Top 10 Battles For The Lead Of The F1 Hybrid Era

We've witnessed numerous thrilling battles for the lead in the infamous hybrid era and have narrowed down ten of the very best so far. Buckle in!
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  1. rouc


    15 perccel

    Cars flying tho

  2. Marius Knudsen

    Marius Knudsen


    3:01 it looks like they are flying :D

  3. oastghostplays


    3 órája

    basically... Top 8 times Lewis fought for the win and 2 times those children fought

  4. AT1G


    3 órája

    Only the people who watched this in the first week or so would know that the title didn’t say For the Lead but the thumbnail did

  5. Bialy


    4 órája

    It's only TOP 10, cause there is hard to find more than 10 this kind of battles in this era xD

  6. Sebastian Blomerus

    Sebastian Blomerus

    7 órája


  7. 01Hyp3r


    10 órája

    where tf is verstappen vs leclerc in silverstone 2019??????



    13 órája

    Where's Verstappen and Hamilton's battle at Monaco 2019?

  9. Hassaan Anwar

    Hassaan Anwar

    13 órája

    9:30 Spitting fire🔥

  10. Sam Klix

    Sam Klix

    14 órája

    really liked the music on that one ;)

  11. Dan Li

    Dan Li

    16 órája

    Yes come on Räikkönen vs. Hamilton for P2🙄 I mean this was so lap 30-35. Lewis changes the Tyres and Kimi donˋt

  12. MuDdY Mudd

    MuDdY Mudd

    16 órája

    The most repulsive champion ever and you know who im talking about without giving a name..!

  13. Victoria M

    Victoria M

    17 órája

    did anyone notice how the Red Bull looks like it's flying in 3:01?

  14. Personix Talento

    Personix Talento

    18 órája

    Verstappen vs Leclerc should be number 2

  15. F kabam

    F kabam

    18 órája

    That was top 10 Hamilton battles, great job Sky Hamilton F1

  16. charitra Jain

    charitra Jain

    19 órája

    I am having a question since I started watching f1 I have seen that Alonso use to criticize honda engine when he was in McLaren but I haven't seen max criticizing them . Moreover he scored podium with honda engines where as Alonso scored nada . So why m

    • 大切な人を守って


      16 órája

      i've read it's because the McLaren insisted on size S chassis for a size M Honda engine. now Honda maybe gots the tiniest engine with the most power .see?Honda finally came up with the size the McLaren wants,they were challenged and Honda replied .took years,'tho 😁 but Alonso is impatient and a big funny mouth

  17. Dominik Kovács

    Dominik Kovács

    19 órája

    2019 Silverstone - Leclerc vs Verstappen

  18. D K

    D K

    19 órája

    I miss the Rosberg Hamilton rivalry :'(

  19. Revelation Five

    Revelation Five

    19 órája

    if the mercs is much advance and dominant for almost a decade. bring back rosberg instead as hamilton's teammate. then f1 would be exciting again.

  20. VerTiic


    20 órája

    Come on why don't you show any of Vettles battles for it.

  21. Vwvsbros


    20 órája

    Idk why but when I was watching this vid on my TV somehow the German gp became the British gp overtake and I was like tf

  22. LeRoi


    20 órája

    Man that 2019 Mercedes still was the sexiest one.

  23. Bhargav Radhakrishna

    Bhargav Radhakrishna

    21 órája

    'Bottas' and 'versus' don't really go together in the same sentence

  24. Almay Lacambra

    Almay Lacambra

    22 órája

    10:00 now its opposite first it was red bull protesting now its mercedes protesting against them

  25. Kartik Mathur

    Kartik Mathur

    22 órája

    "I don't know how you did that", the correct answer is "no one can overtake in Monaco"

  26. Giant Waddles

    Giant Waddles

    22 órája

    Alternative title: Valteri told to let Lewis win

  27. Shlok Agarwal

    Shlok Agarwal

    23 órája

    3:00 the choppers shadow makes it seem like Verstappens Red Bull is flying in the air.

