Michael Schumacher's Race Winning Overtake On Mika Hakkinen! #Shorts

Michael Schumacher makes a stunning pass on his title rival Mika Hakkinen to take the win in front of the Ferrari home crowd at the 1998 Italian Grand Prix.
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  1. Mohammad Yusuf

    Mohammad Yusuf

    2 napja

    Amazing, how modern smartphone managed to make this video 22 years ago.

  2. Ga


    2 napja

    Please stop with vertical crop, it's awful

  3. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson

    6 napja

    Hahahaha what is with the framing? Are they simulating a Tik Tok or something?

  4. 149-AR


    7 napja

    Dear F1, How about posting this video with full race also in 16:9 ratio? Why would you post this with phone screen format? this isn't instagram!!

  5. szewei1985


    7 napja

    Next the winning move in spa 2020

  6. DaniMacYo


    8 napja

    Would have been nice to have Murray Walker commentary. 98 Italian GP was a great race to watch if your a Schumacher and Ferrari fan that day. Michael didn't have the best teammates but he often had the best drivers and teams battle him through out his career and it was a joy to watch. Ferrari weren't always the best team during the 90's but they were a solid second best and with Michael they stood a chance at fighting for titles.

  7. Nils L. Weber

    Nils L. Weber

    9 napja

    back when F1 drivers were men

  8. Franco Diaz

    Franco Diaz

    9 napja

    "What's the points of racing if u already build a family"

  9. Lightening McQueen

    Lightening McQueen

    9 napja

    What an awesome move!

  10. Domenico Villani

    Domenico Villani

    10 napja

    Il più grande

  11. Alberto Genato

    Alberto Genato

    10 napja

    Why is it vertical?

  12. Douglas Waideman

    Douglas Waideman

    10 napja

    That sound 🙌

  13. Videologie


    11 napja

    f1 were already in the future, filming in vertical for instagram story

  14. Adi


    11 napja

    ditch the turbos F1, listen to the fans. V12 NA or V10 NA that's it! NA!!!!!!

  15. RodHammett95


    11 napja

    Should've used Murray Walker's commentary: "David Coulthard is out of the race! It's academic now... it's Sch-Sch-Schumacher!"

  16. nick


    11 napja

    Yeah unwatchable on the HUeye tv app. Stretched over the entire width of the tv screen.

  17. Pasquale Monterisi

    Pasquale Monterisi

    11 napja

    Hakkinen didn't lost """"concentration"""". He was defending so his racing line was compromised and had a poor exit 🙄

  18. Dave's Game Room

    Dave's Game Room

    11 napja

    This video looks awful... why is half of it cut off?

  19. Zulharriansyah Syamsul

    Zulharriansyah Syamsul

    11 napja

    better commented by late murray walker the lead change twice about 400 yard

  20. Hiren Kidan

    Hiren Kidan

    11 napja

    no DRS, pure of driver skill and engine power

  21. Joe Felony

    Joe Felony

    11 napja

    I haven’t seen the Schumacher era, but can anyone explain if his success situation was like Hamilton’s? He win so much only because he drives the dominant car?

  22. Lorenz Pate

    Lorenz Pate

    12 napja


  23. senna ayrton

    senna ayrton

    12 napja

    I'm big fan of this season and Schumacher. 1998 season was the best of Schumacher for me especially Hungarian gp.

  24. Hot Rod

    Hot Rod

    12 napja

    There’s more cutting out than Joss Whedon’s Justice League. Stop it, before Ernst Strollfeld buys the whole brand.

  25. LTLGamer1


    12 napja

    Much duller without Murray Walker commentary and proper aspect ratio.

  26. liebernachbar


    12 napja

    I hate those „shorts“. Horrible. MSC still goat though

  27. Toni Dnzl

    Toni Dnzl

    12 napja

    playing a twenty second ad for a thirty second video



    12 napja

    are those engines they used back then?? always thought they used vacuum cleaners... guess not.

  29. karolcarolos


    12 napja

    Go go Schumi!

  30. Vini Almeida

    Vini Almeida

    12 napja


  31. tHeSiD


    12 napja

    Oh wow I didn't know F1 was broadcasted using smartphone cameras even as far back as 1998!

  32. Dave Hammerton

    Dave Hammerton

    12 napja

    Better known for his cheating



    12 napja

    That's a gigantic diffuser

  34. Studená Strana

    Studená Strana

    12 napja

    Schumacher and Hakkinen brought so much new fans to F1 at that time ♥️

  35. Aswads Aswad

    Aswads Aswad

    12 napja

    Illegal Bridgestone tyres!!,.. race winning overtake 🤫

  36. Nieko


    12 napja

    Mika won the championship. Loved it.

  37. Dara M

    Dara M

    12 napja

    Yeah, but before you continue the Schumacher myth making, remember his sportsmanship wasn’t seen in the best light.

  38. KamilMB


    12 napja


  39. camaris06


    12 napja

    Years ago the dummies doing this were blamed with vvs. The dummies won. :(

  40. Jo$h


    12 napja

    Watching Schumacher fighting against dominant cars in the mid to late 90s was something else. The guy was a beast of a driver and is the reason I became such a fan of the sport.

