Hamilton And Verstappen's Battle And The Top 10 Onboards | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix | Emirates

Relive the enthralling first race of 2021 with the best onboard footage, presented by Emirates. We've got the titanic duel for the win between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez's charge through the pack on his Red Bull debut and much more!
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  1. SK - 08KJ 762349 Roberta Bondar PS

    SK - 08KJ 762349 Roberta Bondar PS

    8 órája

    10:10 and 1:35 is when you choose money over talent

  2. El Fachas

    El Fachas

    9 órája

    Love the new aston martin color

  3. Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming

    Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming

    13 órája

    "Verstappen was told to let you through." Is it really a race if your told to let someone ahead of you?

  4. ThatDominikGuy


    17 órája

    Everytime I see that Overtake Max did on Lewis I see Lewis defending illegally and squeezing Max off the track, everytime, especially considering Lewis took the line he forced Max to do more often than not which honestly constitutes an unfair advantage. And yes, I know the rules.

  5. Fild96



    2:40 Look at that. Ocon did the same with the Alpha Tauri of Yuki and overtook him. When Max overtook Lewis, he had to give it back.

  6. Arthur Santos Penske And Mercedes F1 Engine Fan

    Arthur Santos Penske And Mercedes F1 Engine Fan


    9:43 Mazepin/Mazespin

  7. Ole Hofmann

    Ole Hofmann


    Pérez steering wheel looks like he's playing on a controller 😂🎮

  8. Sayouba Badini

    Sayouba Badini


    Je pense que ce garçon est un brave

  9. Harvey SPECTER DJ

    Harvey SPECTER DJ


    Mazepin is no F1 material. Send this guy back to training.

  10. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    Adamboulahia17 Adam2015


    Im sorry but f1 the more we go forward the more boeing its getting

  11. Rosendo Fierro

    Rosendo Fierro

    2 napja

    Se ve perfectamente el robo sobre verstappen y a mazepin simplemente no puede controlar su monoplaza

  12. lukilladog


    2 napja

    So much for being a Knight.

  13. Sam Stubbs

    Sam Stubbs

    2 napja

    Tsunado drove very well only if he had a better qualifying je could of maybe challenged norris

  14. John Rupesh

    John Rupesh

    2 napja

    Hamilton complaining about Verstrappen's overtake from off track sounded like a baby's cry to me.

  15. Iham stuped

    Iham stuped

    3 napja

    This is a waste of gas. Not a competition

  16. Damar Fadlan

    Damar Fadlan

    3 napja

    Mahiru Tsuyuzaki was destined to get SBINALLA since qualifying.

  17. John Trump Donald

    John Trump Donald

    3 napja

    Turn 4 track limit Why is Ocon OK and Max NG? I can not understand.

  18. cris joe velazquez

    cris joe velazquez

    4 napja

    El rebase de checo perez vs leclerc al final de la carrera fue el mas increible y ese no esta por alguna razon

  19. Krisna Dzakyya

    Krisna Dzakyya

    4 napja

    Is anyone have an idea to avoid spun when the F1 accelerate?

  20. D_Schumacher31


    4 napja

    Tsunoda is Amazing 🤙🔝🏁🏎 12:03 😪😪😪 MaF1a!!!

  21. Ryan Caines

    Ryan Caines

    4 napja

    I reckon they should bring pastor maldonado back, he will spice up the grid no problem

  22. Foulfell Corruption

    Foulfell Corruption

    4 napja

    LAP 1 MazeSPIN: *crashes*

  23. Indena Rodriguez

    Indena Rodriguez

    4 napja

    Why don't watch Hamilton's on board?

  24. DodkoTheFirst


    4 napja

    Ocon's lap 20 overtake outside the track was ok or he got 5 seconds?? Max was further ahead of Hamilton before entering turn 4. Imho

  25. Martijn Lugthart

    Martijn Lugthart

    4 napja

    Cowardly that F1 doesn't dare to show us the front cam of Hamilton. Show that the overtake was already done before Verstappen left the track where Lewis did that during every lap in the race.

