Yuki Tsunoda's Stunning F1 Debut | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

F1 rookie Yuki Tsunoda's dazzling F1 debut got everyone talking - here's the story of his amazing drive in Bahrain...
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  1. Paolo Youtuber

    Paolo Youtuber


    Tsunoda is beginning his journey to Red Bull

  2. XBR4Da



    what happens when new drivers get into f1 because of their talent, not just because of their bank account

  3. TheTripol


    2 napja

    Positively surprised by him not gnna lie

  4. Mr PR Gaming

    Mr PR Gaming

    2 napja

    Asian’s Proud

  5. もうつかいません


    2 napja


  6. n_thomas


    3 napja

    Give this guy a Mercedes or RedBull

  7. steve


    3 napja

    A star is born.

  8. sm70911


    3 napja

    Simon Lazenby is a tool

  9. Lukas Maciejczyk

    Lukas Maciejczyk

    4 napja

    Promising driver, those overtakes were just unbelievable!

  10. Gavin Sullivan

    Gavin Sullivan

    4 napja

    Absolutely sauced ocon

  11. Jake SCOTT

    Jake SCOTT

    4 napja

    Hes the probably the best driver ive ever seen from asia

  12. vintage_hart


    4 napja

    Asians, don't listen to people who say u can't drive. That just makes it worse. Just watch this video and ull be confident

  13. Albertus Drost

    Albertus Drost

    5 napja

    That Alpha Tauri looks as smooth as the Red Bull! Tsunoda is amazing!

  14. Siley Smith

    Siley Smith

    5 napja

    this guy could become a real star

  15. Geo Metall

    Geo Metall

    6 napja

    I'm calling it, Yuki will win the next race in imola or any race after that

  16. Dzashe Ngonie

    Dzashe Ngonie

    6 napja

    All I can say is checo was flying

    • RisingSunCountry


      5 napja

      because redbull has fastest mashine.

  17. The Queen's Half Corgi

    The Queen's Half Corgi

    6 napja

    Takumi Fujiwara if he raced in F1

  18. fronix


    6 napja

    This guy will never make a mistake that he won't own up to.

  19. Gseric47


    6 napja

    I feel like Tsunoda's got the potential to surpass Kamui. It would be awesome to see him get a podium his rookie season.

  20. Gseric47


    6 napja

    Now we just need Zhou in F1 for next year...

  21. W B

    W B

    6 napja

    I thought he might be the pick of the rookie bunch and it certainly looked that way in Bahrain. He really does have a lot of promise and a very quick car to show that in; Alpha Tauri should be looking at their best season yet, with him and Gasly in that new car.

  22. Alewin 22

    Alewin 22

    6 napja

    1:56 is Tsunoda the new Ricciardo ?

  23. zaqazxc


    7 napja


  24. Thomas Giblin

    Thomas Giblin

    7 napja

    Hoping Yuki does really well this year! Glad to see a Japanese racer back in F1

  25. Kyle Heron

    Kyle Heron

    7 napja

    AT is fighting for 5th this year. This will happen.

  26. Mariano Eduardo Canchi Recalde

    Mariano Eduardo Canchi Recalde

    7 napja

    Checo and Yuki were beasts!

  27. RisingSunCountry


    7 napja

    Fantastic Race!

  28. I know I used the joke wrong

    I know I used the joke wrong

    7 napja

    I conclude that this is the Japanese Verstappen and soon Verstappen’s teammate.

  29. Advait Narayan

    Advait Narayan

    7 napja

    All the best to this kid!

  30. szewei1985


    7 napja

    Haha. Yuki 2 be the next Asian rising star following the steps of the great satoshi kobayashi in suzuka 90.

  31. Lito 16

    Lito 16

    7 napja




    8 napja

    Alonso - 'GP2 engine! '😡 Yuki - 'Eat my dust! :.... 🤣 Lol 🤣

  33. Cleber Elias Ferreira

    Cleber Elias Ferreira

    8 napja

    Esse japonês da gosto de ver pilotar! O rapaz foi pra cima de todo mundo e mostrou que tem coragem pra lutar com os outros pilotos. Ótima estréia!

  34. Oscar H

    Oscar H

    8 napja

    *Tsunoda, future world champion!*

  35. Stefano Teeve

    Stefano Teeve

    8 napja

    Honda is unbeatable in the straight line.

