Silent Kimi, Max Unplugged And The Best Team Radio | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

All the radio highlights from a memorable opening race weekend in Sakhir.
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  1. Xform Esports

    Xform Esports


    I’ll hear you

  2. Doug dimmadome

    Doug dimmadome

    10 órája

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha mazespin

  3. ilu



    4:14 Seriously tho, Bono was euphoric with this win. Like, really euphoric.

  4. Kear_Parthurnax



    nikita mazeSPIN

  5. sol tea

    sol tea

    2 napja

    Kimi: can you hear me? Radio:no Kimi: 123467 which number did I miss? Radio:5 Kimi: so you can hear me? Radio: negative kimi, box box

  6. Toni !

    Toni !

    3 napja

    Kimi: can you hear me? Engineer: yes loud and clear. Kimi: where is my drink? Engineer:

  7. primalthanos


    5 napja

    verstappen had already done the overtake before he went out of track lewis just crying like a baby

  8. Brian Tep

    Brian Tep

    5 napja

    Kimi radio goat

  9. Buli Updates by Jan

    Buli Updates by Jan

    5 napja

    Kimi: Do you hear me? Race Engineer: No Kimi you will not have the radio. 😂😂

  10. Shane Duffill

    Shane Duffill

    5 napja

    Lewis says he's overtaken on the outside of the track says the driver that went wide 29 times and max gained NO advantage from that but typical hamilton never happy unless he's first.i feel sorry for max that was his win.

  11. Rafa Eshan Pratama

    Rafa Eshan Pratama

    6 napja

    I think Kimi's radio guy is laggin

  12. tim kelliher

    tim kelliher

    6 napja

    can Mercedes radio messages be any more annoying?

  13. Sebastian Novak

    Sebastian Novak

    6 napja

    That win was taken away from max from the FIA. He was in front Hamilton before the turn.

  14. Jamie Deadman

    Jamie Deadman

    7 napja

    Why haven't we seen Hamiltons onboard from the incident with Max? Seems strange that no one has analyzed it!

  15. N3V2 - Nevto

    N3V2 - Nevto

    7 napja

    Nikita "Massive Spin"

    • IH1066


      6 napja


  16. Paszha Паша

    Paszha Паша

    7 napja

    get in t..... f*** *** lewis ....

  17. Krzychu cllkp

    Krzychu cllkp

    7 napja

    Kimi, you will not have the radio ❌

  18. KYFIT Productions

    KYFIT Productions

    7 napja

    Someone tell me why Lewis got ZERO PENALTIES for extending track limits at turn 4 29 OR MORE TIMES?

  19. Mloesjuh84


    8 napja

    i like this vidio

  20. CeeStinah Music

    CeeStinah Music

    8 napja

    Max: I prefer to lose a win like that than be second like this Seb: Wanna swap?

  21. Manuel Ibañez

    Manuel Ibañez

    8 napja

    Aaaah Vettel being Vettel

  22. Lynda Nasher

    Lynda Nasher

    8 napja

    Yuki the Rookie vs Kimi the Guru

  23. Zenon 45

    Zenon 45

    8 napja

    "Lewis Hamilton doesn't have to work for anything"

  24. The regular 5thgrader 13444-

    The regular 5thgrader 13444-

    8 napja

    I feel bad for verstappen

  25. Nathan Schafsnitz

    Nathan Schafsnitz

    8 napja

    They Always put kimi on the thumbnail for more views cause it’s pretty much all everyone else wants to see and it works

  26. Steve Cooksley

    Steve Cooksley

    9 napja

    Vettel is why every car should have a dashcam.

  27. Shane Fagan

    Shane Fagan

    9 napja

    Missing the team radio when Mazepin overtook 5 cars and spun ruining a bunch of qualifying laps for people. Want to hear what they said

  28. jogswith dongout

    jogswith dongout

    9 napja

    leclerc p4 in q3 lando p4 in race haha perfect

  29. Lennon McHarrison

    Lennon McHarrison

    9 napja

    Kimi still.. has the same problem with his radio check :D

  30. Matthew McColl

    Matthew McColl

    9 napja

    "The balance is all over the place". Like your morals, Mazepin.

  31. Patrick Mulligan

    Patrick Mulligan

    9 napja

    I feel like Kimi's engineer talks AT Kimi, as opposed to talking TO him.

  32. Brent Gras

    Brent Gras

    9 napja

    I think race control should have let those legends race

  33. McPlayer8t


    9 napja

    Kimi’s engineer is a legend!

  34. Nimrod GD

    Nimrod GD

    9 napja

    Hamiltons radio translation: FIA HELP ME 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  35. Ervin Dubo

    Ervin Dubo

    9 napja

    Kimi: Can you hear me? Engineer: No, sorry Kimi, box please. Me: *visible confusion*

  36. Brutal Deluxe

    Brutal Deluxe

    9 napja

    Plenty more "go's", not goes.