  26. ziggy zagg

    ziggy zagg

    5 napja

    hope Max gave the bird as Lewis was given the win

  27. Felipe Romantini

    Felipe Romantini

    5 napja

    06:54 Alonso attentive in the mirrors!

  28. Horacio


    5 napja

    LH lo tira fuera a MV, Max solo se proteje x eso se salio, LH ya hizo lo mismo en otras oportunidades

  29. Super Scooter

    Super Scooter

    5 napja

    I know I'm late to this but it would have been nice if max got his first win of the season not to mention redbulls speed.... but cmon what's with the Ferrari pit strategies

  30. LeoElso


    5 napja

    did they improve the mics this year? i feel like I can hear every kerb, every engine sputter, every gravel hitting. it's awesome

  31. Guitar Man Danny 80

    Guitar Man Danny 80

    6 napja

    Max ❤️

  32. GJang ML

    GJang ML

    6 napja

    Ocon: Wt.. is that? honestly.. Max: First time? 8:43

  33. J !

    J !

    6 napja

    Coloca logo o Pietro Fittipaldi pra substituir esse mazepin

  34. J !

    J !

    6 napja

    Esse mazepin deve ser filho do magnussen não é possível

  35. 巧の技T's skills

    巧の技T's skills

    6 napja

    I can't get it. Why did only Max had to be executed because of the ignoring course limit? Why not Louis?

  36. n勝美


    6 napja


  37. Peter Heijnen

    Peter Heijnen

    7 napja

    02:40 - overtaking outside the track in corner #4... No action taken by the stewards!

  38. Malaysia Car Spotter MCS

    Malaysia Car Spotter MCS

    7 napja

    7:22 fernando alonso beating he's rivals vettel 🙂🙂

  39. Luiz Motter

    Luiz Motter

    7 napja

    F1 80 / 90 aquilo era corrida. Valia voar na zebra meter os 4 pneus na grama para ultrapassar era fantástico. Hoje virou competição de robôs.

  40. Kwok Pun Chan

    Kwok Pun Chan

    7 napja


  41. Purwanti Allan

    Purwanti Allan

    7 napja

    The onboard cams in 2021 Bahrain GP is savage.

  42. agustin seguy

    agustin seguy

    7 napja

    Mazepin having problems with the throttle

  43. Kashikoku Kyo

    Kashikoku Kyo

    7 napja

    11:05 "get in there max" is the new "get in there lewis!" ? xD

  44. Achou que eu tava brincando? k

    Achou que eu tava brincando? k

    7 napja

    Max: "ah" Hamilton : "Você não entender cara, essa geração movido por forças alienígenas"

  45. Jose Antonio

    Jose Antonio

    7 napja

    carrera robada a verstapen..FALLO de la FIA por no aclarar los limites de la pista, y cambiar lo cuando ve peligrar la primera posicion de Hamilton jajajajaj.. que verguenza, pero aun queda campeonato xd

  46. Romanische050


    7 napja

    Ah yes, the first place of onboards was the legendary beginning of the fight against Hamilton haters, who have no idea about the sport's regulations.

    • Romanische050


      5 napja

      @Mr. UwU Aight, sorry mate

    • Mr. UwU

      Mr. UwU

      5 napja

      @Romanische050 And that's what I'm saying it's a yikes. I agree, Verstappen overtake was illegal, but Hamilton going wide 29 laps is also a FeelsWeirdMan

    • Romanische050


      5 napja

      @Mr. UwU Because that's the difference, he was allowed to go off track while driving.

    • Mr. UwU

      Mr. UwU

      5 napja

      @Romanische050 I never said anything about overtaking? I'm not sure why you mention it

    • Romanische050


      7 napja

      @Mr. UwU *facepalms* when you'll get it? Overtaking is NOT going wide regularly. They were all allowed to go wide on turn 4, but still not overtaking. Is it really so hard to understand?

