Yuki Tsunoda's Slick Move On Fernando Alonso #Shorts

"Whoo!" The new AlphaTauri driver enjoyed passing the two-time world champion during his maiden F1 race.
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  1. Šimon Plechata

    Šimon Plechata


    V tec JUST kicked in ..... 🔥🔥 From zero to Hero.

  2. Ga


    2 napja

    Is it nice to see just a wheel? Nonsense of vertical crop... Please stop doing it!

  3. De Toa Baja Pal' Mundo

    De Toa Baja Pal' Mundo

    3 napja

    Gp2 engine

  4. TechBug


    5 napja

    Easy to overtake a slower car, and then celebrate:P

  5. N M

    N M

    5 napja

    Alonso being overtaken by GP2 engine. He must be a really bad driver.

  6. Silver2909


    6 napja

    Just put the regular format for crying out loud. This is ridiculous.

  7. Reddyck


    6 napja

    A camera angle like a Honda 2015 engine. Amazing!

  8. DdariQ


    7 napja

    These are unwatchable. Even on a phone. F1, please stop this.

  9. Blake Gowin-Haines

    Blake Gowin-Haines

    7 napja

    He doesn’t drive like a rookie maybe we are seeing a new Hamilton

  10. ZeroL


    7 napja

    I think the one on stroll was way more exiting

  11. Colin Walton

    Colin Walton

    7 napja

    Every Formula One driver has always raced to win since I have watched the Sport.

  12. Sahan Jay

    Sahan Jay

    7 napja

    Poor old fellow

  13. Lightening McQueen

    Lightening McQueen

    7 napja


  14. lLawManl


    7 napja

    Must be a crazy moment for any young driver to be sandwiched between Alonso and Raikkonen

  15. Alexey Bulgakov

    Alexey Bulgakov

    8 napja

    Vertical 12sec video especially for Tik-Tok generation

  16. IamMotionMedia


    8 napja

    why bother even upload this junk

  17. Bìĺàļ Ŕámźèéñ

    Bìĺàļ Ŕámźèéñ

    8 napja

    To 👿 with this aspect ratio

  18. Kaki Mod

    Kaki Mod

    8 napja

    Alonso : a GP2 engine overtook me

  19. Rounak Amre

    Rounak Amre

    8 napja

    Didn't know Grosjean was yuki's race engineer

  20. hahaha hahahaha

    hahaha hahahaha

    8 napja

    that overtake is the same like the other overtake yuki make. But because he's a legend f1 make a video about it.

  21. sharpie fatah

    sharpie fatah

    8 napja

    Jackson storm vs Lightning mqueen.

  22. sam tinkler

    sam tinkler

    8 napja

    POV: You are a wheel arch

  23. Basil Babu

    Basil Babu

    8 napja

    That downshift tho🤤

  24. Mike Bate

    Mike Bate

    8 napja

    Formula Wheel.

  25. Jay Bevoman

    Jay Bevoman

    8 napja

    Someone needs to be sacked for putting the video that way

  26. olifilipe


    8 napja

    Alonso “GP3 engine”!!!

  27. GurripatoRojo


    8 napja

    Really? You just post a vertical video in HUeye... of a driver with far better tyres... overtaking easily with DRS in the main straight... a car that was retired a few laps later due his rear brakes and bettery problems... for the 11th place... xD

  28. Matty Birch

    Matty Birch

    8 napja

    Ah yes. Front left tyre. Very cool f1.

  29. ROT8TED


    8 napja

    Whats so slick about it?

  30. Lito 16

    Lito 16

    8 napja


  31. Gel Mir

    Gel Mir

    8 napja

    that's what happens when you give someone a space.

  32. Deyar bs

    Deyar bs

    8 napja

    Wow nice tsunoda

  33. AIcaire 117

    AIcaire 117

    8 napja

    What a yoke these shorts are.

  34. CrabNicolson


    8 napja

    To be fair, nando let him by. It was kind of a dive bomb.