  28. El madnesswn

    El madnesswn


    This is "Top 10 Battles against Lewis Hamilton"

  29. Madan Borate

    Madan Borate


    If you'll not look so closely on Hamilton and Verstappen in Germany. It feels like the redbull is flying due to the helicopters shadow

  30. Lil snake

    Lil snake


    Formula 1 is the hottest and action

  31. Colii



    I totally forgot they used the Ultra Softs in 17 and 18




    How on earth is number 9 Valtteri it’s James even a battke

  33. Marc Huijssen

    Marc Huijssen


    Just to much Hamilton

  34. famv7



    Hamilton vs Bottas, can you call that a battle? 🤣

  35. Noé Bctx

    Noé Bctx


    Where is the fight of Russel?

  36. John Gambardine

    John Gambardine


    Hybrid is not f1

  37. The Blue Car

    The Blue Car


    To all that say Hamilton is in all the battles: Vettel Vs Ricciardo is 10. Right? Verstappen Vs Leclerc is 3. Right

  38. Cid FoxJof Bivar

    Cid FoxJof Bivar


    That selection was quite meh. There was ton of better fights to show. No need for Bottas being team ordered. Charles win should have been much higher as well. And Monaco 2019 and obviously now Bahrein 2021 should be here.

  39. Johnny Hothand

    Johnny Hothand


    *Verstappen leaves the track when being already in front* Hamilton: he passed ne outside of the track 😭

  40. matthewruss



    How did lecler not get a penalty for running Lewis wide.......oh ye italian track

  41. Jason Segarra

    Jason Segarra


    Nico vs Hamilton 2014 we need more of that competition.

  42. Toqune



    since bahrain this year i hate lewis and mercedes

  43. FarmYard Gaming

    FarmYard Gaming


    James, it's Valtteri

  44. VerifiedOffComments



    *bold of u to assume there'll be no epic battles for the rest of this season* haha

  45. Χαρης Αλεξιου

    Χαρης Αλεξιου


    how is it possible not to include leclerc vs verstappen silverstone 2019?

  46. Indranil sarkar

    Indranil sarkar


    I have seen enough of Bottas' sacrifices for Sir Lewis Hamilton... I want him to be treated equally... He is not a wingman!!! I WANT HIM TO WIN THIS SEASON!!!! ( no hate towards Sir Hamilton )

  47. Its Delex

    Its Delex


    I actually can’t look at the Bahrain overtake by max verstappen it makes me depressed because max deserved that win

  48. Scypnerr



    5:20 i thought they gonna show us the fans again haha

  49. swg_fpv



    2:44 I'm proud of you Nico

  50. Matze Jaschi

    Matze Jaschi


    Alternative Titel: Nice Batteles in the last 4 Years

  51. Maevrik G

    Maevrik G

    2 napja

    Big joke

  52. Furo


    2 napja

    There were no better Fights than a result, decided by a team-order?

  53. Arch3r666


    2 napja

    Can we have the Battle of the Midfields? They were weirder and hard to not be glued

  54. Megan Mackey

    Megan Mackey

    2 napja

    The productive sign moberly manage because design synchronously handle about a marked copper. spectacular, royal honey

  55. Siley Smith

    Siley Smith

    2 napja

    Basically Hamilton doing what he does every week

  56. András Szittya

    András Szittya

    2 napja

    You guys are really desperate for content...

  57. Adam Foster

    Adam Foster

    2 napja

    The dude who made this video seems pretty upset at Mercedes lol

  58. Unknown User

    Unknown User

    2 napja

    Formula 1 became sooooooo boring

  59. Ever Green

    Ever Green

    2 napja

    Top 10 Battles For The Lead Of The F1 Turbo Hybrid Era

  60. Donovan G

    Donovan G

    2 napja

    There are some video game moves going on #6....

  61. Caleb Smith

    Caleb Smith

    2 napja

    Ricciardo v Bottas China 2018?? Why no see

  62. Jarkko Kainulainen

    Jarkko Kainulainen

    2 napja

    Bottas said he almost quit f1 after that race.

  63. Ahmad Kalot

    Ahmad Kalot

    2 napja

    3:01 ricciardo seemed floating

  64. GuardrailHitter


    2 napja

    they didn't have to do much because only 10 overtakes for the lead happened this era

  65. Mauricio Trindade

    Mauricio Trindade

    2 napja

    Rosberg: And then someone should tell me that the sport is boring. F1 hybrid era: Proceeds to be one of the most boring eras ever.