  47. Groningeneoxide


    7 napja

    To be fair atleast Mazepin had a better start than MSC lol

    • Groningeneoxide


      7 napja

      @Mr. UwU he did mess Vettels lap up tho TwT

    • Mr. UwU

      Mr. UwU

      7 napja

      Yeah, being fair to him, Mazespin didn't intentionally crashed into anybody

  48. Ali Mert Önal

    Ali Mert Önal

    7 napja

    7:23 that oversteer would have taken both of them out of the race, that's just lucky

  49. Chuckey Chort12

    Chuckey Chort12

    7 napja

    2:35 how come that is not penalised?

  50. DJ Paul Green .

    DJ Paul Green .

    8 napja

    lewis is a sor looser ...

  51. Callum Rainford

    Callum Rainford

    8 napja

    Yuki is is a future championship contender you heard it hear first!

  52. Clive Azzopardi

    Clive Azzopardi

    8 napja

    #8 Tsunoda / Ocon was the same battle as Verstappen / Hamilton.... so why did Verstappen gave him back the lead again?? Ocon was not penalised!!

    • Mr. UwU

      Mr. UwU

      7 napja

      Ocon didn't overtake while outside the track

  53. Whisk FN

    Whisk FN

    8 napja

    Perez truly showed his strength in this race; amazing overtakes.

  54. Demer PIquet

    Demer PIquet

    8 napja

    Vettel should just retire already

  55. Cleber Elias Ferreira

    Cleber Elias Ferreira

    8 napja

    As disputas recomeçaram. Espetáculo! 👏👏👏👏

  56. Malhar


    8 napja

    When i saw latifi at 9 i was actually wondering whom did he overtake.

  57. SK - 08KJ 762349 Roberta Bondar PS

    SK - 08KJ 762349 Roberta Bondar PS

    8 napja

    It would not be a typical race weekend for Latifi if he does not spin at least once during the weekend

  58. Jesse Maron

    Jesse Maron

    8 napja

    Dude everyone went off track... It wasnt just Lewis and then max when he tried to pass him.. Everyone was going off the track. That's not fair.

    • Peter Joshua

      Peter Joshua

      5 napja

      Hamilton is such a snitch.

  59. CAKEtzy


    8 napja

    Why does he have to change the line -vettel

  60. Siempie Bez

    Siempie Bez

    8 napja

    we want old Max back.

  61. Ydo Bergstra

    Ydo Bergstra

    8 napja

    Ocon 2:40 is ok but Max on Lewis isnt? Ok f1

  62. Peter Pelle

    Peter Pelle

    8 napja

    More overtakes in one race than an entire season

  63. Sevvvich


    8 napja

    Немного стыдно за Никиту...

  64. Amnon Hoppe

    Amnon Hoppe

    8 napja

    NEVER the forward facing onboard of Lewis before turn 4 in lap 53.... why is that...?!?! I KNOW.... SO DOES EVERYBODY ELSE FIA.

  65. Chris Jansen

    Chris Jansen

    8 napja

    So what Ocon does at 2:30 is allowed? And what Verstappen does at 11:00 isn't?

  66. Ilias


    8 napja

    Tsunoda? Insane skills reminding old school sliding style.

  67. hikaru690


    8 napja

    Max it was stolen...!!!



    9 napja

    Idk why but all vettel haters are in yt, cuz when i look to other social media i dont see any vettel haters.

  69. LvKzzL_


    9 napja


  70. Daniel Leal

    Daniel Leal

    9 napja

    Hamilton esta parecendo Prost, toda brecha liga para Balestre no radio e faz qualquer coisa para ganhar. Aí é sacanagem, até as regras favorecem Hamilton, está difícil ver formula 1.

  71. Art S

    Art S

    9 napja

    - are you ok? - yes I crashed

  72. leopold


    9 napja

    How did Checo’s fourth lap not place higher? His patience and skill to clamber through a quarter of the field in a single lap, when everyone is bunched up, is very impressive. And yes, I know his car is faster, but in a crowded field, speed isn’t the best option.

  73. Yuliano Rodriguez

    Yuliano Rodriguez

    9 napja

    Madre mis fernando por fuera

  74. McPlayer8t


    9 napja

    Just take a second to appreciate the cool head on Mazepin’s engineer.

