Every Driver's Radio At The End Of The Race | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

Elation for some, frustration for others - listen to all the reaction at the chequered flag after a breathtaking opening race of the season in Sakhir.
00:00 Hamilton P1
00:40 Verstappen P2
01:01 Bottas P3
01:43 Norris P4
02:08 Perez P5
02:50 Leclerc P6
03:18 Ricciardo P7
03:44 Sainz P8
04:30 Tsunoda P9
05:09 Stroll P10
05:24 Raikkonen P11
05:48 Giovinazzi P12
06:05 Ocon P13
06:53 Russell P14
07:23 Vettel P15
07:42 Schumacher P16
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  1. Alp C

    Alp C


    Vettel's engineer(Perez's former engineer) sounded very disappointed

  2. FarmYard Gaming

    FarmYard Gaming

    2 napja

    Kimi sounded genuinely unhappy there

  3. Nathan_1617 • 16 years ago

    Nathan_1617 • 16 years ago

    3 napja

    What is with Daniel’s radio?

  4. Quentin Orris

    Quentin Orris

    3 napja

    Why does Daniel sounds like he drop all is spf all at once

  5. Pend0


    3 napja

    Even tho I dont like Hamilton, I do have to admit even tho the car did help, not many driver could have defended from that

  6. LowDoze


    5 napja

    Mazespin's radio traffic was short. "Lights out, and away we go!" "Are you ok Nikita?"

  7. karlisk4


    6 napja

    Thanks for the timestamps F1 admin

  8. Antoni Seth

    Antoni Seth

    7 napja

    Would be great if they can add the usual subtitle in this video

  9. Stanjy18


    8 napja

    Will there be a „Best of Team Radio“ Video?

  10. Aaryan Prakash

    Aaryan Prakash

    8 napja

    Get in There Lewis

  11. chase malton

    chase malton

    8 napja

    Did Gasly die???

  12. Lap Cao

    Lap Cao

    8 napja

    The remarkable column timely clap because dry ethnically reflect on a early buffer. absorbed, brave emery

  13. leopold


    9 napja

    Yuki apologising for getting a points finish on his debut? No need, chap, it’s a strong start, just keep that going and you’ll be a contender.

  14. Angelo Mérida perez

    Angelo Mérida perez

    9 napja

    Why checo sound like Alonso?

  15. Ollie Beantown

    Ollie Beantown

    9 napja

    Yuki Tsunoda will win a f1 championship in his career I’m convinced, guy is elite

  16. Austin Johnson

    Austin Johnson

    10 napja

    I feel bad for HAAS, they know they can’t get any better so they are just there to ride

  17. TheWinGifter :D

    TheWinGifter :D

    10 napja

    For Perez they forgot the flag =(

  18. George C

    George C

    10 napja

    Best video on this channel

  19. Roman Molinaro

    Roman Molinaro

    11 napja

    Loved that radio from mazepin 😍

  20. Yohannes Bayray

    Yohannes Bayray

    11 napja

    Get in there was said more times than the race wins of some teams

  21. Ian Tong

    Ian Tong

    11 napja

    Do these in reverse order please

  22. Frank0221


    11 napja

    You can't tell me that Mercedes didn't purposefully mess up Bottas' pitstop so that he wouldn't fight Lewis

  23. aniandthebeatles


    11 napja

    CC would make this 100x better

  24. Max's Marvelous Marbles

    Max's Marvelous Marbles

    11 napja

    Me: my mic isnt that bad Also my mic: ricciardo (I know im late)

  25. Roberto Bercedo

    Roberto Bercedo

    11 napja

    Eres el mejor

  26. JTaylor


    11 napja

    Bono on the coke

  27. Joshua Troughton

    Joshua Troughton

    12 napja

    Kimi 😂

  28. lakshmivallabh


    12 napja


  29. BLACK_HyDrA161


    12 napja

    Peter "Get in there" bonnington

  30. Nils


    12 napja

    Mazespin: My warm up lap was longer then my race

  31. GanonMac


    12 napja

    No news on Stroll, he only complains

  32. Kris Matriciani

    Kris Matriciani

    12 napja

    Seeing MSC in F1 again ... 😭

  33. Christy Cullen

    Christy Cullen

    12 napja

    Kimis radio was perfect

  34. vanoy13


    12 napja

    Lando: Were there fireworks for me?