  37. Luke Hetes

    Luke Hetes

    9 napja

    I can't wait until Lewis gets 100 wins.

  38. The Lovrosaur

    The Lovrosaur

    9 napja

    Yea, Hamilton crying in the corner like baby when Verstappen goes outside, but didnt see himself goin with whole bolid outside for couple of rounds ... Immidiatelly complaining ... Baby cry...

  39. Bence Rózsa

    Bence Rózsa

    10 napja

    Its funny how they didnt put in the radio conversation of redbull about hamilton using the outside of the track for the half of the race 😆 shame on mercedes And the actuall reaction of hamilton when he got a warning like it would be the most netural thing what he did... Joke

  40. Krzysztof Szylar

    Krzysztof Szylar

    10 napja

    Yuki is defo a f1 driver now COME ON I GOT F1CK1NG TRAFFIC

  41. John Draisey

    John Draisey

    10 napja

    Did Red Bull tell Verstappen to let Hamilton win??



    10 napja

    hamilton and mercedes cheaters, Max the driver!!!

    • Wibb


      7 napja

      What do you mean, max is the cheater for overtaking him off of track



    10 napja

    Kimi always the best XD XD

  44. Mayo


    10 napja

    Kimi was confused how he kept saying I can't hear immediately after kimi keeps saying can u hear me??

  45. Flávio Roberto

    Flávio Roberto

    10 napja

    Nikita MazeSpin

  46. Pykle Five

    Pykle Five

    10 napja

    The macho partner functionally serve because meal unprecedentedly step amid a outrageous router. majestic, demonic banker

  47. Dutch


    10 napja

    all ready we have the best team radio of the year, kimi.

  48. I Just Fell Down

    I Just Fell Down

    10 napja

    Everyone making fun of Kimi's radio but I think the pit crew can see when drivers push the radio button and so they were responding "can't hear you" after they saw him push it regularly but no Audio reached them.

  49. Troye Cohen

    Troye Cohen

    10 napja

    Crofty makes my ears bleed

  50. BravoRomeo YT

    BravoRomeo YT

    10 napja

    0:14 Welp, never put radio in the front wing

  51. Dennis Gutknecht

    Dennis Gutknecht

    10 napja

    Hamilton with his advantages...

  52. C SMITH


    10 napja

    Hey F1 "Game" no way my front wing would survive that vettle

  53. kev glitt

    kev glitt

    10 napja

    The scattered basket jekely matter because insulation immunophenotypically supply during a aromatic waitress. unkempt, unbiased work

  54. Utetopia


    10 napja

    4:09 Lewis Hamilton was knighted?

  55. Buddha90quattro


    10 napja

    Hamilton: " Great team work!" Yes, between Mercedes and race direction.

  56. Erick Omondi

    Erick Omondi

    11 napja

    Can you hear me SOS...

  57. Erick Omondi

    Erick Omondi

    11 napja

    Can you hear me SOS...

  58. Hells Hound

    Hells Hound

    11 napja

    I like how mazepins race engineer was so calm

  59. Sean Calasara

    Sean Calasara

    11 napja

    Kimi: can you hear me? The engineer that can hear him but says no: no I don’t hear you

  60. YavorF


    11 napja

    Absolute joke of a win for Hamilton! Race-control ruined the race once again. 18 laps he went off the track at turn 4 and no penalty. Lost the position from Max and race-control needed 10s to make a decision... DISGRACE !

  61. Gábor Miklay

    Gábor Miklay

    11 napja

    00:53 who doesn't? 😁

  62. Gábor Miklay

    Gábor Miklay

    11 napja

    00:08 Where there is traffic there might be jam! 😁



    11 napja

    But you answer still…

  64. Jarrett Embry

    Jarrett Embry

    11 napja

    1:42 What is a purple sector? Does the sector become purple when he has the fastest sector, so he had fastest time in each?

  65. Rafael Terozi

    Rafael Terozi

    11 napja

    2:43 Happy image

  66. Alan Angcao

    Alan Angcao

    11 napja

    Mazepin’s balance was off the entire weekend apparently...

  67. Gilvan Junior

    Gilvan Junior

    11 napja

    Mazepin rodando e o engenheiro dizendo no rádio que terá muito mais (rodadas). Kkkkkkk

  68. John Wells

    John Wells

    11 napja

    KIMI !!!.....HE'LL ALWAYS BE GOLD !!

