First Look at the 2021 FIA Formula 3 Championship | F3 Testing

A huge grid jam-packed full of exciting talent, what's not to like?! Get your first look at the Formula 3 cars and drivers in 2021, they've been busy testing in Spielberg.
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  1. Szandor the 13th

    Szandor the 13th


    Interesting to see MP is an all-alpine team

  2. Lian Summer

    Lian Summer

    2 napja

    Sophia Floerch participará este temporada de nuevo?. Saludos Desde Panamá.

  3. super gamer

    super gamer

    3 napja

    Please make f3 2021 game

  4. Sh*tty ads -

    Sh*tty ads -

    4 napja

    The car is cool

  5. Nick Navata

    Nick Navata

    5 napja

    Where's Haas? lol

  6. João Carvalho

    João Carvalho

    5 napja

    Yes they do sound amazing!! Kind of flashback to the 80's turbo v6 cars

  7. Alex J

    Alex J

    5 napja

    Codemaster needs to put F3 in F1 2021

  8. Dankious Memeious

    Dankious Memeious

    6 napja

    What engines?

  9. wish wish

    wish wish

    6 napja

    The vast trumpet concretely rhyme because tachometer simplistically cause barring a scared rabbit. motionless, placid pendulum

  10. Kiubo Lobo

    Kiubo Lobo

    6 napja

    Why are F3 tyres smaller than f1 tyres????

  11. Klive Feliciano

    Klive Feliciano

    6 napja

    That barrier sticking out of Turn 2 due to the MotoGP crash last year looks dangerous. Might lead to another Grosjean type of crash especially if a car locks up and tries to avoid someone infront.

  12. Vlad TheSour

    Vlad TheSour

    6 napja

    weird there are 2 red bull livery cars in 2 different teams, and the other car in each team is different...

  13. Monty Round

    Monty Round

    6 napja

    The Alpine livery looks great 🔥

  14. Ari Sulkanjorgi

    Ari Sulkanjorgi

    7 napja

    Motogp vs f1 again this year who will get a sensational race

  15. MonacoMcLaren


    7 napja

    Love F3💙🏎️ I like the Campos livery the best.

  16. Vishal Jose Alukka

    Vishal Jose Alukka

    7 napja

    Dear FIA, Please make only top 3 drivers in F2 to be eligible to drive as pay drivers in F1. We want talent in F1, not money!

  17. MdMDmD


    7 napja

    Do the cars have a new ground effect floor already?

  18. PetrolHead209


    7 napja

    Yo FOM. Whatever camera and sound setup is being used here is way better than your official TV broadcast. This looks way more natural and you can hear the cars better

  19. Diego Olguín

    Diego Olguín

    7 napja

    Vamossss Rafa 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. manutddachamps08


    7 napja

    So two drivers from 2 different teams have a red bull livery... not confusing at all

  21. Damemer


    7 napja

    Tóth Lászlóóóó

    • Ádám Hogyinszki

      Ádám Hogyinszki

      3 napja

      Hanyas számban versenyzik?

    • Hungarian Cuman

      Hungarian Cuman

      6 napja

      Hajrá Laci!



      7 napja

      @Real Madrid 2 Ligas En 11 Años u got more likes XD!

    • Real Madrid 2 Ligas En 11 Años

      Real Madrid 2 Ligas En 11 Años

      7 napja


  22. Louis Roberts

    Louis Roberts

    7 napja

    We love you JM! Make Anthoine proud! 🙌🏻🙏🏻

  23. Filipe Vieira

    Filipe Vieira

    7 napja

    Grupo no WhatsApp só F1 98 9 8195-8195 chama que eu te add

  24. Tomas Fredheim

    Tomas Fredheim

    7 napja

    Dennis Hauger for the championchip💪

  25. Love Girl

    Love Girl

    7 napja


  26. Daniel 2

    Daniel 2

    7 napja

    Yeah Styria

  27. Kéké


    7 napja

    Novalak is probably the best driver this season. Hope he will be champ

  28. Thomas Goodwin

    Thomas Goodwin

    7 napja

    Cars are so much more eloquent than announcers.

  29. U CR

    U CR

    7 napja

    When does Flörsch come back?