  66. Claudia Elizalde

    Claudia Elizalde

    2 napja

    Y Checo ..🏎️🤩👀 en el podio en la #1 batalla ... jajaja 🤣😎🏎️😜😅😅🤣🤣

  67. Anthony Martìnez

    Anthony Martìnez

    2 napja

    Can't bealieve USA 2018 ain't here :/

  68. Chris Elphick

    Chris Elphick

    2 napja

    No chance Leclerc shouldn't have got a penalty at Monza, shoved Hamilon off one, double move another time and maintained the lead going off track!! Can tell they were in Italy that day

  69. Le-WiiSs


    2 napja

    Hamilton video. Honorable mentions: Verstappen & Leclerc

  70. Luka Džidić

    Luka Džidić

    2 napja

    Just the FIA laughing in the face of all true F1 fans by putting germany 2018 "fight" for the lead in the top 10 fights... Same could be said for any and all monaco fights as no similarly quick cars will ever overtake each other there barring some big mistakes from the guy in front

  71. Captain_ Nesquik

    Captain_ Nesquik

    2 napja

    Best battle, Verstappen vs FIA

  72. jh b

    jh b

    2 napja

    Why no 2017 spain

  73. dar1s


    2 napja

    Was i the only one who tought the car was flloating at 3:01 ??

  74. shaun harding

    shaun harding

    2 napja

    No Kimi vs Lewis at USA 2018

  75. Arnaud J.

    Arnaud J.

    2 napja

    *I love how they took 9 races from 2018-2021 and then just put 2014 and completely erased 2015-2017 from history books.*

  76. Arnaud J.

    Arnaud J.

    2 napja

    *How is this joke of this year Bahrain GP in 4th? lol*

  77. Tim Vernak

    Tim Vernak

    2 napja

    Max passed lewis before going off track. Stolen victory

  78. preiaen


    2 napja

    Did somebody else also think Riccardo was flying in Hungary due to the helicopter shadow? Had to watch it twice to convince myself.

  79. Max Mus

    Max Mus

    2 napja

    NOTHING against MotoGP

  80. evrmore


    2 napja

    that hamilton vs rosberg in bahrain really was legendary🔥🔥🔥

  81. Danial


    2 napja

    This video is boring too much hamilton



    2 napja

    2:44 Rosberg:too bad im not an F1 mercedes driver anymore

  83. Pier Giorgio Rosier

    Pier Giorgio Rosier

    2 napja


  84. ziggyg 6

    ziggyg 6

    2 napja

    9:32 crofty spitting some bars

  85. Bladezy_Wadezy


    2 napja


  86. Konstantin Mueller

    Konstantin Mueller

    2 napja

    Is it just me or does it look like the Red Bull is flying above the track 3:02

  87. Zack Stout

    Zack Stout

    2 napja

    Personally, I feel like Lec vs Ham at Monza should've swapped with Kimi vs Ham at Monza

  88. Legys TV

    Legys TV

    2 napja

    Please do someone know where did Lewis Hamilton said he pushed me off please someone i m so confused

  89. haterushnun


    2 napja

    9:31 Crofty with some big bars! Sounds like a banger!

  90. chetan Pratapaneni

    chetan Pratapaneni

    2 napja

    How many of you went back into the video to count the number of Hamilton battles?

  91. Dhritiman Nandi

    Dhritiman Nandi

    2 napja

    Why not Bahrain 2018 or 2017 where seb was defending against the mercs

  92. Blaine Conrad

    Blaine Conrad

    2 napja

    wait 33 won 2021 Barhan

  93. Viraj Waghanna

    Viraj Waghanna

    2 napja

    3:01 I thought the cars were floating in the air 🤣

  94. Mason Edwards

    Mason Edwards

    2 napja

    Rosberg thinking this guy could never say those words to me when I was there

  95. George Simeonidis

    George Simeonidis

    2 napja

    Should've put Raikonnen vs Hamilton US GP 2018 instead of the Hamilton vs Bottas German GP 2018

  96. George Simeonidis

    George Simeonidis

    3 napja

    Seriously James, as Valtteri says, "F**k you"

  97. HamOnRye Chinaski

    HamOnRye Chinaski

    3 napja

    Battle? Monaco 2018? Nah. Not ever

  98. terreseco


    3 napja

    3:00 can't wait for fly f1 cars.

  99. Álvaro Moroño

    Álvaro Moroño

    3 napja


  100. Dundee Dideley

    Dundee Dideley

    3 napja

    Last one pure class from Rosberg. Gracious defeat