joey Pizzitola

    6 napja

    When he wins the title, He & Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) should do something all together, maybe an interview

  9. M L

    M L

    6 napja

    He killed his own carreer when he ran away from Max. In fact Max killed his dream of becomming world champion

  10. TheIronDuke W.

    TheIronDuke W.

    6 napja

    If he is to mount a serious challenge for the title in 2022 he needs to start by winning a race or two in 2021.

  11. dimych 555

    dimych 555

    6 napja

    и последний вопрос Даниель,Вы смогли бы приехать на тракторе на F1!? 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  12. Tala Al Ayoubi

    Tala Al Ayoubi

    6 napja

    I am so sure he will get the title because he deserves it ❤️

  13. V8Hilux


    6 napja

    Nice to see F1 allowing more regional accents... as long as they are all fkn London based... LONDON is not representative of the whole of the UK!!!

  14. Μικρο Κ2

    Μικρο Κ2

    7 napja

    Μακάρι,να κατακτήσεις τον πρώτο σου με εμάς....θα είναι καταπληκτικό.....το ευχόμαστε όλοι οι οπαδοί τις Mclaren....

  15. Billy Block

    Billy Block

    7 napja

    Not racist, but get rid of the interviewer. This isn't soccer am

  16. TheHypnotstCollector


    7 napja

    Between the music and the ritual shame muzzle I watched about 45 seconds

  17. ChefG Romano

    ChefG Romano

    7 napja

    If he stayed at Red Bull he would’ve had a better chance

  18. eat pray frag

    eat pray frag

    7 napja

    Ricciardo has been a major disappointment the past 10 years.

  19. Sharkie Sharkingtons

    Sharkie Sharkingtons

    7 napja

    Was so excited when my favourite driver came to my favourite team. Carlos was amazing though, he will be missed.

  20. MaFd0n


    7 napja

    Dafuq F1 tell this bro to trim his beard, djeez

  21. Chris Quijano

    Chris Quijano

    7 napja

    That interviewer needs a proper face mask.

  22. Peter Burton

    Peter Burton

    7 napja

    Gotta say that beard and mask was freaking me out. It just looked wrong.

  23. Johnny Snell

    Johnny Snell

    7 napja

    Can we all appreciate the delivery on those questions. Interviewer done a stupendous job 👏

  24. Paul D

    Paul D

    7 napja

    Looking older and more mature

  25. another YouTube account

    another YouTube account

    7 napja

    Daniel 'Lets say' Ricciardo

  26. Liam Sweeney

    Liam Sweeney

    7 napja

    Please, leave out the irritating music next time.

  27. DKP3000


    7 napja

    Music too loud

  28. Lachlan Nichol

    Lachlan Nichol

    8 napja

    Sounds like two SouthPark Kennys talking...

  29. Splendid Truth

    Splendid Truth

    8 napja

    Ricciardo should wear Razers new mask. We can't see him smile.

  30. clancen


    8 napja

    Turn off the music

  31. Tejaswi Raghurama

    Tejaswi Raghurama

    8 napja

    Man those masks are slick. Where can I get my hands on similar style?

  32. David S

    David S

    8 napja

    is this the teacher from charle brown. mask. smdh

  33. Yago Bonardi

    Yago Bonardi

    8 napja

    What happens if he stayed at RedBull?! 🥲

  34. Carlos Andres Medrano

    Carlos Andres Medrano

    8 napja

    ricciardo is a legend

  35. Bé Varela

    Bé Varela

    8 napja

    We all agree that it’s impossible not to like Daniel Ricciardo

  36. squid's don't have ankles

    squid's don't have ankles

    8 napja

    Ngl i feep sorry for him. He's been shafted so many times by others and still hasn't got the title he greatly deserves

  37. T's Adventures

    T's Adventures

    8 napja

    Would have loved to see the whole video, but the music made it horrible so turned off after ~4mins

  38. Raphaela Junqueira

    Raphaela Junqueira

    8 napja

    im so excited for daniel this year in mclaren! hope he wins the championship with them

  39. Mike Cook

    Mike Cook

    8 napja

    The mixing on the backing music was too loud.