    • Missouri Re sole

      Missouri Re sole

      8 napja

      Yup . Thats why he has only "68" pole position and 91 wins.

    • GoTiago


      9 napja

      Michael Schumacher is a legend🏎

    • Scar Sam

      Scar Sam

      12 napja

      You are not alone👍

  41. Scar Sam

    Scar Sam

    12 napja


  42. Null


    12 napja

    Michael Schumacher, G.O .A.T 😍😍

  43. Hugo Togner

    Hugo Togner

    12 napja

    Sorry, I prefered Mika Hakkinen as a driver and as a person.

  44. Derek McCord

    Derek McCord

    12 napja

    ASPECT RATIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Laura Márquez

    Laura Márquez

    12 napja

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💙

  46. 01AceAlpha


    12 napja

    Those cars are as gorgeous as they sound!

  47. Diego Arellano

    Diego Arellano

    12 napja

    0:25 my brain: TITAN

  48. avada


    12 napja

    Genius aspect ratio...

  49. F1 Fan44

    F1 Fan44

    12 napja

    What's with vertical filming ITS AS ANNOYING AS TRACK LIMITS BY THE FIA

  50. Jia En Khoo

    Jia En Khoo

    12 napja

    Hakkinen and Schumacher rivalry is the best

  51. Mjeed


    12 napja

    Lol that wasn't in Italy it was in Bahrain come on F1

  52. Amarildo Gojdeshi

    Amarildo Gojdeshi

    12 napja


  53. Gregory Shtevensh

    Gregory Shtevensh

    12 napja

    Schumacher goes for the lead at the Roggia

  54. mohammad ebrahimi

    mohammad ebrahimi

    12 napja

    i miss real f1

  55. Mike234


    12 napja

    Hamilton's race winning move is complaining to the stewards.

  56. wj vids

    wj vids

    12 napja

    Murray walkers commentary was far better!

  57. scotty


    12 napja

    This is 100x better with Murray's commentary

  58. kubemaster


    12 napja

    Hey Formula 1, you misspelled “Micheal” in the title. 🙄😬

  59. kubemaster


    12 napja

    “No worries, I will pass the Micheal at Spa” - Mika Hakkinen

    • Raimund Masch

      Raimund Masch

      11 napja

      2 years later...

  60. stansteez


    12 napja

    So somebody jumped in a time machine with a 1st gen iPhone and shot the first ever video in portrait mode, apparently… LOL

  61. Funk BR 10 Inscreva-se

    Funk BR 10 Inscreva-se

    12 napja


  62. Cragz UK

    Cragz UK

    12 napja

    Back when Legend Murray Walker used to stream F1 live through his motorola v3.

  63. Ragnarok i

    Ragnarok i

    12 napja

    Imola 2021, lights out and away we go ooohh mazepin is in the wall

  64. Stuart Guy

    Stuart Guy

    12 napja

    You should have used the original Murray Walker commentary for this, it is peak passion from Murray and takes this whole moment to another level "AND SCHUMACHER IS GOING FOR THE LEAD AT THE ROJA, HES UP ALONG SIDE HIM THIS IS FANTASTIC, THE LEAD CHANGES TWICE IN 400 YARDS AND MICHAEL SCHUMACHER LEADS THE ITALIAN GRAND PRIX"

  65. MrJoshuasam23


    12 napja

    That’s what I call skills

  66. SennaRossiFan46


    12 napja

    What a move! Schumacher took full advantage of Coulthard's engine blow up and caught Häkkinen by surprise. Two great racers, one perfect move and an unworthy video format -.-

  67. Ciaron Smith

    Ciaron Smith

    12 napja

    '98, '99, '00 were probably the best three consecutive seasons I have EVER watched. Three golden seasons. Where is Murrary Walker's commentary?

    • nassau bahamas

      nassau bahamas

      12 napja

      @RedWings51930 It is unfair, because one driver will have a car advantage over the other, and most people don´t even know how big the advantage really is, so that the outgunned driver don´t get the recognition he really deserves.

    • RedWings51930


      12 napja

      @nassau bahamas I think it's better when drivers from different teams fight for the championship

    • Ciaron Smith

      Ciaron Smith

      12 napja

      @Cletus Spuckler As a single season 1999 was the best of all time in my view.

    • nassau bahamas

      nassau bahamas

      12 napja

      Not really. Schumacher had to fight in vastly inferior cars, and missed 6 races in 1999 too. Best years were 2014-2016, when two of the best drivers did fight for the championship in the same car.

    • Cletus Spuckler

      Cletus Spuckler

      12 napja

      2010 alone was better than the ones you mentioned.

  68. Bruce Leroy

    Bruce Leroy

    12 napja

    Is it just me or these cars are moving as slow as GP2 cars?

  69. Gaming Avenue

    Gaming Avenue

    12 napja

    Ayyyy........... F1 makes Shorts now!!!!!!!

  70. Cips Adam

    Cips Adam

    12 napja

    F1 loves reuploading:)

  71. David Caballero

    David Caballero

    12 napja

    We'll all remember michel shumaher

  72. DaPhuc


    12 napja

    That's a rare overtake

  73. BeckMaxF1


    12 napja

    The Murray Walker's live commentary is 1000 times better than this.