  75. Acar Burak Ilkım

    Acar Burak Ilkım

    9 napja

    Next Mr.Torpedo : Tsunoda

  76. CV_ Productions

    CV_ Productions

    9 napja

    Is it me or are the cars alot more prone to sliding this year

  77. albino lopes

    albino lopes

    9 napja

    Uma boa corrida e excelente estratégia da Mercedes e muita malandragem em 29 tomadas de tempo na curva 4 o que postergou a luta pela liderança aliadas a um ponto de ultrapassagem ruim somadas a uma devolução de liderança ingênua deu de bandeja a 1 vitória de 2021, pelo menos a espectativa pra 2 corrida está bem alta.

  78. Ismael Jaramillo

    Ismael Jaramillo

    9 napja

    Lewis pathetic closes the gap to danger other drivers n when he gets overtaken her cries

  79. Ismael Jaramillo

    Ismael Jaramillo

    9 napja

    Lewis Hamilton pathetic he'll bump into a driver before getting overtaken

  80. Sinta Ramadhani

    Sinta Ramadhani

    9 napja

    LOL Ocon did not change his line Vettel. He actually just went straight.

  81. Tifossi 88

    Tifossi 88

    9 napja

    Miss HAM's front onboard camera when MAX pass him

  82. AuraGaming


    9 napja

    Vettel still using his max maneuver i see

  83. thehoodatron


    9 napja

    4:09 Tom Cruise

  84. mahabub zakaria135

    mahabub zakaria135

    10 napja

    Latifi is waste of money

  85. Matt B

    Matt B

    10 napja

    Funny Ocon could overtake for position outside of Turn 4 but Max had to give up the spot.

  86. David Garcia

    David Garcia

    10 napja

    Mazepin sounds so sad :( I really wish him all the best this season and I am a big fan

  87. neintje


    10 napja

    Vettel realy dude...

  88. MrSausage


    10 napja

    why mazespin here

  89. Fujiwara Takumi

    Fujiwara Takumi

    10 napja

    1:21: Latifi's f1 has VTEC 1:34: After Latifi's VTEC

  90. AudRob


    10 napja

    I love Lewis and everything, but making Verstappen's overtake illegal and Lewis proceeds to win was just UNFAIR and BORING!

  91. Hoten Hitonokoe

    Hoten Hitonokoe

    10 napja

    Go Hamilton

  92. Zetu85


    10 napja

    11:18 im not into F1 that much but can someone explain me why verstappen had to let throught hamilton?

    • FarmYard Gaming

      FarmYard Gaming


      He'd overtaken outaide of turn 4's track limits which counts as a lasting advantage, so he had to concede position as Race Control had instructed him to It's been a seriously heated debate about Lewis exceeding limits 29 times and the overall decision on the limits having changed over the weekend

  93. Sol Glazr

    Sol Glazr

    10 napja

    2:40 look how Ocon gain an advantage outside the track !!! Same turn as Verstapen and Louis

    • ZMPunk


      7 napja

      I don't understand why the rules are not the same to everybody, the reputation of FIA just gets worse every year...

    • ZMPunk


      7 napja

      The difference is that Verstappen had already passed Hamilton, but you know, they can't let Sir Lewis lose the first race of the year, that would be a shame to Sir Lewis.

  94. Gabriel Moreira

    Gabriel Moreira

    10 napja

    9:45 como gastar o dinheiro do papai

  95. Lorenzo Graziosi

    Lorenzo Graziosi

    10 napja

    2:16 not a fan of Ocon but he did great there to defend the position

  96. Kz Mki

    Kz Mki

    10 napja

    Wasn't the driver who overtaken him off the course in Turn 4 a penalty?

  97. Blue Dog Channel

    Blue Dog Channel

    10 napja

    I've become a fan of Tsunoda.👍

  98. Mrs. South La

    Mrs. South La

    10 napja

    I am just tired of Hamilton..

  99. Muhammad Raihan Farrel

    Muhammad Raihan Farrel

    10 napja

    10:08 Epic moments

  100. Ryan Hallett

    Ryan Hallett

    10 napja

    Pretty new to F1 how come some cars shoot a ton of sparks before turns? Is it just the car scraping the ground?