  35. jabhip


    12 napja

    Strolls engineer didn’t so very enthusiastic.

  36. Norvigos Racing

    Norvigos Racing

    12 napja

    Other then being used to him mowing the lawn with F1's front wing i must say I'm quite impressed seeing this year Bottas on the podium.

  37. Paula Martínez

    Paula Martínez

    12 napja

    Mick's engineer is so soothing

  38. Manuel Molina

    Manuel Molina

    12 napja

    Pérez va por más no se conformara con quedar cuarto, realizó muchos adelantamientos sin ningún error 👏💪🥇

  39. Jordan Gouri

    Jordan Gouri

    12 napja

    F1 Is very classy. I love it.

  40. 156football


    12 napja

    Subtitles please?

  41. Arne Dopudja

    Arne Dopudja

    12 napja

    > My headphones rather loud. > No intro music to adjust. > ... > *GET IN THERE LEWIS*

  42. Cyn


    12 napja

    I love that Yuki apologized for a bad start. The way he drives and talks on the radio doesn't feel like a rookie.

  43. esphi LEE

    esphi LEE

    13 napja

    Get in there Max...... Max, get out.... let Lewis pass.......

  44. Jacqueline Szoneberg

    Jacqueline Szoneberg

    13 napja

    Lando - I think... I dunno🤷🏽‍♂️

  45. Christian


    13 napja

    Verstappen was probably so mad lol

  46. I'm Jared

    I'm Jared

    13 napja

    NCS Release? and Why Ricciardo sounds like he's playing CS 1.6?

  47. Jack Mullin

    Jack Mullin

    13 napja

    Lewis real radio convo... Well done on cutting track limits cheating and getting away with it. SENNA would be super stoked by your driving clean... Well done and onto the next race track next and see where we can cheat again. Rules don't apply.... Go Lewis

  48. Filip Musil

    Filip Musil

    13 napja

    Why does the video starts on 42. second

  49. Emir Sudarso

    Emir Sudarso

    13 napja

    well done to all drivers,all of you already perform well in this first race of the season,there's still more races to go so keep it up.

  50. marshallmarthes


    13 napja

    So max wanted to cheat with taking a penalty

  51. [ MB ]

    [ MB ]

    13 napja

    Safety car completed more laps than Mazepin 😝

  52. Isy Bähhm

    Isy Bähhm

    13 napja

    I swear some of these engineers sound like the exact same person

  53. bookswithadollarsign


    13 napja

    ‘Were the fireworks for me?’ 😩😂😂

  54. Евгений Сизов

    Евгений Сизов

    13 napja

    Yuki’s showing off

  55. Christian A

    Christian A

    13 napja

    I’m so grateful, that max gave me first place “ - Lewis Hamilton

  56. Andreas Bayu

    Andreas Bayu

    13 napja

    Bruh they changed the thumbnail 😂

  57. Sandy Wang

    Sandy Wang

    13 napja

    Checo seems like such a gent: Sorry max didn't win the race buy we'll get there♥️

  58. Bilb Ono

    Bilb Ono

    13 napja

    why does lance still have the same engineer?

  59. Federico Argüello

    Federico Argüello

    13 napja

    I do not understand what Mercedes is celebrating a victory without fighting for first place, it was not a victory fought for real but a gift!! Max deserved have won the race!

  60. kbst84


    13 napja

    I wanna hear "get in there, Lando". Just one time in my life.

  61. Dang Uk ers

    Dang Uk ers

    13 napja

    Move other team lewis !!!!

  62. Stephen Crowley

    Stephen Crowley

    13 napja

    George Russell is a passive aggressive guy

  63. Redmailnet


    13 napja

    Baaah, double-standars race. Lewis creating his own circuit the whole race, helped him keep the time ahead, but when the others do it - "aw, that was off-track!" Justice is just a pretty word.