  36. jeremy shu how lin fan Too

    jeremy shu how lin fan Too

    8 napja

    Lol we have to wait till the end to here him speak

  37. ArielAprillia Rachmann

    ArielAprillia Rachmann

    8 napja

    Yuki is btr then grossjon can ever be.

  38. Tuba Batu

    Tuba Batu

    8 napja

    No matter who you are, no matter what you do, there is always an asian better than you. Tsunoda looks like he wants to prove that saying right

  39. Andrew 日本

    Andrew 日本

    8 napja

    Great to see a 日本人 back on the grid!

  40. Miroslav Dočkal

    Miroslav Dočkal

    8 napja

    Tsunoda looks like Joker of this season. Whole Alpha Tauri looks lovely. 💪🤟

  41. Max Inpains

    Max Inpains

    8 napja

    S.Korean who was born Japan could became F1 racer by their Korean connections . Not with real skills

  42. Dede Aris

    Dede Aris

    8 napja

    Sun kirain dari Yukikato ngga canda maap my friend

  43. Gustavo Olaiz

    Gustavo Olaiz

    8 napja

    The race is one. Great Yuki!

  44. Jameel Ja

    Jameel Ja

    8 napja

    This kid is impressive. Can't wait to see what he does the rest of the season.

  45. Jon Hollins

    Jon Hollins

    8 napja

    It's only his first race so it's forgivable but he has no respect for former world champions who have 7 titles between them, it's as if he didn't read the rule book.

  46. Stephen Wright

    Stephen Wright

    8 napja

    Apparently he said to one reporter who asked him what position is he going for in this race he said "P1" - haha....awesome to have another feisty Japanese driver...

  47. Arthur MS

    Arthur MS

    8 napja


  48. Ale Saderi

    Ale Saderi

    8 napja

    Bravo 💪❤️

  49. tom ryo

    tom ryo

    8 napja

    オーバーテイクうまいね。 次からもやってくれそう🇯🇵

  50. superi0r


    8 napja

    yuki seems like such a nice guy

  51. たましん


    8 napja

    結果P9、なのにこれほど世界が賞賛するのは、この動画で解かるよね。壊さない・冷静・イン・アウト自在のリカルド並の美しく相手を不快にさせないオーバーテイク、これが初戦のドライバーなのか・・・ そら皆驚愕するじゃろ。日本のファンは良いニックネームを付けてよ! 僕は「韋駄天ユウキ」、「F1マキバオー」がいいと思うww

  52. takafumi sato

    takafumi sato

    8 napja

    2021 BEST ROOKIE

  53. Niteesh Menon

    Niteesh Menon

    8 napja


  54. Schiteanu Dragos

    Schiteanu Dragos

    9 napja

    It is time for Japan to have a world class formula 1 driver, a future world champion.

  55. heredownunder


    9 napja

    Yulia is going to have fun!

  56. ky pedroso

    ky pedroso

    9 napja

    Very smooth and confident driving from Yuki. Impressive debut race

  57. Kimi Talvitie

    Kimi Talvitie

    9 napja

    Yuki destroys other teams on the track, Mazepin destroys his own team..

  58. genebro


    9 napja

    wow.. new guy to look forward to.. Asian attendance here!

  59. Jason


    9 napja

    I don't know anything about auto racing, and am seeing this for the first time. Can someone explain to me like I'm 2 why car racing and "overtaking" is difficult? If you're going in a straight line, I imagine everyone is just pressing the gas pedal as hard as you can, so where does the skill come in there and how does one overtake another in those straight paths I kept seeing?

  60. Gerald Bonifacio

    Gerald Bonifacio

    9 napja

    Capeta in real Life

  61. Moutaa Bouslimi

    Moutaa Bouslimi

    9 napja

    It's hard to believe it's his first f1 race 🏎 Very calm and confident

  62. westman7751


    9 napja

    You can’t get excited by drs overtaking .

  63. Mr. Lemur

    Mr. Lemur

    9 napja

    And light's out away we go!!! AND HAMILTON WINS

  64. Neo


    9 napja

    The rookie just picked off multiple world champions one by one in his debut race.. fantastic stuff.

  65. Huan Nguyen

    Huan Nguyen

    9 napja

    But can he drift?

  66. Excelsus


    9 napja

    That late breaking style kinda remind me Takumi Fujiwara from anime Initial D.

