F1 LIVE: Bahrain GP Post-Race Show

The first race of 2021 is in the books - hear what the Bahrain grid have to say about the race and the season ahead. We're LIVE from the paddock with Will Buxton, Pietro Fittipaldi and special guests!
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  1. Ricardo Aleman

    Ricardo Aleman

    3 napja

    Plis español

  2. Luca Spaccatrosi

    Luca Spaccatrosi

    4 napja

    I just noticed pietro sounds a lot like Nico Rosberg

  3. romeo serban

    romeo serban

    4 napja

    PIETRO IS RIGHT! He is a racer, the rest of you are just the British Cheerleading team. Shame on you, brownnosers!

  4. romeo serban

    romeo serban

    4 napja

    If FIA could change the rule during the race to favor Hamilton, they will always do it. I rest my case

  5. Imrahil


    7 napja

    "The grand prix wasn't decided in the stewards office." Uhm, not to burst your bubble, but it was. That's the thing. Rules should not take front stage. Racing should.

  6. Adam Khan

    Adam Khan

    7 napja

    Lewis held of max on the straights with max having drs

  7. Sky-view


    8 napja

    The FIA must review the points system to make this sport a lot more interesting for the teams. Just look at the points deficit between Lewis & Max for first & second place in the first race. Seven points difference between the two places, that’s a massive gap. This is why Lewis has always won world championships three or four races before the season is over.

  8. Steve Solo

    Steve Solo

    8 napja

    It was a fantastic race. Tsonada will be rookie of the year. This year Red Bull has a car equal to Mercedes, Checo proved that. Lewis will finish in the top five of every race. This is going to be a great year. Maclaren is going to win a race this year. How did the two Haas drivers bungle it so horribly? Although, I cheered when Mazapin spun himself out of the race in three turns. Haas team deserves more than Mazepin can deliver. What do you all think?

  9. Geoffrey Wilson

    Geoffrey Wilson

    9 napja

    Will bring back the old paddock pass format. Don’t have your presenters yell at your audience. Less is more.

  10. Rol Sch

    Rol Sch

    9 napja

    Zeigt es im normalen tv !!!!

  11. Martha J

    Martha J

    10 napja

    Max proved that is not all about a great team but a great driver with passion

  12. Michael Sullivan

    Michael Sullivan

    10 napja

    Excellent Post-Race Show! All the Presenters were spot on and that outro was phenomenal!

  13. malwande busakwe

    malwande busakwe

    10 napja

    First time seeing Will so biased. We all wanted Max to win. Inexperience got the better of him, full stop. Stay neutral please

  14. Patrick Neill

    Patrick Neill

    10 napja

    My question is... did Mercedes gain an overall advantage by running wide @ turn 4 with no one actually next to them ? I keep hearing the pilots say that they could as long as they didn’t gain an advantage ? Off track is off track. Whether you gain by passing someone off track or you gain time in the race or get fastest lap, that is an advantage plain and simple. My opinion 😉. It was a spectacular race that I thoroughly enjoyed 😎.

  15. O J

    O J

    11 napja


  16. AI Music

    AI Music

    11 napja

    Why are you wearing mask outside? Simple question as the SCIENCE states the virus does not spread outside

  17. austin golding

    austin golding

    11 napja

    Do you know what it's great to see F1 changing with the times

  18. austin golding

    austin golding

    11 napja

    Go on David what a great new addition

  19. austin golding

    austin golding

    11 napja

    Lando get in there my son what a great job pal

  20. austin golding

    austin golding

    11 napja

    Love this new young racer

  21. Bryant Mcelroy

    Bryant Mcelroy

    11 napja

    Ahhh nothing feels better than Lewis Hamilton ripping the hearts out of verstappen fans. Perfect

  22. lilliana lulli

    lilliana lulli

    11 napja

    So impressed with young Tsunoda! What a superb weekend for the rookie. Overtakes on seasoned pros with no moaning, excuses... just got on with it. My new lil’ fave.

  23. Jeremy Chew

    Jeremy Chew

    11 napja

    David Alroka's energy at 20.20 is amazing! Love it!

  24. Jay


    12 napja

    IMPRESSED that's all

  25. Jace Purdy

    Jace Purdy

    12 napja

    Hamilton pushed him off in my view

  26. Robin Baltus

    Robin Baltus

    12 napja

    Such a shame that even Sam Collins is showing double standards about turn four. Encouraging to see Lewis needing cheats to stay ahead of Max...

  27. BBO


    12 napja

    Checo will get into the fight too at Monza!!!

  28. Bill Weeks

    Bill Weeks

    12 napja

    Verstappen was forced wide by Hamilton who was himself well over the white line. Verstappen already had the position. Win Verstappen.

