The Drivers' Post-Race Reaction | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

Reaction from the drivers to a thrilling opening race of the 2021 season - Lewis Hamilton earned his 96th F1 win, drivers settled into new teams while three rookies made their debuts.
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  1. Sarang Sharma

    Sarang Sharma

    12 órája

    Tusunoda looks like such a kid in the interviews

  2. Corredor Mega3D

    Corredor Mega3D

    6 napja


  3. Juan Ignacio jodurcha

    Juan Ignacio jodurcha

    6 napja

    Bottas 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. lavar anthony

    lavar anthony

    8 napja

    Atleast 2 of them wearing richard mille watches mbn

  5. wonsowon


    8 napja

    Props to the guy with SponsorBlock add-ons for putting sponsor segment on Mazespin's interview.

  6. Hannah Savage

    Hannah Savage

    9 napja

    Lando Faze Up!

  7. Broke sports fan

    Broke sports fan

    10 napja

    Everyone was happy after that race! Great start to the season

  8. Freedom Voice

    Freedom Voice

    11 napja

    FIA changing the turn 4 rule mid race after Mercedes gain 3 seconds advantage over 29 laps. But when Red Bull want to take the same advantage the FIA forbid it. FIA helps Mercedes, so Hamilton must be disqualify and the win must go to Verstappen.

  9. un personnage

    un personnage

    12 napja

    retirer vos mask

  10. Yusuf Kurniawan

    Yusuf Kurniawan

    12 napja

    The aston martin reminds me of Jaguar F1

  11. Ivo Trausch

    Ivo Trausch

    12 napja

    From an IndyCar perspective, I am glad F1 found their own Santino Ferruci

  12. Donovan Coetzee

    Donovan Coetzee

    13 napja

    You all look like idiots with your masks🤣

  13. Kirill


    13 napja

    Feels like Bottas is going to win the title this year. So energetic.

    • Ntuthuko


      10 napja


  14. Ron Anderson

    Ron Anderson

    13 napja

    King lewis

  15. Elrod Jenkins

    Elrod Jenkins

    13 napja

    I am def a Vettel fan. But I will have to say, at least right now, he no longer seems to be in it anymore. I hope I am wrong......

  16. Barry Mantz

    Barry Mantz

    13 napja

    I cheated for about 28 laps in trun 4 but it still was so touch! Hopefully race controle will do a better job next race, .... that's what tough looks like for you Lewis! You cheating basterd!

  17. The BoomerVille Insider

    The BoomerVille Insider

    13 napja

    4:38 awwww so unfortunate

  18. Ermir


    13 napja

    Was Lewis really wearing a leather mask?!

  19. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

    13 napja

    Lewis should be happy because he had yet another race handed to him but it it is what it is and it was a great race. As a long time Ferrari guy I was glad to see them back fighting again.

  20. Mavo


    13 napja

    So do the FIA sponsor Ham annually or race by race option ?

  21. Ernie H

    Ernie H

    13 napja

    you can see the great spirit inside of Lewis Hamilton.... he's an old soul.......interesting how with a mask on your eyes become the focus of expression.

  22. Paul D

    Paul D

    13 napja

    Nice corner cutting from Lewis all race

  23. Shaminda Yapa

    Shaminda Yapa

    13 napja

    Lewis Hamilton is the best racer in the any era

  24. Funk BR 10 Inscreva-se

    Funk BR 10 Inscreva-se

    13 napja


  25. First Prototype

    First Prototype

    13 napja

    "Why Hamilton Going Off Track 29 Times Was LEGAL"

  26. Chilly Wizard

    Chilly Wizard

    13 napja

    Finally, Lewis has to work hard for his money, now that there are other fast cars on the track. As soon as a race is a Mercedes P1 and P2 I'm cancelling F1 on Sky...

  27. KeepitRazzy


    13 napja

    luis the clown, you cut corners the whole race

  28. FreshP3psi


    14 napja

    Vettel with Ferrari : TrAcToR Vettel with Aston Martin : Unlucky of course its not the driver ;)

  29. Ak-_-Reap3r


    14 napja

    With the help of ma-FiA Lewis will be able to obtain another championship...

  30. Kevwe Egbegbedia

    Kevwe Egbegbedia

    14 napja

    Go for the 8th title Sir Lewis

  31. Noel Kerns

    Noel Kerns

    14 napja

    Hard to work up much sympathy for MazeSpin.

  32. ThriftybyNature


    14 napja

    I’ll close this video as soon as I see Mazepin

  33. Mr. idk

    Mr. idk

    14 napja

    I loved that the camera needed to be pointed down to tsunoda bc It was too high for him

  34. David Tridium

    David Tridium

    14 napja

    Why no Paddock Pass with Will Buxton anymore?? Watched them through the F1 app. Every episode. Pre race, post qualifying and post race editions were all great.

