Red Bull's Lightning 1-2: Fastest Pit Stop | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix | DHL

Red Bull continue to set the pit stop standards! Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez's in Bahrain were the two fastest, as they took home the first DHL Fastest Pit Stop award of the season. Here's how they did it, powered by DHL. #MomentsThatDeliver
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  1. Hadrionics



    Isn't 1.93 the record?

  2. ddd ppp

    ddd ppp

    2 napja

    wow williams!!!

  3. Ralph V

    Ralph V

    5 napja

    Gooo Red Bull !!!!!

  4. formulafan


    5 napja

    Had a hard week and this was just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better . Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

  5. Cahyono Teguh

    Cahyono Teguh

    5 napja

    Raikkonen pit stop : 2:17 seconds Giovinazzi pit stop : 10 seconds

  6. Siley Smith

    Siley Smith

    5 napja

    I'm surprised kimi's was so quick, well done to the pit crew

  7. michael


    6 napja

    Imagine if they ever taught Mexican field laborers how to do this. 1.5 seconds easily!!

  8. Sojourner


    6 napja

    what music is this?? I'd really like to know so I can acquire this track

  9. Luuk V

    Luuk V

    6 napja

    Red bull gives you wings

  10. Test Platform

    Test Platform

    7 napja

    I think we’re headed for maintenance and repairs as the car races

  11. Zedrhyx


    7 napja

    This only possible if the pit crew drink too much redbull

  12. HARSHA G


    7 napja

    I never saw McLaren below 2.7 secs from 2020

  13. Franck Nattario

    Franck Nattario

    7 napja

    *WILLIAMS 8 POINTS !!!!! Finally...*

  14. Romanische050


    7 napja

    At least something where Williams Racing can compete.

  15. Jaan Kirsipuu

    Jaan Kirsipuu

    8 napja

    But still got beaten by mercedes 🤣🤣🤣

  16. inelectron


    8 napja

    Not winning them races though :P

  17. Voy2378


    8 napja

    Point system seems kind of bad, I would make it if any pitstop is longer than 4 seconds then entire race for team is counted as DNF, no glory in having 1.9s stop and then botching the tire change and having a 10s stop.

  18. IGet Wicked

    IGet Wicked

    8 napja

    it's crazy there is a team slower than hass :D :D

  19. Razor Jimmy

    Razor Jimmy

    8 napja

    Willams is surprisingly fast

  20. Rojee Atalla

    Rojee Atalla

    8 napja

    Nice groove played in the background, is it an official track? Anyone..

  21. white ttlove

    white ttlove

    9 napja

    lol. pit stop point and podium and championship lol

  22. Vince Cannava II

    Vince Cannava II

    9 napja

    DHL? The same company that couldn't deliver chicken to KFC in England?

  23. kiritampo1935


    9 napja

    just awsome !

  24. Eierjodler


    9 napja

    Just bring back refueling. Was so much more fun seeing different strategies besides which tyre the teams are choosing.

  25. Palkups Kah

    Palkups Kah

    9 napja

    they're powered with redbull. don't be dumb people

  26. Darío Jiménez

    Darío Jiménez

    9 napja

    Checo even at the pits stops is slow jajajajajaja

  27. Bhavika Mehta

    Bhavika Mehta

    9 napja

    Atleast its a redbull 1-2 here

  28. PumpkinEater69


    9 napja

    off course max gets the faster pit stop...

  29. Antonio Dovizioso Berdud

    Antonio Dovizioso Berdud

    9 napja

    Viva la F1

  30. Alan Henrique Borelli Garcia

    Alan Henrique Borelli Garcia

    9 napja

    Why laps are measure in .000 and pit stops just in .00?

  31. LoLster


    10 napja

    Exact 2 sec

  32. Tricia K

    Tricia K

    10 napja

    I'm completely in awe...!

  33. Einstein Ray

    Einstein Ray

    10 napja


  34. Koushik Ananth

    Koushik Ananth

    10 napja

    I actually thought that, in between Max's n Lewis' close fight, we forgot that Red Bull Pit Crew did another pit stop less than 2 second

  35. tarepandaval


    10 napja

    RB is the best team!

  36. pinkyfull


    10 napja

    I'm actually really happy about this. I don't know if it comes with any kind of prize money, but he gravitas is great. It also can give the pit crews that are efficient, but maybe don't have the best car, something to strive for. Though I think that, somewhat similar to the regular season, we're going to see one team win every round xD.