  29. steve polius

    steve polius

    13 napja

    Yeah great show But I just just carnt get it with the mask Wake up, so called social distancing Come on, yr being programmed

  30. Sergei


    13 napja

    Is it possible to shoot all the content of F 1 in HDR coding? Let's do it ! Tnx

  31. Tiago Serra

    Tiago Serra

    14 napja

    As much as we would like to see Pietro instead of the spinning russian driving that Haas... remember that mosþ probably without Mazepin, there would be no haas team in F1. I hope Haas recovers and next season comes back strong.

  32. Saiid Stephan

    Saiid Stephan

    14 napja

    Daviiiiiddddddddddddd the energy yes yes yes

  33. euruidelgado


    14 napja

    Very biased english comentator... Max is the new Senna, gotta defeat the new Ballestres

    • JR Rosberg

      JR Rosberg

      10 napja

      So go watch it in your language

  34. Fr0$tM0Urne


    14 napja

    Checo will soon become a legend !!

  35. Alberto Tommasi

    Alberto Tommasi

    14 napja

    I would change the images of crashes in the intro, bad taste 😐

  36. Common Sense

    Common Sense

    14 napja

    Vettel is clearly done, pretty sure he couldn't get a podium with Lewis's

  37. szewei1985


    14 napja

    Haha if that was alex albon, i think he collapsed behind schumacher already.

  38. Chucky


    14 napja

    This pietro can’t analysis

  39. Chucky


    14 napja

    This David is making this channel exciting ...I’m blown away with his comment ...I thought I’m watching WWE ..I can’t wait for the next race

  40. Dave Davids

    Dave Davids

    14 napja

    Hamilton had used the space outside the track limits at least for 30 laps, thereby gaining each lap around 0.2 seconds, which means 6 seconds in total. Now bring those 6 seconds into the equation and all of a sudden you have a different result. Race control is to blame here for letting this happen for so long. Being able to lap faster is ALSO an unfair advantage. But Red Bull did mess up with the strategy, they should have noticed earlier and should have informed Max. Mercedes was the more clever team in this case, but in any case, it will be a very interesting season and as long as we have races as close as this.......................we, as the spectators are the winners and we should applaud this. !

    • JR Rosberg

      JR Rosberg

      8 napja

      @Dave Davids that was allowed, don't take my word for it go listen to Charles and Lando post race interviews

    • Dave Davids

      Dave Davids

      8 napja

      @JR Rosberg It is on video and it is counted, 29 times Hamilton and Bottas went over the track limits before Red Bull told Max to start doing the same. By going over the track limits you can take a higher speed through the corner, thereby having a higher exit speed and that results in an advantage of 0.1 - 0.2 seconds per lap. Since it was done 29 times before Max also start doing it, we are talking about a 'lasting advantage'. Multiply 29 x 0.1 - 0.2 seconds per lap and you get to 2.9 to 5.8 seconds advantage. That is exactly what gave Hamilton the win in this GP.

    • JR Rosberg

      JR Rosberg

      10 napja

      Not true

  41. BS57 Gaming

    BS57 Gaming

    14 napja

    Bahrain Post R"Haas"ce Live with Will Buxton 😂😂

  42. Jack Challis

    Jack Challis

    14 napja

    I get Pietro's point about Verstappen being in front when he went off track, but if he'd have braked enough to make the turn, Lewis would still have been next to him

  43. Cousin James

    Cousin James

    14 napja

    How many seconds did Hamilton gain by routine use of turn 4 ? Verstappen would have caught him 5 laps earlier if Hamilton had played fair.

    • JR Rosberg

      JR Rosberg

      10 napja

      Do you know what you're talking about and what the driver's was told about turn 4 before the race listen to Charles and Lando when asked about turn 4

  44. Steinstra 1961

    Steinstra 1961

    14 napja

    Track limits for some, not for their favorite . So, did McLaren had an advantage with their innovative diffuser ?

  45. Graham Wheatley

    Graham Wheatley

    14 napja

    Lewis Hamilton is number one and McLean is my second race team honda is the 3 team

  46. daniel robert

    daniel robert

    14 napja

    The win was there for Max but lost it because of inpatient.

  47. Alex Vanburen

    Alex Vanburen

    14 napja

    Will Buxton shows an unusual bias in favor of Max Verstappen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mercedes refused to give interviews to Will Buxton if he characterized a Mercedes win as a gift from Red Bull. Additionally, his disagreement with the stewards is far from unbiased reporting. Is he a broadcast journalist or an employee of Red Bull?

  48. Paul Perkins

    Paul Perkins

    14 napja

    Do the commentators have to whine even more about the track stewards than the teams do? Really not the most interesting thing to talk about in the race.