  35. Angel Gonzalez

    Angel Gonzalez

    14 napja

    ver a max y checo intercambiando palabras atrás de hamilton es lo mejor

  36. HirsheyX


    14 napja

    The tedious dog gergely wonder because africa extraorally happen save a adventurous clutch. draconian, nutritious pediatrician

  37. H22 JDM

    H22 JDM

    14 napja

    You can stop watching the video at 4:30. Everything after that is pointless

  38. Christian Haro

    Christian Haro

    14 napja

    Lewis asault the race during 29 laps on corner 4. And the maFIA marshalls at Balestre's style

  39. Itnol Gaming

    Itnol Gaming

    14 napja

    seriously, you can see the camera adjustment when Yuki takes the turn to talk. Im crying AHHAHAHAHAHA

  40. Tejaswi Nagpal

    Tejaswi Nagpal

    14 napja

    Did not like Seb looking that sad, seemed like he couldn't face the camera..

  41. drGonzo


    14 napja

    Who's driving with a pink slip ?

  42. JP Brind'Amour

    JP Brind'Amour

    14 napja

    The idiocy of masks knows no bounds.

  43. Pepe Laugh

    Pepe Laugh

    14 napja

    Hamilton left the track 29 times. FIA did nothing. Blatant cheating at this point just to favor Hamilton. Disgusting...

  44. Andrew Loader

    Andrew Loader

    14 napja

    The end result was wrong ,both Mercedes drivers were putting all 4 wheels over that red line so they should of had time penalties so max should have won the race .

  45. Affan Rafique

    Affan Rafique

    14 napja

    Hats of for the Honesty of Nikita & Ocon

  46. HappyJoyKill Last

    HappyJoyKill Last

    14 napja

    I get this sinhking feeling that Sebastian is going to drag AstonMartin down with him in his tenure there over the next few years. He seems to have lost his mojo and replaced it with nit picking and an argumentative mentality. Iu worry he cannot shake this persona he has now established and I cannot see it taking him very far. Not even to the limits of this car.

  47. Arthur Severgnini

    Arthur Severgnini

    14 napja

    Checo about to make history

  48. Elham Ahmed

    Elham Ahmed

    14 napja

    I feel so bad for Norris because he is in p four he was almost in the pole position

  49. RxR the flame

    RxR the flame

    14 napja

    Hamilton did you mean:hard to keep the car on track?!

    • MadmanGoneMad2012


      14 napja

      That would be Verstappen

  50. Justin Chambers

    Justin Chambers

    14 napja

    Perez an absolute beast yet again 💪

  51. Enrique Carballo

    Enrique Carballo

    14 napja

    Shame on you F1, shame on you. What you did to Verstapen is shame. You should get him back his first place, points and an apology.

  52. H Dunbavan

    H Dunbavan

    14 napja


  53. Günther Maurer

    Günther Maurer

    14 napja

    Ich hasse diesen schelm

  54. João Fonseca

    João Fonseca

    14 napja

    Back livestream F2

  55. AL3X C#OP

    AL3X C#OP

    14 napja

    We still can see that little smile of Lando behind the mask 😂😂

  56. Dragomir Stijovic

    Dragomir Stijovic

    14 napja

    Ffs leclerc you scared me

  57. Aaryan bhattarai

    Aaryan bhattarai

    14 napja

    Why are they interviewing the black sheep. He spun in 1 lap. 🥴🥴🥴

  58. John Clery

    John Clery

    14 napja

    Years of Schumacher followed by years of Hamilton. Boring. Drivers contracts should be time limited to any one team. F1 is in desperate need of a radical change to shake everything up. Who wants to watch the same guy with same team win over and over and over?

  59. l A

    l A

    14 napja

    what's that on his face??

  60. Bowl O Chili

    Bowl O Chili

    14 napja

    Mazepin is a massive bonehead but does anyone else kinda want to like him when he speaks? He seems really cordial and friendly, docile even.

  61. Arturo Fuentes

    Arturo Fuentes

    14 napja

    Racing point rn 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  62. Diego Grigorescu

    Diego Grigorescu

    14 napja

    legends are going down😞 alonso, kimi, vettel 😞

  63. Blip Clips

    Blip Clips

    14 napja

    is only me that can not understood Kimi and Carlos english?

  64. CJB


    14 napja

    I am expecting a "Top 10 shortest F1 debuts" in the works

  65. Bassmint


    14 napja

    4:30 video ends here

  66. Simon S

    Simon S

    14 napja

    I know it is only the first race, but Vettel will have a tough season for sure...

  67. J024


    14 napja

    Max surely kicked himself for being too eager to overtake HAM.