  30. Rosco HD

    Rosco HD

    7 napja

    what’s crazy to me is that i raced with one of the drivers a lot in early karting. makes me happy to know someone who will do great yk? Jak Crawford; raced with/against him in Texas pro kart challenge for a bit

  31. McPlayer8t


    7 napja

    The F3 field is super tight this year. The entire spread was 1.5s in one of the test sessions.

  32. Tommaso Morocutti

    Tommaso Morocutti

    7 napja

    Only.... fantastic!!

  33. single cell

    single cell

    7 napja

    Why does f2 and f3 sound far better than f1?

  34. Leo


    7 napja

    Go Caio

  35. chlo's edits

    chlo's edits

    7 napja

    4 french, 1 monegasque. perfect.

  36. chlo's edits

    chlo's edits

    7 napja


  37. jorge herrera

    jorge herrera

    7 napja

    So.... Who are the drivers??

  38. Alan Ferreira

    Alan Ferreira

    7 napja

    Vamooooo #18

  39. John Micheal

    John Micheal

    7 napja

    Why on earth does the feeder series sound better than f1???

  40. Vini Almeida

    Vini Almeida

    7 napja


  41. Dolphin H

    Dolphin H

    7 napja

    I know where I would be if I had a half million dollars of disposable income

  42. JX 7

    JX 7

    7 napja

    These cars sound quite like the Porsche 991 RSR

  43. ab8jeh


    7 napja

    Driver lineups?

  44. Sandeep Yadav

    Sandeep Yadav

    7 napja


  45. Quentin Stephens

    Quentin Stephens

    7 napja

    This really needs some commentary.

  46. bvc100


    7 napja

    Hmmm... Kinda reminds me of A1GP

  47. SargeanttheVR


    7 napja

    Noughty Charouz..iv'e seen you🙃😋

  48. Tuvaben95


    7 napja

    "How many Red Bull livery cars would you like?" "Yes"

  49. No Name guy

    No Name guy

    7 napja

    My bday is on may 9th and that’s on a racing day for f3

  50. Jack Kramer

    Jack Kramer

    7 napja

    You know there’s a problem when the f3 cars sound much better than the f1 cars

    • Flying Spagetti

      Flying Spagetti

      7 napja

      Sound is energy. More sound, less energy for the wheel.

  51. Nikiaf


    7 napja

    That awkward moment when the F3 car sounds better than the F1 car.

  52. Renan Rodrigues

    Renan Rodrigues

    7 napja

    Vamo Caioooo

  53. SouthBear


    7 napja


  54. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith

    7 napja

    Bump up the tire size and these look like F1 cars !!! wonderful

  55. Lucas Ronchi

    Lucas Ronchi

    7 napja

    Let's go Caio! 🇧🇷

  56. Jinansh Mehta 1000

    Jinansh Mehta 1000

    7 napja

    This engine makes better noises than it's F1 counterpart, it's got me now

    • Flying Spagetti

      Flying Spagetti

      7 napja

      Sound is energy. More sound, less energy for the wheel, less speed.

  57. LE 11

    LE 11

    7 napja

    Why F1 teams can't have different livery on both cars?

  58. Егор Парнюгин

    Егор Парнюгин

    7 napja

    Rocket League season 3

  59. Lee Childs

    Lee Childs

    7 napja


  60. Leon


    7 napja

    Go David Go!

  61. Alief M.F

    Alief M.F

    7 napja

    You know something is wrong with the sport when the F3 cars sounds much better than F1

  62. The Aerophile

    The Aerophile

    7 napja

    The wheels look tiny on these cars

  63. brawl delisi

    brawl delisi

    7 napja

    Where is the cem bolukbasi

  64. SkeleCrafter


    7 napja

    GP3 engine, GP3

  65. Brad Williams

    Brad Williams

    7 napja

    better than f1.

  66. ZX R-CADE


    7 napja

    These cars sound fantastic Plus it's lovely to see correa back in the car

  67. Just Fabian

    Just Fabian

    7 napja

    HAI ROMANIA🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

  68. Nick


    7 napja

    Are they also using ground effect like the new F1 cars ? Looks like a tunnel in front of the Air intakte...

