Sergio Perez's Epic Comeback | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

You can't knock Sergio Perez down! After suffering a technical issue on the formation lap the Mexican's race was seemingly over. However, the Bahrain comeback King got going once again from the pit lane and finished a superb fifth on debut for Red Bull Racing. Relive the epic moment onboard with Checo!
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  1. shogrran


    2 órája

    Legend says the officials inspected the Perez's car for possible borderline illegal high performance components and they found it was between the wheel and the car seat.

  2. M Nabil Rabbani

    M Nabil Rabbani

    5 órája

    2013-2019 = Red Bull < Ferrari < Merc 2020 = Ferrari Redbull < Merc 2021 = Merc And Ferrari

  3. PEDRO ANTONIO alvarez gonzalez

    PEDRO ANTONIO alvarez gonzalez

    5 órája

    Se combinaron varios factores pero sin duda Checo demostró porqué lo fichó RB. Creo será una gran temporada para Checo y para RB, aún le falta adaptarse y pulir ciertos aspectos técnicos. Sólo espero verlo peleando por podios y victorias, pero paciencia todo a su tiempo. 🇲🇽

  4. crxdelsolsir


    5 órája

    Marko and Horner: Let us stress test our new driver to see how he reacts RedBull: In 3, 2 and 1 0:03

  5. KiiLzReaPz


    6 órája

    put some eurobeat on the background and enjoy

  6. Kakatua


    6 órája

    2:45 Did he slow down (listen to the engine) so that Vettel would cross the DRS detection line first? Then Checo overtakes at the turn AND also has the DRS advantage on the staright. If that was intentional, it was brilliant.

  7. Jesus Alberto

    Jesus Alberto

    9 órája

    Exelente corto. Buena musicalizacion. 🤟🏁✌️🏆🇲🇽

  8. chikiguites


    10 órája

    The next time we have wuold start from the Kalifato!

  9. JRP 117

    JRP 117

    10 órája

    Little Caesars: Pizza Pizza Checo: Box Box

  10. Yahya Mr

    Yahya Mr

    12 órája


  11. Tiger z

    Tiger z

    13 órája

    Mr Perez you are the man Can watch this video 100 times and still feel excited every time I watch this

  12. Jenkszy


    16 órája

    Anyone know the song name?

    • Gerardo Saucedo

      Gerardo Saucedo

      12 órája

      Stay True To Me - Bob Bradley

  13. Otto


    17 órája

    My man loves last to first challenges

  14. sBinGOO


    18 órája


  15. Greg Lialios

    Greg Lialios

    19 órája

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  16. K Nakajima

    K Nakajima

    21 órája

    Comeback kid special!

  17. Smith Js

    Smith Js

    22 órája

    Sergio Perez is in fact, Tom Cruise's long lost twins.

  18. Nicolas Bocchino

    Nicolas Bocchino

    23 órája

    This is an impressive drive, but the fact that the majority of passes occur on the straight because of drs is kind of lame in my opinion.

  19. Oʊdɪn



    best comeback driver in F1

  20. Rameen Ayub

    Rameen Ayub


    Checo deserved the red bull drive. I'm so glad for him.

  21. 1tanium



    Anyone have the music credit?

  22. Ariel Melgarejo

    Ariel Melgarejo


    Que buen piloto sres esta para grandes cosas todo el. Éxito del mundo para el orgulloso de El nts los latinos 🙌

  23. kobopold 1

    kobopold 1


    O cara é sensacional.

  24. Alvaro Vallejos

    Alvaro Vallejos



  25. Justin Rawley

    Justin Rawley


    This guy is definition of comeback glad to see him at redbull

  26. Auto Colección Medellín

    Auto Colección Medellín


    Checo it´s a monster

  27. JonnsHyper



    el sonidito Intensifies

  28. Toni Fa

    Toni Fa



  29. Arm Casi

    Arm Casi

    2 napja

    Te apagaron el auto al propósito checo.

  30. Arm Casi

    Arm Casi

    2 napja

    Verga denle el primer auto culeros red bull y seremos campeón.

  31. Roses Plays

    Roses Plays

    2 napja

    What's this music?