  40. dillon_hartley


    8 napja

    Why does he have his mask so far up his face XDDDDD

  41. RicoFlamengo


    8 napja


  42. Lindor Leka

    Lindor Leka

    8 napja

    This is how a World Champion should like, and a World Champion F1 really needs.

  43. Maxi F

    Maxi F

    8 napja


  44. Frederik Ružový

    Frederik Ružový

    8 napja

    This guy is awesome. I really hope that he will at least fight for title one day.

  45. Selena Guerra

    Selena Guerra

    8 napja

    I just want to ✂️✂️✂️ that beard

  46. I am your great great great great great GRANDMA

    I am your great great great great great GRANDMA

    8 napja

    Bobby Rick!

  47. Nikolaos Alexandros Theodorou

    Nikolaos Alexandros Theodorou

    8 napja

    punk rock? alright

  48. Dynamics


    9 napja

    If he wins a title his smile will be so wide everyone in the paddock will need sunglasses

  49. Setiapratamadupi


    9 napja

    HRT, Toro Rosso, Red Bull, Renault, McLaren. Always want him to win the title since that rise with Red Bull.

  50. Dean


    9 napja

    The way he said grown and shown. He’s turning American

  51. Krzysztof Rumpel

    Krzysztof Rumpel

    9 napja

    What a terrible choice of background music and its volume!

  52. AnimeMaster12345


    9 napja

    Nice Scorpion cosplay

  53. Thế Phúc Nguyễn

    Thế Phúc Nguyễn

    9 napja

    Music is too loud + a bit not necessary ...

  54. ruan


    9 napja

    The best on the grid!



    9 napja

    someone missed the focus big time

  56. JR LEE

    JR LEE

    9 napja

    Nicest dude in the track

  57. Victoria Miranda

    Victoria Miranda

    9 napja

    F1 please, add subtititles! I don't understand everything and i want to! ;((

  58. Ep!dEm


    9 napja

    "title ambitions?" ROFL

  59. Timmy Schnitzel

    Timmy Schnitzel

    9 napja

    Are we still pretending that masks do anything?

  60. nthfunpw


    9 napja

    background music during a 10min interview and 60% hearing loss here ...

  61. Diego Loco

    Diego Loco

    9 napja

    “Leave” 💀 Nooooooooo

  62. Robert Wilder

    Robert Wilder

    9 napja

    I can’t understand anything through those pointless masks

  63. Rick Keller

    Rick Keller

    9 napja

    He deserves the titel, but if he wanted a title he never should leave Red Bull.

  64. Marlin Wunsch

    Marlin Wunsch

    9 napja

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      Virgie Jenkins ll

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      Julia Leffler

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      Ewell Reichel iv

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      Retha Hagenes

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    • Tyrell Strosin

      Tyrell Strosin

      9 napja

      Crypto is new gold

  65. Edward Newbill

    Edward Newbill

    9 napja

    Great interview. I would like to see the mask that makes you touch your face every other minute disappear.

  66. Argoloum La Brésilienne

    Argoloum La Brésilienne

    9 napja

    David’s beard is ✨ POWERFUL ✨ and I love it

  67. Neha Chandak

    Neha Chandak

    9 napja

    I wanna see him win the Monaco GP and all the other GPs😭😭🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆⚡⚡⚡⚡🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆❤️

  68. HGA


    9 napja

    Music on this was so distracting for me 🤭 love these 2, love the character of both of them and big energy in the paddock

  69. Video game Valley

    Video game Valley

    9 napja

    My homie Danny Ric World Drivers Champion

  70. Videsha Namali

    Videsha Namali

    9 napja

    Hope to see him on the top step of the podium!!!! Lets go honey badger!!!!!