  68. Philipp


    14 napja

    Why is Latifi in F1 ? There is no reason

  69. DSG


    14 napja

    What a great sportsman and racer Hamilton is, relishing the fact he can finally duel with someone, love his reaction. Imagine if Alonso was in his place, he would complain like he did in the past many times.

  70. Rubén Elías May

    Rubén Elías May

    14 napja

    Upload the full interviews! This bits are not enough

  71. Rahul Bollineni

    Rahul Bollineni

    14 napja

    So tough cutting the track 29 times and becomes a karen when some one else does lol champion and goat

  72. aby 0386

    aby 0386

    14 napja

    02:29 Go... Kimi ^^ pdhal udah jd bapak”

  73. TheFinalApproach


    14 napja

    Congrats to Hamilton. Deserved win. Verstappen put up a great fight. I hope he wins the next GP.

  74. OSEH


    14 napja

    I think tsunoda has potential

  75. Seb's


    14 napja


  76. Joep Bouwman

    Joep Bouwman

    14 napja

    Wait latifi had na dnf? When did that happen

  77. starbwoi 1

    starbwoi 1

    14 napja

    Where are the Lewis haters. Oh Lewis wins because he's in a faster car 😂. Give max a similar car and he'll beat Lewis. Okay max here's a faster car, oh sh💩t Lewis wins.

  78. JJ Ortiz

    JJ Ortiz

    14 napja

    Video ends in 4:30 for those who aren't aware.

  79. vinodh


    14 napja

    Kimi kimi kimi kimi kimi

  80. Laura Márquez

    Laura Márquez

    14 napja

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💗

  81. blaubeer prinz

    blaubeer prinz

    14 napja

    how low haas budget really is, shows little schumis face mask

  82. DoxYDox DeLamanca

    DoxYDox DeLamanca

    14 napja

    Max' reaction: "How Ham's allowed to gain an advantage by going wide in turn 4, but the rest aren't? That's Sir Ham to you, Max. Plus, can you imagine if we, the FIA, didn't allow him to do so? We'd be called racist!"

  83. Gonzalo Caprara

    Gonzalo Caprara

    14 napja

    Nunca un video subtitulado no??

  84. Chandi Sharma

    Chandi Sharma

    14 napja

    You're over the moon because you know it was impossible to win unless FIA help you help you. Max the real winner.

  85. Darryl Mabini

    Darryl Mabini

    14 napja

    Lewis the best go go go for another championship

  86. Tantowi Haryanto

    Tantowi Haryanto

    14 napja

    Is nobody gonna talk about what perez did from behind? Twice in a row!!! From 2020 last race

  87. Dutch Infinity

    Dutch Infinity

    14 napja

    They shouldf been clear on track limits like normal races. Over thenline once = a warning, twice a warning, three times a penalty. This weak sh... makes F1 the laupghing stock of racing.

  88. Dani


    14 napja

    Poor Vettel. I am actually starting to feel sorry for him now. Complete F-up again and blaming others while it is clearly 100% his own mistakes.

  89. Nudel Biały Murzyn

    Nudel Biały Murzyn

    14 napja

    Kimi is quite talkative lately😆 Fernando shows some racing craft. Bit shame he didn't finished the race.

  90. Boy G

    Boy G

    14 napja

    great reaction by MV, shows how much he has progressed as a driver and a person

  91. Giuseppe Pennisi

    Giuseppe Pennisi

    14 napja

    Bottas said it all. It was fixed. His team deliberately took him out of contention and they deliberately did the undercut with Lewis to give a little show. Mercedes are playing with the rest of the field.

  92. D Harper

    D Harper

    14 napja

    Sorry to say I think Seb is done, time to retire and move on

  93. Anwar Aslander

    Anwar Aslander

    14 napja

    Cant wait for the next race

  94. faidonas mavros

    faidonas mavros

    14 napja

    Imagine Verstapen losing the championship for 8 points..

  95. JZX90Chaser


    14 napja

    Mazepin talking about his race was longer than his actual race was

  96. MyGaming Den

    MyGaming Den

    14 napja

    4:30... pretty short video.

  97. Moritz Regis

    Moritz Regis

    14 napja

    Germany 2018 was Vettels Stalingrad.

  98. Tony


    14 napja

    Hamilton is the 3d best f1 driver for me

  99. Alex Onarres

    Alex Onarres

    14 napja

    Lewis is a cunning person. He will politically play the game in every race to the drivers who try to overtake him. He always squeezes the overtaking driver off the track, and the drivers have two choices. Either run over the track limit or suffer a bump to the rear of their car. Subsequently throwing the other driver off track or worse. Suffer a puncture by running over the front wing of Lewis' car. He is a cheat. I have seen this move many times by Lewis. I don't respect him anymore.

  100. Desmond Abril

    Desmond Abril

    14 napja

    Max and Perez killed it But Hamilton used his vast experience to outduel Max Max better get going a lot earlier than later.