  49. Boy Molenaar

    Boy Molenaar

    14 napja

    No questions about turn 4 for Lewis??

  50. Hrishikesh Kakati

    Hrishikesh Kakati

    14 napja


  51. Aditya Torres

    Aditya Torres

    14 napja

    Mercedes didn't win on board the car but at the officer's desk!

  52. Oliver Court

    Oliver Court

    14 napja

    You can cross the lines by yourself, but not if you gain a long lasting advantage. That was what they were told. Terrible rule, but it was applied correctly. Credit to Lewis regardless. Phenomenal drive.

  53. Frany


    14 napja

    Pietro should be in that Haas not Mazepin.

  54. zororosario


    14 napja

    Max shows A lot of Class this is how a future F1 Champion behaves! Sir Lewis is demonstrating what a reigning Champion does best! Rotten Luck for Nikita better next time around.

  55. Glynne Wilson

    Glynne Wilson

    14 napja

    If Hamilton and Verstappen had swapped cars today, the winner would still be Hamilton.

  56. claudia bellan

    claudia bellan

    14 napja


  57. MrCapi55


    14 napja

    David Alorka Great Enthusiastic commentator! Great f1! Congrats Will Buxton.

  58. Douwe Egbert

    Douwe Egbert

    14 napja

    just shows Mercedes was lucky to have won this one , Verstappen passed him before he went wide but where did he have to go with lewis already going ultra wide ?? ridicioulous call , but its FIA so not surprised ..Lewis took turn 4 wide about 30 laps to gain a lot of time and that was alright ?? dont get it hamilton and his quote how he loves to battle , but has a contract that denies a spot next to him with the name Verstappen on it ...

  59. Thomas Weber

    Thomas Weber

    14 napja

    Langweilig dafür soll mann Premiere buchen das man 7 Jahre das gleiche sieht das ist keine Formel 1 das ist nur so Fernseher aus

  60. Rita Bagdanavičienė

    Rita Bagdanavičienė

    14 napja

    T1qqzdjdjdjdj ir dar daugiau nei

  61. Leutnant Obvious

    Leutnant Obvious

    14 napja

    waiting for a late brake manouver from yuki against danny avocado

    • Vanesse October

      Vanesse October

      13 napja

      Thats funny!

  62. y1521t21b5


    14 napja

    _Merc_ right now: *"STOP THE COUNT!"* ;-)

  63. syfax


    14 napja

    @ 4:20 for Lewis VS Verstappen fight

  64. Jeff Gonsoulin

    Jeff Gonsoulin

    14 napja

    I like the new addition of David on the media team! Top man! He's a nice new personality for the broadcast team dynamic.

  65. Ben Ames Jr.

    Ben Ames Jr.

    14 napja

    Great stuff! Watch it all! Yuki is a STUD!

  66. Anuj Punyarthi

    Anuj Punyarthi

    14 napja

    sam's analysis was clearly biased in favour of hamilton.... it was fair & square overtake

  67. mrgusse


    14 napja

    Clearly Max gain an advantage. but stewards said it's about gaining lasting advantage.... isn't gaining 0,1-0,3s a lap doing the same thing 29 laps also gaining a lasting advantage? And yes, Hamilton forced Max to go wide although he was already behind.... as usual one rulebook for 19 drivers and another for Hamilton

  68. Diário de um TURBEIRO by hirinhu

    Diário de um TURBEIRO by hirinhu

    14 napja

    28:56 ocon crossed back?!?! changed lines? are you joking seb?!?!

  69. Ian Goldsworthy

    Ian Goldsworthy

    14 napja

    David podcast anyone? Sam needs to be more involved in the magazine.

  70. Babatov Pensi

    Babatov Pensi

    14 napja

    Grow a beard peeps! Your mask won't fall off when you're talking just like David Alorka! 😂



    14 napja

    Can't lie, having Pietro on the panel was great. He's such an insightful guy and for sure to be a class driver if he get's a real chance in F1

  72. Veer Shah

    Veer Shah

    14 napja

    10:12 Ricardo is like where do I go I'm needed everywhere

  73. Vip I

    Vip I

    14 napja

    Still salty about giving the position back to Merc. Yet the stewards turn a blind eye when L.H goes off the tracks...interesting.

  74. Duncan Idaho

    Duncan Idaho

    14 napja

    Give it up Will - use of turn 4 was clear & Pietro, Max was ahead because he had no intention of staying on the track ie. he braked later and automatically ran wide.

  75. trolllololololo


    14 napja

    Like seeing Pietro on this, brings a interesting opinion since hes a driver himself.

  76. pbfamous07


    15 napja

    i like yuki a lot. champion. refreshing.