  69. William Campbell

    William Campbell

    7 napja

    Whoever put the first couple of seconds of this video as a "sponsor segment" in sponsorblock, you're an idiot.

  70. CustomName


    7 napja

    Still very beautiful cars

    • Hirsch Vagish

      Hirsch Vagish

      4 napja

      Verified why no reply

  71. Daniel Mota

    Daniel Mota

    7 napja

    6 cylinder 3.4 litres naturally aspirated 380 HP @ 8000 rpm 🤤

  72. TheConfidentNoob


    7 napja

    I can't get enough of those F3 engine sounds😍

  73. tiktok toyatoya

    tiktok toyatoya

    7 napja

    The alpine looks sensational

  74. RPL SuRge

    RPL SuRge

    7 napja

    can these be in the F1 2021 game please?

  75. Muhammad Naufal

    Muhammad Naufal

    7 napja

    This is sounds better than f2

  76. shmet


    7 napja

    The front of the cars look odd imo

  77. KarnaKua


    7 napja

    Ok but those Racelab cars lowkey lookin like a S N A C C

  78. Marco Giorgini

    Marco Giorgini

    7 napja

    Can't wait for the beginning of the season

  79. Sunset Rider

    Sunset Rider

    7 napja

    Why do F3 cars actually sound better than F1 cars. LoL🤪😂

  80. Hal Lo

    Hal Lo

    7 napja

    Can we just appreciate for a moment that nannini drives in f2 and f3 at the same time 👌

    • Miles Murphy

      Miles Murphy

      6 napja

      More like appreciate his bank balance for being able to do it....

    • McKenzie burton

      McKenzie burton

      7 napja

      Does he ?

    • Abhishek S

      Abhishek S

      7 napja


  81. Joshua Maldonado

    Joshua Maldonado

    7 napja

    Those engines are asmr.

  82. DarkSoulOfCinder89


    7 napja

    This looks so slow, but they can easily 300km/h

  83. ganuwoahh


    7 napja

    thanks f1 media team I can definitely tell who is who

  84. Fildas 33

    Fildas 33

    7 napja

    I am Slovak guy so i am fan of Roman Stanek and Charouz Racing System, because Czech Republic is friend (maybe) of Slovakia. 😍👍

  85. Zeyon Zane

    Zeyon Zane

    7 napja

    The wall on turn 2 is crazy, i hope They change it

  86. Pedro Henrique Silva

    Pedro Henrique Silva

    7 napja

    Correa 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  87. YouthEnergy


    7 napja

    Gonna be keeping my eye on Victor Martins. Dude was seriously impressive in Formula Renault Euro.

  88. TacticzRules


    7 napja

    Yo those cars are sweet!

  89. Lai Mun Lok

    Lai Mun Lok

    7 napja

    Why Igor Fraga entry f3 ? Hopefully Igor🙏

  90. László


    7 napja

    I’m just happy there’s finally a Hungarian in the Formula racing series:)

    • Pál Laurinyecz

      Pál Laurinyecz

      7 napja

      After 16-17 years, yup.

    • Mini


      7 napja

      There used to be a Hungarian F1 driver, Zsolt Baumgartner. He managed to score a point in a Minardi

  91. Official Akshayghg Gaming

    Official Akshayghg Gaming

    7 napja

    F3 this year will not only be fun, but will be challenging

  92. AM24thegod


    7 napja

    The trident car sounds really great

  93. xoticYT


    7 napja

    Why do they look sooo slooowwww

  94. FAST BULLET 57


    7 napja

    F3 sound is better than F2, agree?

  95. Lajos Kain

    Lajos Kain

    7 napja

    Tóth László 🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺

  96. Rebecca Blacklaw

    Rebecca Blacklaw

    7 napja

    Why do they all look like an f2 car

  97. MrSociophobia


    7 napja

    Heia Dennis!

    • Venomouzz 5407

      Venomouzz 5407

      7 napja


  98. MogelKaiser187


    7 napja

    They sound amazing

  99. carson neal

    carson neal

    8 napja

    something oddly charming about the way these cars look

  100. YeHorizontal


    8 napja

    F3 cars look like Big Go-Karts