  37. Teoman S

    Teoman S

    10 napja

    Mazespin is first with 0 second

  38. Working Tools

    Working Tools

    10 napja

    Until redbull forgot their tires.

  39. RIT 2

    RIT 2

    10 napja

    i had an add longer than these pit stops combined together

  40. alexbandy2010


    10 napja

    Since they're faster than Mercheaters they must be cheating.... They should be penalized for trying to win the "worthy" sir champion my a...!

  41. Jan-Peter Mohwinkel

    Jan-Peter Mohwinkel

    10 napja

    And he still doesnt win.

  42. Tater Fight

    Tater Fight

    10 napja

    Do they just slap some tape on those wheels? Jeez that's fast.

  43. ABK


    10 napja

    McLaren has left the chat

  44. Giovanni P

    Giovanni P

    10 napja

    Ham only won because he was not following the rules



    10 napja

    I think Red bull are gonna bag it this year... 🏆

  46. Seaf Halabi

    Seaf Halabi

    10 napja

    Same as in Toyota dealership , they as so quickly with the service

  47. Jamie28gaming


    10 napja

    Cars movie pit stop scene XD

  48. ifjimre


    10 napja

    Can we just point out that ferrari did a sub 3s pit stop? Thats like a recorx for them

  49. NRX gaming UK

    NRX gaming UK

    11 napja

    @redbull te best pitstop team

  50. hater splater

    hater splater

    11 napja

    i feel sorry for verstappen the FIA did nothing for hammington cheating half the race winning 6 sec in total

  51. Josh Christiane

    Josh Christiane

    11 napja

    So they have an incredible driver lineup, an amazing pit crew, and wild monkeys running the tire pit stop strategy. You're only as strong as your weakest link.

  52. Akhil S Kumar

    Akhil S Kumar

    11 napja

    McLaren really have to work on their pitstop speed

  53. ohkered


    11 napja

    Max corner, Max attack, Max speed, Max pitstop, Max wins

  54. aditya indra

    aditya indra

    11 napja

    I believe actualy perez and max got the same speed, just perez need a time to digest "what? Its done? Oh,oke"

  55. Mike234


    11 napja

    aside from everyone being rusty because it's the first race of the season, which may account as always for the rather longer than usual pitstops, I'd like to remind everybody that each tire this season is now on average 0.7 kg heavier, which may further throw off any kind of muscle memory or previously functional technique. It's quite incredible that RedBull still managed to put in an absolute banger of a pitstop, particularly when it mattered most.

  56. Aryan Namboodiri

    Aryan Namboodiri

    11 napja

    Mercedes, learn from this...... *constant Sakhir 2020 flashbacks....*

  57. PJ Vis

    PJ Vis

    11 napja

    The difference between the fastest and tenth fastest pitstop is 0.58 seconds. I work with machines that are only supposed to scan packages and they have a larger margin of error. These are humans. What??

  58. bunta_wrx


    11 napja

    they could give an extra point in the constructor's championship for the fastest pit stop like they do for the drivers with the fastest lap

  59. Xa4Voogt


    11 napja

    The only thing George is beter then Lewis

  60. sagi271190


    11 napja

    There's a prize for the pit crew at the top of the pit stop competition? Or is it just bragging rights?

    • First Name

      First Name

      9 napja

      Bragging rights. In RedBull's and Mercedes's case it can decide the race outcome though.

  61. KleinIndustries


    11 napja

    Nice advertising

  62. Χρήστος Νάκος

    Χρήστος Νάκος

    11 napja

    Red bull and Max Verstappen 👍 like from Greece 🇬🇷

  63. Larix


    11 napja

    The Red Bull mechanics just all drink a lot of Red Bull before the pit stop so they get a lot of energy

  64. elias rogn

    elias rogn

    12 napja

    This is the way for smaller teams to win championships or fight for podiums!!!

  65. Luke Gems

    Luke Gems

    12 napja

    I've never seen Alfa do quick stops before, they're improving or it's a fluke

  66. YTE l Yare too Eazy

    YTE l Yare too Eazy

    12 napja

    I think they meant surgio cruise

  67. Ronald Grey

    Ronald Grey

    12 napja

    Why ? Why the annoying irritating background music !!