  67. 댕댕이


    9 napja

    일본인선수 처음보는얼굴이네

  68. Helvegen


    10 napja

    i'm super stoked for this guy

  69. Anil


    10 napja

    Nice but... yawn...

  70. RockHead Regolith

    RockHead Regolith

    10 napja

    Way to go Yuki, this season should be off the chain!!

  71. wayan tingkong

    wayan tingkong

    10 napja

    Gooo honda

  72. Ryan Moore

    Ryan Moore

    10 napja

    I always find it funny how veterans end up in janky cars like vettel in Ferrari but yuki and the young bucks ends up in a badass alphatauri season 😂

    • Ryan Moore

      Ryan Moore

      10 napja

      Well obviously yuki is the alpha but y’know what I mean

  73. Y Y

    Y Y

    10 napja

    I’m proud of him as Japanese.

  74. Brodsta01 Land

    Brodsta01 Land

    10 napja

    Is it just me or does Tsunoda’s engineer sound a bit like Grosjean?

  75. SlayVid G

    SlayVid G

    10 napja

    Yuki ain't no rookie!

  76. Eric Rios-Guzman

    Eric Rios-Guzman

    10 napja

    lol mazepin trash

  77. Andy Millen

    Andy Millen

    10 napja

    Tsonda and Checo. The master and pupil.

  78. Tom Charles

    Tom Charles

    10 napja

    first race in formula 1 and he has absolutely no fear diving down the inside and outbraking a 2-time wdc winner. "One to watch" is putting it conservatively.

  79. Sally Wilson

    Sally Wilson

    10 napja

    What can i say beside see you on podium yuki

  80. Renato Gonçalves

    Renato Gonçalves

    10 napja

    Jaspion vai da trabalho kk

  81. Washington Silva

    Washington Silva

    10 napja

    Esse piloto vai dar trabalho

  82. Muhammad Arvin Febriansyah

    Muhammad Arvin Febriansyah

    10 napja

    Both Yuki and that Alonso guy are definitely the rookies to watch this season.

  83. Max Llorente

    Max Llorente

    10 napja

    I can see yuki giving the mid fid cars a ru. For there money. Actually I can see him finnishing 3rd or 4th within the next 3 races!

  84. Basuki Sugito

    Basuki Sugito

    10 napja

    Happy for you, looking forward see you more

  85. Picuj


    10 napja

    Nice drive Yuki! 😎

  86. malhotra roger

    malhotra roger

    10 napja

    Was this real or a video game ?

  87. Ken Tan

    Ken Tan

    10 napja

    The Hondas this year got some pace. Wouldn't be surprised of they end up ahead of Alpine.

  88. MisterMemes


    11 napja

    When are we getting ‘Nikita Mazepins less stunning F1 debut’ ?

  89. alfa aman

    alfa aman

    11 napja

    Let's see how he stacks up to gasly, as gasly is quick, if Yukio can start to match him or get close in his rookie season, he is gonna be a problem.

  90. Hill


    11 napja

    i think honda focused more on engine developement with Tsunoda on board. Japan No. 1!

  91. Andre Force

    Andre Force

    11 napja

    Yuki the other teams will see what you have done. You'll have to prove more than just a DSL straightaways. Once they see your move, they will adjust to you to block you. Plenty more racing to watch. You have a strong fast racing car. We'll see you in the other tracks what you can do or not.

  92. ioevo


    11 napja

    世界の皆さんに賞賛の声をいただいて、同じ日本人として誇りに思います。 皆さんありがとう!

  93. Bhavik Shah

    Bhavik Shah

    11 napja

    dont be surprised.. a Podium is coming for Yuki..



    11 napja


  95. Positive Smile

    Positive Smile

    11 napja

    Rio Haryanto harus main lagi F1 pemain F1 sdh tua semua.

  96. Mr. തക്കുടു

    Mr. തക്കുടു

    11 napja

    Formula Yawn

  97. Fabio Peretta

    Fabio Peretta

    11 napja


  98. ABK


    11 napja

    Kimis defensive driving was impressive, is even better than Hamilton move on Max at the last lap or second to last

  99. Love Girl

    Love Girl

    11 napja

    add me please !

  100. ハラコウサク


    11 napja

    What a race!!!!!!! Yuki is a big big hope for Japanese F1 fans!!!! 最高!!もっと高みへ!!!!