  64. Christian Horner

    Christian Horner

    13 napja

    Where's paddock pass gone???

  65. 2P 2R

    2P 2R

    13 napja

    Wait a minute... where is Albon :earingfarscreamsntears*

  66. 2P 2R

    2P 2R

    13 napja

    Yuki maybe the first real Japan hero of f1 history :)

  67. Serhat Benli

    Serhat Benli

    13 napja

    Ricciardo‘s radio got me so hard😂😂😂😂

  68. Amazing A The Dreamer

    Amazing A The Dreamer

    13 napja


  69. mike cave

    mike cave

    13 napja

    put letters like best team radio

  70. Austin Heisenberg

    Austin Heisenberg

    13 napja

    I quickly read this as "every daniel ricciardo at the end of the race".

  71. irhas ap

    irhas ap

    14 napja

    Red bull already made Checo perez looking bad

  72. MarksBikeExports


    14 napja

    Ricardo never even managed lived up to the hype.

  73. Vojtee Footgames

    Vojtee Footgames

    14 napja

    Leclerc: Its not our greatest track Also Leclerc: *almost wins there in 2019*

  74. Tibby


    14 napja

    I like the way we can all pretend Mazepin isn't an F1 driver for this race lol

  75. CIDGame


    14 napja

    Where's the subs?

  76. GreF


    14 napja

    Sebastian Vettel : THE STRUGGLE IS REAL

  77. Mr Bungle

    Mr Bungle

    14 napja

    Another agenda video

  78. Ryan Callahan

    Ryan Callahan

    14 napja

    Everyone knows that max won and lewis cheated like always :)

  79. Dirk Klapwijk

    Dirk Klapwijk

    14 napja

    7:00 what happend with Russels face

  80. Danny Salazar

    Danny Salazar

    14 napja

    Sick video

  81. Farhan Razak

    Farhan Razak

    14 napja

    Raikkonen's radio: -50% tyres -40% silence -10% swearing

  82. part of the group called people of the internet

    part of the group called people of the internet

    14 napja

    so they gave lando's old mic to danny ric so that they can save some money due to cost cap

  83. Coz Hinchey

    Coz Hinchey

    14 napja

    come on why did Hamilton not get a 5 sec penalty for something he was doing all day when he pushed Verstappen to just go off !!!!!! They all need to colour between the white line thats a full stop drivers

  84. Juan 31

    Juan 31

    14 napja

    Kimi still fighting for the points, what a driver!

  85. Unimakon Susan UNDIEH

    Unimakon Susan UNDIEH

    14 napja

    Get in there Lewis ❤❤

  86. Jacob Russo

    Jacob Russo

    14 napja

    Why does charles look like a gecko in that picture

  87. Reynold Adam

    Reynold Adam

    14 napja

    More like this, please?

  88. KianMarz


    14 napja

    Overral it kinda feels like everyone is just really unenthusiastic

  89. Gawd Pro Max Ultra

    Gawd Pro Max Ultra

    14 napja

    IDK why but I expected Charles to be angry at himself

  90. Daffy Duck 300

    Daffy Duck 300

    14 napja

    Dudeeee. williams is catching upppp Russel p14!

  91. りしれ供さ小


    14 napja

    Sainz sounds less happy in Ferrari tbh

  92. Nori


    14 napja

    Verstappen won in my heart

  93. Clause


    14 napja

    Kimi just being Kimi.

  94. SebaCod Py

    SebaCod Py

    14 napja


  95. Chase Hilton

    Chase Hilton

    14 napja

    lewis radio sounds like his engineer chugs soylent

  96. More Island

    More Island

    14 napja

    Why does Kimi sound like he’s about to cry 😂

  97. squirtymonkey


    14 napja

    Why is Lewis radio quality always so bad compared to the other drivers

  98. Simon Lu

    Simon Lu

    14 napja

    F1 the tire management championship.

  99. jordzena


    14 napja

    "Not bad for an old man!" oh no.

  100. Anthony Young

    Anthony Young

    14 napja

    Subtitles would be really nice thoo