  68. CaptainChilly95


    12 napja

    Should've been called Lighting Bulls pitstop.

  69. Flip v d Fluitketel

    Flip v d Fluitketel

    12 napja

    The Red Bull pitstop was precisely one corner 4 track limit faster than Mercedes' pitstop

  70. Strike 098

    Strike 098

    12 napja

    Looks like Williams scored a point somewhere

  71. Viper


    12 napja

    Mclaren crew 1 garage further watching Red Bull pitcrew and thinking: Ok so it can be done 2 times faster than our pitsops?

  72. Viper


    12 napja

    Mclaren only had above 3 secs pitstops. They got the drivers, they got the engine, now they need to up their pitstops.

  73. Ashante Dula

    Ashante Dula

    12 napja

    Take Bottas off this list you gotta do an average speed of all pitstops. Who cares of you do a 2 second pistol of your next one is 10 seconds

  74. James Lee

    James Lee

    12 napja

    no other team comes even close

  75. Mark Daywalker

    Mark Daywalker

    12 napja

    Ich bin für Vettel 🇩🇪 aber dieses Jahr.... VERSTAPPEN 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  76. Alex Khylko

    Alex Khylko

    12 napja

    oh, it is cool! keep posting such video

  77. rolf ski

    rolf ski

    12 napja

    Mercedes better be stepping up their pitstop game now this season. When you're forced to scrap gains from every possible tiny detail in order to keep up with Red Bull then Bottas-like pitstops can cost you the race.

  78. Marry Berkouwer

    Marry Berkouwer

    12 napja

    The FIA should give points for it, those men deserve that and not changing rules before or during a race,

  79. Adders


    12 napja

    I have a feeling that merc win the actual championship by like 1000 points and red bull win the pit stop battle by 232342432352532453453543535435434453453543 points

  80. Bir Garip Öğrenci

    Bir Garip Öğrenci

    12 napja

    George finally get points with Williams

  81. 13Anomalous


    12 napja

    Red Bull should get a Brother Speedio sponsor

  82. Gordon Anderson

    Gordon Anderson

    12 napja

    I'll call that the Maximinimum.

  83. kk's moments

    kk's moments

    12 napja

    Bottas disliked this video

  84. Ignatius Rocky

    Ignatius Rocky

    12 napja

    0:40 hold on what is this?? you get point from pitstop now?

  85. Shotgun


    12 napja

    Should have a trophy for these guys as well!!

  86. Fardeen saifi

    Fardeen saifi

    12 napja


  87. SteamyEngine


    12 napja

    Kimi training the crew in parties

  88. GTylker


    12 napja

    The only place williams gets points

  89. Ahmad Fahim

    Ahmad Fahim

    12 napja

    Max has a complete team.. he should win the title this year..

  90. megablah1


    12 napja

    Love the choice in music for this video. Sounds like Tim Penner - The Gatekeeper

  91. Bradley


    12 napja

    Mclaren need to improve in this department. Must be one of the slowest out of all the teams.

  92. Zombie Alive

    Zombie Alive

    12 napja

    Atleast Williams were ahead of Mercedes in term of pit stop time

  93. Madhulika Rao

    Madhulika Rao

    12 napja

    wait why tf is valterri nuumber 5 lol

  94. Vito Rivelli

    Vito Rivelli

    12 napja

    Nobody: Mercedes during pit stops: I sleep Red bull during pit stops: I am speed

  95. iRoniX eSports

    iRoniX eSports

    12 napja

    1.93 holy moly respekt

  96. Diane Smith

    Diane Smith

    12 napja

    Add your charts up in a way that over the season we will be able to see how many seconds Red Bull have saved over the oppression.

  97. fabi anne

    fabi anne

    12 napja

    This is insane the precisions they must partake during pit stops its crazy the effort it took to achieved it.

  98. g0nz0


    12 napja

    Wayyyyy at the bottom of the list is Mercedes and Valteri Bottas. Man oh man was that a bad one. Do a video on the slowest pit stops please.

  99. Tonimi


    12 napja

    Alfa with Kimi: 3rd fastest pitstop Alfa with Antonio: there was a pitstop???

  100. Mooo 301

    Mooo 301

    12 napja

    Crazy P10 a 2.5sec...WOOW all teams