  74. Sebas Design

    Sebas Design

    12 napja

    people back in the 90's recording vertically... sigh

  75. Toto Wolff

    Toto Wolff

    12 napja

    Neither Ron Dennis nor Jean Todt is in my league. They were lucky I wasn't around back then.

  76. itzxavz


    12 napja

    The best f1 driver ever

  77. TwDMrWayne


    12 napja

    Never Forget

  78. Olivyay


    12 napja

    Reminder that Schumacher was able to make that move only because Coulthard's engine exploded and Hakkinen slowed down through the smoke while he didn't. He performed the overtake after the yellow flag zone, but gained an advantage through it.

    • senza nome

      senza nome

      12 napja

      @Olivyay That's not really true... Because it's true is not one of the most extreme and exiting one, but with that overtake he open again the Championship and for that he extended the Championship battle until Suzuka, giving again hope to his supporter, probably is not wonderfull but was was quait difficult because there was the smoke during the curva grande. Then that's my opinion, i can also understand your point of you.

    • Olivyay


      12 napja

      @Scar Sam Yes but it's not as impressive or legendary as people make it to be.

    • Scar Sam

      Scar Sam

      12 napja

      A legal pass is a pass regardless of the situation

  79. SiVlog


    12 napja

    The crucial part of this that was missing is the reason why Hakkinen was off the racing line on the approach to the Roggia Chicane. It was only hinted at in the clip, but Coulthard had an engine failure, leaving a cloud of smoke on the racing line, Hakkinen actually briefly went off track and by the time he was through the smoke, Schumacher was positioning himself to overtake on the exit of the Roggia

  80. Lastname Firstname

    Lastname Firstname

    12 napja

    Nicely cropped. Sigh.

  81. tonytontony1


    12 napja

    Terrible format

  82. PlayStation 5247

    PlayStation 5247

    12 napja

    The first thing that comes into my mind is Walker studdering when Coulthard's engine blew up and Schumacher started gaining on Hakkinen entering the Roggia chicane at the same time

  83. Miguel Medina

    Miguel Medina

    12 napja

    *This* is the Formula 1 that I miss, look at those cars passing by at 0:22, they look (and sound) just *Gorgeous* man, *Gorgeous...*

  84. Iz Mc

    Iz Mc

    12 napja

    That is painful to watch even now. Love Mika, amazing days!

  85. Tomás


    12 napja

    one of the greatest rivalries of all time

  86. TheMightyAntar


    12 napja

    Stunning? Hakkinen was struggling with brake issues and went in to deep. It was an easy clean pass from Schumacher but hardly one of his best although a Ferrari coming from behind and winning at Monza is always going to be popular.

  87. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden

    12 napja


  88. blackAngel


    12 napja

    Somehow I don't remember the races being recorded from a vertically held mobile phone.... Who edited this garbage?

  89. Eruptic


    12 napja

    Daily reminder that Hamilton will never be the goat.

    • Plipo Gamez

      Plipo Gamez

      12 napja

      Where is the reminder?

  90. Maxi F

    Maxi F

    12 napja

    What an legacy pass at Monza

  91. Plipo Gamez

    Plipo Gamez

    12 napja

    If ya gonna be all down wivth dem kids, why not show vertical footage of F1 drivers 'aving a bit ov Argie-bargie after races? Similar to dat time Max Verstappen wuz gonna deck another driver for cutting him up during a race.

  92. Strigan


    12 napja

    Golden age of F1

  93. ForeverF1


    12 napja

    These 3 weeks feel like a small off season

  94. Kanta Verma

    Kanta Verma

    12 napja

    Schumacher = hamilton. Mika hakkinen = verstapenn

  95. Ricardo Bastos

    Ricardo Bastos

    12 napja

    Top 2: Senna, Schumacher period. The rest u can choose 🙂

    • avada


      12 napja

      Top 2 crashy jerks.

  96. causeitsthere


    12 napja

    i was sitting in the bleachers with 20 italian friends right at roggia. I think the camera was to my left from our bleachers. 3 days camping of drinking and smoking hash up! Mika's break problem was insane when he went flying by. i was 19 year old from auburn, CA. The screaming from the first car leaving the pit echoed off the trees, it was like waiting for xmas to come around curva grande.

  97. La Lámpara

    La Lámpara

    12 napja

    Literalmente el 99% no verá este comentario, pero Dios te bendiga hoy mañana y siempre en tu vida y cuide de ti mismo 🙏❤️💙

  98. SriHari X

    SriHari X

    12 napja

    Saddest thing is he can't able to watch his own video😭😭😭😭😭

  99. General Kenobi

    General Kenobi

    12 napja

    Ah yes the real G.O.A.T.

  100. Antonello Boccardi

    Antonello Boccardi

    12 napja

    Solo il più grande ha avuto il coraggio di prendere una macchina di merda ed a trasformala nella miglior macchina della storia. Vorrei vedere qualsiasi pilota di oggi fare la stessa cosa: se solo valessero la metà del Kaiser...