  35. João Machado

    João Machado

    8 napja

    The vertical video makes absolutely no sense!

  36. hseo 8

    hseo 8

    9 napja

    Keep in mind alonso brake problem



    9 napja

    indycar has a 360 live panning camera

  38. Colin Walton

    Colin Walton

    9 napja

    Looked at BBC Website and say Formula One does have a purpose. It always has.

  39. A D

    A D

    9 napja

    My left wheel enjoyed this video

  40. Chris M

    Chris M

    9 napja

    Great overtake. Not that I can tell from this awful video.

  41. Kyuubi840


    9 napja

    Could these maybe include 2 different cameras at the same time, to better use the vertical space? I think vertical shots are super inadequate for F1 onboards like this, you can't see anything!

  42. Siddharth Panigrahi

    Siddharth Panigrahi

    9 napja

    Is it only me or his engineer sounds like Grosjean

  43. GoTiago


    9 napja

    No pilot can't beat Michael Schumacher🏎

  44. Richard Ondimu

    Richard Ondimu

    9 napja

    This guy is smooth.

  45. Mike Rayco

    Mike Rayco

    9 napja

    I just don't understand, why post a vertical video? You have a copy of the real thing.

  46. Aufar Abrari

    Aufar Abrari

    9 napja

    When F1 camera be like 😉

  47. Picklewiickle.


    9 napja

    put them in the same car alonso will be a lap ahead.

  48. Kashikoku Kyo

    Kashikoku Kyo

    9 napja

    "GP2 ENGINE! GP2!!!"

  49. mustbsouf


    9 napja

    Drs makes anyone overtake no?



    9 napja

    Mazespin out

  51. Sam Arsalan

    Sam Arsalan

    9 napja

    Not exactly impressive when the defending driver always leaves da space!

  52. sgabriel


    9 napja

    What is the point?

  53. Me


    9 napja

    To be fair, the Alpine has a loose rear end and a blocked radiator.

  54. civicej18


    9 napja

    Alonso is no longer GP3 driver

  55. ねもうす系ちゃんねるモナカン


    9 napja


  56. crxdelsolsir


    9 napja

    Yuki (overtaking): Hey Alonso, you want to see something? DRS (closes): HONDA

  57. Tim Suetens

    Tim Suetens

    9 napja

    "In the future, we'll have flying cars." The future: vertical video showing 25% of the action

    • AIcaire 117

      AIcaire 117

      8 napja

      We are evolving, just backwards.

  58. Yuhar B

    Yuhar B

    9 napja


  59. steve


    9 napja

    The power of DRS. Honestly, F1 needs to change how the DRS can be used to make things more exciting.

  60. Rugras


    9 napja

    Please no more of these vertical vids. They are awful.

  61. Chris van Egmond

    Chris van Egmond

    9 napja

    A 13 second video of a left front tyre.. brilliant content.

  62. Greg Tyler

    Greg Tyler

    9 napja

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    • Jhazel de Vera

      Jhazel de Vera

      9 napja

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    • Lex Fridman

      Lex Fridman

      9 napja

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    • Phillip Wright

      Phillip Wright

      9 napja

      Most intelligent words I've heard,I agree with that totally, Crypto is the new gold.

  63. JessAtlas


    9 napja

    Did you guys have to meet some video upload quota?

  64. M R.

    M R.

    9 napja

    This video was longer than mazespin's race🤣

  65. McPlayer8t


    9 napja

    Make. The. Video. Horizontal.

  66. Dave L

    Dave L

    9 napja

    Downshift like ya stole it🤣🤣💪💪

  67. Dazed:3


    9 napja

    I see a wheel

  68. Tom Turner

    Tom Turner

    9 napja

    Stop the vertical

  69. Dimitrije Topalovic

    Dimitrije Topalovic

    9 napja

    Calmest dive

  70. Denzel Springer

    Denzel Springer

    9 napja

    I am officially a fan ! Lol debut was 🔥

  71. Jeff Mattel

    Jeff Mattel

    9 napja

    It was a DRS pass like any other with Alonso leaving the door open. What's the big deal?