  71. Putu Eksat Swardinata Kusuma_41 / IX 8

    Putu Eksat Swardinata Kusuma_41 / IX 8

    9 napja

    he is so positive

  72. Chris Em

    Chris Em

    9 napja

    I’ve seen masks push down. Never seen them pull up on their own 😂😂

  73. gege


    9 napja

    perez is his biggest rival i think for the podium

  74. Florent IDARGO

    Florent IDARGO

    9 napja

    kinda anoying to see an interview with the mask on while they seemed prety distant to each other..

  75. NorthernIrishFRUIT


    9 napja

    jeez cheekysportdave poppin off

  76. Tagger


    9 napja

    Wait? Title Ambitions? Running from Verstappen like a little baby. The only team who could beat the Merc's, he leaves for money? He got no title ambitions, otherwise he would brought the fight to Max instead of leaving for the Money.

  77. 양희웅


    9 napja

    I need a subtitle...

  78. Glider Pilot

    Glider Pilot

    9 napja

    Love Daniel but Lando Norris ladies and gents...what a racer! Still only 21 years old and is improving race by race, year by year from what already was a great talent. I think he is really at home with the Mclaren family so I cant wait for them to join the title challenge hopefully in 2022 already against Max in RB, Charles and Carlos in Ferrari lets gooo

  79. Nihal Atwal

    Nihal Atwal

    9 napja

    the mario kart like background music is really annoying

  80. Tshepo Ncamane

    Tshepo Ncamane

    10 napja

    Great fun interview

  81. Aayush Khanal

    Aayush Khanal

    10 napja

    The day Daniel wins a World Championship will be my favourite F1 memory of all time. This guy deserves it.

  82. Abdi Mohamed

    Abdi Mohamed

    10 napja

    ayo fam whos this reporter need to see more of him

  83. Hubert


    10 napja

    This interview can be summarized by: a Ninja with a beard asks another Ninja.... questions...

  84. Giorgi Laluashvili

    Giorgi Laluashvili

    10 napja

    Cool aero mask

  85. michael__N


    10 napja

    As an Aussie I love Danny but the time for excuses is well over. Time to do or die.

  86. Sumit Shines

    Sumit Shines

    10 napja

    Norris will smash him this year

  87. Bhavesh Mistry

    Bhavesh Mistry

    10 napja

    Loving the new Journalists by F1 , great to see a mix of people who love formula1 coming and being able to share their passion. Also can’t wait to DR winning again

  88. John' Stevens

    John' Stevens

    10 napja

    It's not going to happen. He isn't getting into the right teams at the right time and age isn't going to help him now either. I think asking Verstappen, Leclerc, Norris and Russell this is more relevant now. Poor Danny has missed his window imo

  89. varun mishra

    varun mishra

    10 napja

    That background was totally unnecessary

  90. Sim-Racing


    10 napja

    Go avocado! Says my 6 year old and me :) a real person

  91. Rafael Tsolakidis

    Rafael Tsolakidis

    10 napja

    If we depend on his first race with McLaren, he ain't gonna be able to battle for the title this year

  92. Neil Russell

    Neil Russell

    10 napja


  93. kk's moments

    kk's moments

    10 napja

    Danny Ric for champion

  94. Alex L.

    Alex L.

    10 napja

    The Formula 1 world needs more beards like that ✊.

  95. Richard Naujoks

    Richard Naujoks

    10 napja

    Yeahhhhh, he ain't winning a title in his career

  96. A Page

    A Page

    10 napja

    If he’d got a nose job and saved 1.2kg his car would be more competitive and he’d have won a championship

  97. Connel


    10 napja

    this guy interviewing is terrible at it ngl.

  98. Anirudh R

    Anirudh R

    10 napja

    Ric and kimi, men with nearly zero haters

    • TheIronDuke W.

      TheIronDuke W.

      6 napja

      That's because they don't complain about politics, other drivers, bad cars or pit stop mistakes from their teams. They say something and then move on and do their job. They're not the kind of drivers who constantly blame themselves too (false modesty).

  99. nordo_76


    10 napja

    This guy rocks.. but I bet I could beat him on Mario kart 64

  100. Kyle Larson

    Kyle Larson

    10 napja

    F1 is overrated