  69. makan baks0

    makan baks0

    11 napja

    FIA need more brains, they can't event think properly



    11 napja

    Liwes só ganha corrida assim. Hum. Lewis only wins a race like that. Direction of proof drool egg

  71. Ari Prabowo

    Ari Prabowo

    11 napja

    Norris 🤣🤣🤣



    11 napja


  73. Daniel A.

    Daniel A.

    11 napja

    Oh ******! ******! -Perez

  74. bideomanlol


    11 napja

    How crazy would it be to be so rich you get to learn how to drive in f1.

  75. Okay Mister

    Okay Mister

    11 napja

    Hamilton: goes over track limits 29 times Red bull: Lets do the same *warning about track limits within 3 laps*

    • Okay Mister

      Okay Mister

      8 napja

      @part of the group called people of the internet exactly

    • part of the group called people of the internet

      part of the group called people of the internet

      8 napja

      @Okay Mister this... The FIA.... Is ridiculous

    • Okay Mister

      Okay Mister

      8 napja

      @part of the group called people of the internet max got the message to start using the outside of turn 4 at lap 32. Mercedes got the message (not even a warning) at lap 38. After which lewis responds with “i thought there were no track limits, Ive been doing that all race”

    • part of the group called people of the internet

      part of the group called people of the internet

      8 napja

      @Okay Mister can you tell exactly which lap they got a warning ? Because I think they re monitored around lap 30 Well Max's overtake on Lewis is not a part of this topic but it's the FIA which confused everyone

    • Okay Mister

      Okay Mister

      8 napja

      @part of the group called people of the internet redbull Did it for about 3 laps. After that officials gave out the warning

  76. gunsnrosesforever100


    11 napja

    It's nice to hear a driver take responsibility for spinning out instead of saying " the car is totally out of balance **** "

  77. irakli Simongulashvili

    irakli Simongulashvili

    11 napja

    i gotta say, i like the new colours of them cars. Kimi situation fun funny tho lol

  78. Felix La Traverse

    Felix La Traverse

    11 napja

    Is it me or f1 uses the smoothes background music

  79. Matteo Moretto

    Matteo Moretto

    11 napja

    MaFia gg

  80. Michael Syvius

    Michael Syvius

    11 napja

    Mazapin: I crashed Engineer: Its okay, your dad bought the cars. Mazapin's dad:.............

  81. Darlington Nwosu

    Darlington Nwosu

    11 napja

    "This video is not available" F1 please sort this issue out

  82. Wasif2R


    11 napja

    At least we can hear you Kimi

  83. Henrik Pettersen

    Henrik Pettersen

    11 napja

    The safety car has finished more laps then mazepin so far this season

  84. Archit Barve

    Archit Barve

    11 napja

    Nikita Maze🅱️pin

  85. Raul Corres

    Raul Corres

    11 napja

    Man. Seeing Vettel make the same mistakes as he did in Ferrari definitely makes me worried.

  86. Dwine_Playz


    11 napja

    90% " Can you hear me? -Raikkonnen " 10% other comments.

  87. Henry


    11 napja


  88. Bonsai Herman

    Bonsai Herman

    11 napja

    Hello Steven. This is Clem Fandango. Can you hear me? Press the button you donut

  89. Damian Escalada

    Damian Escalada

    11 napja

    "he's overtaken me OUTSIDE THE TRACK" atte: Lewis Hamilton

  90. Francesco Giraudo

    Francesco Giraudo

    11 napja

    Lando and the fireworks😂

  91. GhostScythe


    11 napja

    Wait, so, why did Max need to let Lewis win? That makes mo sense.

  92. Kj Gamer2614

    Kj Gamer2614

    11 napja

    Can you hear me? Negative I can’t hear. What????

  93. FuRbaLG


    12 napja

    Hamilton goes wide turn 4 all race long, noone bats an eye Verstappen does taht 1 time and everyone loses their mind.

  94. Nancy Tok Juan Lim

    Nancy Tok Juan Lim

    12 napja

    Mazepin sounded so sad

  95. Tim Coen

    Tim Coen

    12 napja

    everybody8 lets cry because max overtake him outside the track 😂😂

  96. Tippy Tappy Man

    Tippy Tappy Man

    12 napja

    Was Kimi just trolling?

  97. It wasn’t Me

    It wasn’t Me

    12 napja

    “We’re those fireworks for me?”🤣🤣

  98. Cole Brooks

    Cole Brooks

    12 napja

    Lewis exceeded those same track limits as Max 30 times during the race with no warning but when Verstappen uses that same track for a pass it's illegal? They really do look after their poster boy lol.



    12 napja

    Tv : no worries mate, we're here to learn mate Netflix : effin s###

  100. Mr Cow579

    Mr Cow579

    12 napja

    Still BS that the mercs were allowed to run turn 4 wide all race up until redbull started doing it too.