    • Gerardo Saucedo

      Gerardo Saucedo

      12 órája

      Stay True To Me - Bob Bradley

  32. Cameron


    2 napja

    imagine what would have happened if he had truly started 11th

    • gAgaN Porwal

      gAgaN Porwal

      15 órája

      p4 finish for sure.. maybe p3 considering bottas's slow 10 sec pit stop might have given him a chance for podium

  33. Israel Ayala

    Israel Ayala

    2 napja


  34. Diego Mariguin

    Diego Mariguin

    2 napja

    Que nadie comenta en español aqui?

  35. Ditiro Motene

    Ditiro Motene

    2 napja

    Driver of the year.

  36. Damodara


    2 napja

    Max has a strong teammate to rely on unlike albon,kvyat and gasly

  37. Drunk Argonaut

    Drunk Argonaut

    2 napja

    0:54 Engineer actual thought: "That's of course Mazeping hitting the barriers..."

  38. Jose Camacho

    Jose Camacho

    2 napja

    Sigue así checo 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  39. Bandz Monney

    Bandz Monney

    2 napja

    The zippy relish understandably stitch because second systemically own before a parallel whale. lovely, vivacious software

  40. Salazar


    2 napja

    Aquí un comentario en español, que esperabas?

  41. joseco1978


    2 napja

    Aston Martin did Checo a huge favor by hiring Vettel. Red Bull and Checo are a much better fit. Max and Checo will help Red Bull will the Constructors Championship this year!

    • joseco1978


      5 órája

      @gAgaN Porwal yes, it's very difficult to know what would have happened if Albon would have been more consistent. Albon had over a year to try and get closer to Max in terms of performance but he was never close enough.

    • gAgaN Porwal

      gAgaN Porwal

      15 órája

      its easier to say knowing he is in RB but if albon would have delivered p4 finishes for last 5 races checo would not have got a drive

  42. manuel pech17

    manuel pech17

    2 napja

    El mejor sin duda me encantó ver esta carrera en verdad ahora creo que si pagare por el año de f1 tv para ver más al mejor ❤💚🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  43. mr.x


    2 napja


  44. Arturo Armendáriz

    Arturo Armendáriz

    2 napja

    4:25 Schumacher isn't in the overtook drivers



    2 napja


  46. Filbert Shi

    Filbert Shi

    2 napja

    Don't get me wrong I like the other f1 Drivers ,too. But something about Checo being the underdog for so long and the story of his rise. Just makes me want to root for him!

  47. Andrea D'Acierno

    Andrea D'Acierno

    2 napja


  48. Sam


    2 napja

    This season is probably the most exciting in a long time

  49. Chris Eze

    Chris Eze

    2 napja

    Checo might do a kimi and steal the championship this year by 1 point

  50. Rik Tye

    Rik Tye

    3 napja

    Amazing 🤩

  51. alfonso solano

    alfonso solano

    3 napja


  52. Paul H

    Paul H

    3 napja


  53. Cris Franco

    Cris Franco

    3 napja

    I had seen this video like 30 times.

  54. TheBlueEyedGamer Wingnut

    TheBlueEyedGamer Wingnut

    3 napja

    Perez has been a favourite of mine for years, way back when he was the only guy on the field doing 1 stop strategies, it wasnt the fastest for sure, but he kept rattling off top 5's/10's showing everyone it could be done. The man can DRIVE :)

  55. Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores

    Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores

    3 napja

    If they have the best car this season I see the Perez Verstappen dynamic very similar to that of Hill and Villeneuve at Williams.

  56. Antonio Z

    Antonio Z

    3 napja

    "it will only het better". Wow. Godspeed.

  57. Howard Haeg

    Howard Haeg

    3 napja

    Who else came here from Netflix and are super excited for this guy? What a race. I’m officially obsessed with F1.

  58. simon p

    simon p

    3 napja

    Will RBR set a No1 driver though that's the question

  59. Drew Winkleminiski

    Drew Winkleminiski

    3 napja


  60. El Cuchillo

    El Cuchillo

    3 napja

    Lo mejor fue cuando paso al hijo de papá Stroll no solo una, sino 2 veces 🤣

  61. Georgek19


    3 napja

    This incident cost max Verstappen's win

  62. Martijn Hiemstra

    Martijn Hiemstra

    3 napja

    He overtook more people in a few laps than Williams has in the last 5 years

  63. Jorge Carrillo

    Jorge Carrillo

    3 napja

    "It will only get better from now"

  64. Luiz Albuquerque

    Luiz Albuquerque

    3 napja

    Sergio Peres vai passar gestão de vestape.