  72. Liju R

    Liju R

    9 napja

    Lame video

  73. Dan 7

    Dan 7

    9 napja

    Honda engine, Japanese superstar overtaking Nando in his welcome race and the thrill after is really the epitome of irony 🙏

  74. Jose L Gomez

    Jose L Gomez

    9 napja


  75. e efilysp

    e efilysp

    9 napja

    yea, it’s called DRS.

  76. Archie Parry

    Archie Parry

    9 napja

    That was a smoooooooth operatoooorrr

  77. Jun Shibata

    Jun Shibata

    9 napja

    I love how Yuki kept the DRS closed so that he could rub in the words "HONDA" on the rear wing into Alonso's face. "Karma!"

  78. Kyle Bass

    Kyle Bass

    9 napja

    Imagine seeing a ad for the f1 channel while watching the f1 channel

  79. Laura Márquez

    Laura Márquez

    9 napja

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻❣️

  80. Fardeen saifi

    Fardeen saifi

    9 napja


  81. What a Yoke

    What a Yoke

    9 napja

    Alonso be like: no brakes, no tyres... AARGH!!

  82. Max .C

    Max .C

    9 napja

    Ya murió Alonso, no tiene que hacer

    • Albert 97

      Albert 97

      8 napja

      Esto solo ha sido el comienzo

  83. tat2thadevil


    9 napja


  84. Shaun Levin

    Shaun Levin

    9 napja

    The person who gets these shorts are like your grandma who only films in vertical.

  85. Chris HB

    Chris HB

    9 napja

    Yuki... shorts... everything makes sense.

  86. Statman and Co.

    Statman and Co.

    9 napja

    This video format is stinking garbage 🚮

  87. Stéphane DileStouf

    Stéphane DileStouf

    9 napja

    Ben y a rien là, que dalle, il a juste de la vitesse de pointe en plus, aucun fait d'arme, c'est bidon !

  88. Hazazi Azizan

    Hazazi Azizan

    9 napja

    That 'Woo' is exactly like Lando Norris when he passed Lance Stroll in Turkey.

  89. Adella Pigna

    Adella Pigna

    9 napja

    This is youtube not tiktok, what is this ?

  90. Yumnam Housana

    Yumnam Housana

    9 napja

    Yuki is a fast driver

  91. Majestic


    9 napja

    Yeah..Taking an onboard and making it vertical doesn't work

  92. ro y

    ro y

    9 napja

    Wouldn't i be able to see yuki's slick move on Alonso from an Angle which basically shows just a tyre

  93. Sebastian Hunter

    Sebastian Hunter

    9 napja

    Wow he overtake guy that on less powerful car without drs and with heavy wind in front :)

  94. Omblero Randy

    Omblero Randy

    9 napja

    I only saw a left tire here tbh

  95. Yeshwanth


    9 napja

    If albon would had been still at red bull, we would could be seeing a promotion of yuki to red bull as early as next race.

    • Drakelar


      9 napja

      @S King Nah, Perez deserves his RB seat.

    • S King

      S King

      9 napja

      As it is, Yuki will be getting promoted by about mid season ...

  96. Pond Action

    Pond Action

    9 napja

    Wow stop milking this he had drs and Alonso didn’t even bother to defend

  97. George_Spiky_Steppenwolf


    9 napja

    It's the left front tyres time to shine. HUeye shorts format is trash

  98. Harvey Thornes

    Harvey Thornes

    9 napja

    how was holding the phone

  99. Jesús Maroto García

    Jesús Maroto García

    9 napja

    Was he triying to take a selfie????????????

  100. Bosky Mamosky

    Bosky Mamosky

    9 napja

    Great view, makes me feel like a bird super-glued to Tsunoda's halo