  77. Thomas Redden

    Thomas Redden

    15 napja

    Gotta give it to Lewis tho, he’s the best at grey-area driving and not getting in trouble for it. See his wreck of Albon when Albon clearly had the position. Had Albon finished runner up in that race he’d probably still have a seat bc he wouldn’t have been under the pressure that he was from Horner all season.

  78. Thomas Redden

    Thomas Redden

    15 napja

    I honestly really dig Lewis, but I hate when he wins he always blows things out of proportion. On some level you have to understand you were given this one, not earned it. Not that he didn’t run well, but with the cars being the way they are these days, and especially at a track as abrasive as Bahrain, you’re only gonna have the tires for maybe one real shot at an overtake before you degrade them too much to be able to get on the gas enough to get the drive off while off the preferred line, and he spent his up passing Lewis and would have been better off trying to just run away and see if he could pace 5 seconds on him, which I think he could have or at least come close to.

  79. ace matthew ocampo

    ace matthew ocampo

    15 napja

    MVP: Nikita “squeezy” MazeSPIN

  80. Maria Pires

    Maria Pires

    15 napja

    Mercedes the same stategics in pits and tactics in track,years after years and the others teams? Nothing at all, steal didn´t understood? Whistling to the air? c´mon guys...... really? Supermen only in the movies,please! Stay safe!

  81. M. Long

    M. Long

    15 napja

    Enjoyed the end credit reel there 👌

  82. andy chung

    andy chung

    15 napja

    ted is better

  83. Jarek


    15 napja

    28:14 Ok, but Max was I think in front of Hamilton (or at least in the same position as him) and Hamilton pushed him out. What does he suppose to do? Maybe Hamilton should get a penalty for that as well? 5sec? ;) I'm not a fan of Verstappen, but for me, he should not give back position.

  84. Cheeto Chief

    Cheeto Chief

    15 napja

    If they are using test drives for this show I can't wait to see the Kvyat hosting this lol

  85. manmonkee


    15 napja

    Yeah you really can't take Lewis on the outside, Not that he gets overtaken much but Lewis will always push you off and chant " I was taking the racing line"

  86. CJ Johns

    CJ Johns

    15 napja

    Will Buxton is awesome, Checo did a hellova job

  87. Mzikayise Sandi

    Mzikayise Sandi

    15 napja

    Must have been satisfying for checo when he passed the Aston Martin 🍾🥳🥂

  88. Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen

    15 napja

    The languid eggnog histopathologically wipe because smell ostensibly hate behind a lackadaisical interviewer. slippery, violent mustard

  89. 新百合ヶ丘コウ


    15 napja


  90. Jesse76th Games

    Jesse76th Games

    15 napja

    Ham vs Max, Bottas vs Checo. I can't wait for the next race 👍

  91. Milo


    15 napja

    If "gaining an advantage" means "passing" then just say "passing"

  92. Reysha Tiyardi

    Reysha Tiyardi

    15 napja

    Looks like this year it will be a battle between Mercs vs Red Bull & Mclaren vs Ferrari. Bring it on 2021.

  93. yin shah

    yin shah

    15 napja

    There’s a definite verstappen bias here. The question is why?

  94. Forrari Gamerz

    Forrari Gamerz

    15 napja

    I want both Redbull together on track , then we will find out the real challenge for Mercedes

  95. GMAN587


    15 napja

    Aww, can you say Will, Pietro, F1 wants Red Bull -Max to beat Hamilton and Mercedes. Sorry unfair and unbalanced F1 team. You'll get another chance to show your clear and consistent bias. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER AND SO DOES YOUR MEDIA SPIN. 😆

  96. hillbird


    15 napja

    Fittipaldi > Mazespin

  97. Владимир БАНКИР Петров

    Владимир БАНКИР Петров

    15 napja

    Hamilton should have been punished! He was out of the track 29 times in Turn 4! Verstappen is the winner!!!

  98. Teddy Lee

    Teddy Lee

    15 napja

    David is such a refreshing commentator to listen to. More segments with him plz

    • Michael Sullivan

      Michael Sullivan

      10 napja

      Yeah! As David settles in to his new job he is going to be even more "Big Show". Great addition!

  99. Riccardo Vitali

    Riccardo Vitali

    15 napja

    Typical Hamilton win.. he isn’t able to win in the fight but then for some reason most of the time FIA he wins... 55 laps he is gaining advantage in that turn but now that he’s passed by max in the same turn it is called by FIA as gaining advantage... what about the tenth Lewis won each lap? That’s about 5 seconds....... same as always , better driver doesn’t end up winning ...

  100. Jean Alcaraz

    Jean Alcaraz

    15 napja

    i love f1