  65. Daniel Farley

    Daniel Farley

    3 napja

    Anyone know thw music in the background of this beast of a drive!?



    3 napja

    I see checo very matured by his reaction at the beginning. Certainly a bankable driver .. just waiting for some explosive stuff like giving Lewis / Max the real run... hope Christian n RB team doesn't play with him.

  67. Celtic Bhoy HH

    Celtic Bhoy HH

    3 napja

    What a bargain for red bull Checo is the best driver for them since RIC#3

  68. Udin Syarifudin

    Udin Syarifudin

    3 napja

    This is what I like about him

  69. Tom Silver

    Tom Silver

    3 napja

    perez does not get enough credit. He is the best driver in formula 1

  70. fullmetal alvarez

    fullmetal alvarez

    3 napja

    The Mexican Tom cruise did it again

  71. TheMuslimKing


    3 napja

    Red bull please keep this guy for longer cuz he is that 2nd driver who can fight for the championship

  72. Ted Bevan-Davies

    Ted Bevan-Davies

    3 napja


  73. ipi223


    4 napja

    i hope this Man win the title this year.

  74. Dhar Maitri

    Dhar Maitri

    4 napja

    ¡Viva Checo...VIVA MÉXICO!🇲🇽

  75. Dhar Maitri

    Dhar Maitri

    4 napja

    Awesome, WAY TO GO CHECO!

  76. Joab Zambrano

    Joab Zambrano

    4 napja

    whats the song or instrumental in the background?

  77. Victor Manuel Morales Cuajicalco

    Victor Manuel Morales Cuajicalco

    4 napja

    No me caso de ver y ver esta carrera.

  78. Sonti Sai

    Sonti Sai

    4 napja

    Yep checo always Cool n Perfect F1 Driver @ Keepcheco

  79. Alejandra Martínez Gtz.

    Alejandra Martínez Gtz.

    4 napja

    We Mexicans are masters of restarting a car ... pump twice and let go of the clutch ... andale!!



    4 napja

    The joyous kendo controversly disappear because bag evocatively memorise sans a light sphynx. broken, onerous tower

  81. email note

    email note

    4 napja

    I am his fan now. What an amazing driver



    4 napja

    Amazing Job Checo, fantastic - Never Give Up

  83. Ragnar Wiik

    Ragnar Wiik

    4 napja

    Beautiful racecraft from stroll and perez after 2nd pit

  84. Ragnar Wiik

    Ragnar Wiik

    4 napja

    He is a terminator

  85. Carlo C

    Carlo C

    4 napja

    I absolutely adore this guy. I think he is the perfect driver to go alongside somebody as "difficult" as MV.

  86. Samuel Araiza

    Samuel Araiza

    4 napja

    It's going to be amazing to see what Sergio and Max can do from up in the front.

  87. Boobs Daily

    Boobs Daily

    4 napja

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  88. Fernando Chapa

    Fernando Chapa

    4 napja

    he made it look so easy

  89. Boobs Daily

    Boobs Daily

    4 napja

    The ceaseless lotion cytopathologically pop because pastor mostly need about a judicious charles. coordinated, overconfident net

  90. realKruberTimes


    4 napja

    Perez' comeback drives have got to be my favourite bit of content from this sport since I started watching at last year's British GP

  91. Andrew.animates


    4 napja

    Albon debut for RedBull: P20-P5 Same as checo

  92. Bhargav Dihora

    Bhargav Dihora

    4 napja

    Alas there is no Indian team or Driver this year 😔

  93. Márton Szeleczki

    Márton Szeleczki

    4 napja

    Who is the enginier?

  94. John Kuhles

    John Kuhles

    4 napja

    bg music sounds like a cheap 8bit game music of the 1980s ... next time use something more special please!

  95. Rex Wolf

    Rex Wolf

    5 napja

    Now that I look the wings are smaller than last year

  96. Indian Sim Racer

    Indian Sim Racer

    5 napja

    Just turn off the music. Those retro gamey sounds is just awful.

  97. Marynata


    5 napja

    perez to jest gosc

  98. HilsRa Clicks

    HilsRa Clicks

    5 napja

    King of comeback

  99. NighthawX


    5 napja

    That guy is a masterclass of his own. His calm and cool comback abilities are outstanding. Not the first time he showed that off. Absolutely amazing driver!

  100. Ozan


    5 napja

    this guy makes f1 much more entertaining.